Little things that mean A LOT to your Kid

For adults, these things might sound silly or too immature, but for the little ones, they mean a lot. In order to be the effective mother or the father, there are certain things that you should be doing. In fact, there are things that every kid needs from his/her parents.

When you do these things, they’ll mean a lot to your kids. Then, why not try them?

Mother and Kid

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Have a look below and get down to incorporating the teeny-weeny things that you should do to make your baby love you.

  • Give the time and attention to them that they deserve. You can keep your professional scenes outside the house, but when you come home – be the parent that they expect you to be.
  • Show interest in what they do. They might want you to lie down so that your daughter can paint your faint with makeup or your son want you to be there to witness his first tech-savvy experiment. Just be patient and with them.
  • Have a family mantra. We all feel depressed sometimes including your kids. When your kid is depressed, you can chant the slogan or mantra when you want to brighten up the mood and also do things that make them happy. Stick it on the fridge where the others can do the same for you too (You know #fambam).
  • Go for a walk – with one at a time. If you have more than one kid, you should give your time to all of them individually. They deserve it and you obviously cannot handle all at once to avoid any kind of sibling fight. Small conversations are one of the factors that help you raise strong and confident kids.
  • Say ‘yes’ to things that slightly off-limits – sometimes. You can go shopping girls party wear even when you’re tight on budget, let them get drenched in the rain, and other things like that. Let your 4-year-old stomp in every puddle along the way. Even without rain boots.
  • FaceTime or Skype with the elders sometimes. It might sound like a trouble to you, but kids love their grandparents.
  • If your child has given it a good try, but he’s still miserable and anxious and really, truly wants to quit the team, you should be there motivating him. He needs it more than anything right now.
  • Adopt a pet. The dog or a cat or even a bird would be the best companion your child needs right now.
  • Pamper the baby. Going shopping or online shopping for kids sounds like a plan. You should do that in order to keep the ratio of shopping and happiness balanced.
  • Give your toddler a chance to fight his own battles in the sandbox or on the playground before you intervene.
  • When you kid is almost there to quit the game or doing something that he’s working on and facing problems, don’t encourage them to let go of it so soon. Let them take their time.
  • Teach them something new – every week. One new thing every week, your kid will learn and would patiently wait for the time that you’ll teach something interesting.

Would you want to add something to the list? Do let us know in the comments below.

7 things you should Never say to your Kid

Do you sometimes yell at your kids? Do you say bad words which you later regret and wish that you shouldn’t have said them in the first place? When you are mean to your little one because of anything that he/she has done, you have to curb yourself and abstain from saying anything wrong. Because, if you don’t, later you’ll be wondering if your kid loves you or not. Moreover, your child can even go into depression because of how you behave with him/her.

You would have heard phrases like – “wait until your dad comes home” or “I really wish you were like your sibling” and more. These words are harsh and very hard on your little one’s mind to handle. That’s not it! There are many other things that you should never say to your little one and make them anxious kids.

This blog details you about 7 things you should never say to your kids.

1. Leave me alone

The very first thing that parents need to stop saying to their kids is – Leave me alone. It is understood that parents need some time off from all the chores, but that doesn’t mean you tell your little ones to stay away from you because you need some time. Leaving you alone would also mean that they are left alone without you. When you keep your kids at a distance, they eventually get distanced from you.

2. You’re okay

Let’s take an example, your kid comes home hurt and is bleeding. While consoling him, you carry on telling him that you’re okay. Actually, he is not, he’s hurt and it’s hurting him badly and that’s exactly why he’s not okay. Try giving him a hug and acknowledging what he’s feeling by saying something like, “That was a scary fall.” Then ask whether he’d like a bandage or a kiss (or both). Then he’d be okay.

3. Don’t cry

Don’t cry, don’t be sad, and many other variations to don’t be sorry that you need to stop saying to your little minds. If you child cries often and is sad, you shouldn’t tell him that don’t cry. There is a possibility that something might be going in inside them. You should be the effective mother who would comfort them and ask what’s bothering them rather than covering up by saying don’t cry like a baby.

4. Can’t you behave like your sister/brother?

This is probably the racist thing you can say to hurt the emotions of the little ones. Comparisons have never been the thing that little ones like. Well, the elders are not accustomed to comparisons and kids are innocent with a gentle mind. When you say that can’t you behave like your elder brother or sister, it adversely affects their minds. There is a possibility that they try to be like them and in the way get anxious or they become a rebel after being scolded like this numerous times.

5. Stop or I’ll beat you up

Hitting kids is a punishable offense, no matter how you hit them. Moreover, torturing them mentally, physically or emotionally is equally offensive. You can tell them that if you don’t stop, I wouldn’t buy you that tutu dress or that shirt and t-shirt, but don’t raise your hand to them. This is not the way to talk or behave with your kids.

6. Great job

Yeah! This might sound like a source of positive reinforcement for your little one but affects adversely. What comes along as praise makes your little one dependent on the praise or you saying a great job every time they do something. In fact, they’d do it to get your attention on them, which is not good. You should praise the way they do things rather than what they do.

7. Let me help you

Your kid is trying to finish a puzzle and looks stuck somewhere. This is human tendency to help. As a parent, you might want to go up and help him solve the puzzle, but is that good for his efforts? He might look up to for help in the future rather than trying to do things himself. You might throw hints at him when he’s trying to do and help rather than spoon-feeding him.

Do you have any other phrases that you shouldn’t say to your kids? Do let us know and raise confident kids being the parent that your kids deserve.