Dressing Tips for the Mini Fashion Mavens

Kids nowadays have more fashion options when compared to the conventional styles. During my childhood, I remember, going to one single shop and purchasing the same style of dresses for every birthday. However, now there are many options as the online shopping for kids have been made easier with just a click of a button. Now my munchkin, Harshita, looks, even more, cuter than she was with new attires.

Earlier, I just used dress her in cotton frocks so that she is comfortable. I felt it is more important for kids than anything else.  That’s when my friend Bandini, who is a fashion blogger suggested few dressing tips for her.  The tips worked like magic, and now Harshita looks so adorable that my relatives never leave her down. I’m going to discuss the same with you in this blog. Read on to find out.

1. Choose an attire with soft fabric

Cinderella Dress

Many outfits nowadays are made with soft fabrics like cotton and satin that keeps the children comfortable. I always wanted to try the princess dress for girls on Harshita, but most of them came with heavy materials which could hurt her. So, I avoided them. That’s when Bandini suggested Foreverkidz.in, which had cozy gowns at reasonable prices. Below is an image of the attire that I bought for my girl. It’s called as the Cinderella Wedding dress.

The beautiful attire has puffed hands with a dupion silk which gives a great fall and finish. The soft cotton inner provides the ultimate luxury to the kid.  The silver belt with a bow completes the attire.

2.  Choose the right accessories

Girls Accessories

The girls accessories do not only mean matching earrings or necklaces. Trendy accessories like matching ballerinas, headbands, flower crown and hair clips look more cuter than heavy jewelry.

3. Makeover is necessary


The makeover doesn’t mean that you have to take her to the parlor and get the facials done. Simple things like a high cute ponytail can do wonders. You can also use a little amount of baby powder on the face. Take your makeup brush and give gentle strokes to spread the powder evenly. Apply little of herbal kajal as well. This can enhance her looks.

4. Avoid Over sized items

child’s Accessories

Over sized items some times can be uncomfortable. They also hide the child’s innocence. Instead opt for mini or the right sized items.

5. Opt for more bright colors rather than dark ones

Girls Bright Colour Girls Tunic

Kids glow on bright colors like pink, purple, light blue, red and much more. Dark colors gives a matured look. Why kill the natural innocence by bold colors?? Instead opt for bright shades.

Above are some of the tips that you could use dressing up your munchkins. Hope you find them useful.

A Beautiful Princess Dress For A Beautiful Princess

Princess dresses are one of the most beautiful dresses for girls. Every little girl wish to wear this dress as it gives a royal and elegant look. To find the perfect princess dress for your little girl, you can start by looking for different online stores as you can find out all the types of the princess dresses available there. However, choosing a good and quality of the princess dress for your lil girl will not be so easy as there are various online shopping sites. For buying a perfect princess dress you should visit the popular site which provide a great range and a good quality of the dresses to their costumers. You can also easily find some beautiful and frilly dresses there.

Blue Royale Princess Dress

For a good deal in a princess dress you can visit some of the various online shopping stores as you can find machine washable, these dresses for a less price and free shipping with a great return policy in most cases. However, choosing a princess fashionable dress for your little girl you can prefer some trusted brand as they will provide you a best quality of dresses which will last for so many years.

It is also important to look for a good princess dress, which is fully surged on all the edges so it doesn’t fray and without a lot of accessories to fall off. This generally happens when you get a princess dress that is really full with a tulle skirt. Most of the little girl tend to step on them and rip the tulle. It is better to buy a fullness slip to go under the princess clothes so the child won’t ruin the dress during a birthday party.

It is really important to take the proper measurement of your lil girl to avoid getting the wrong size. As some dresses that is too long in length is so much frustrating to her. Most important thing about a princess dress is it’s fabric, you just cannot ignore this. A good quality of fabrics plays an important role as princess dresses are fully surged, made from soft and comfortable fabrics that are not itchy and they are machine washable.

Our online store foreverkidz.in are selling eye catching princess dresses at a very low price. There are huge collections that you may choose from. Today, you can select from 100s of idiosyncratic dresses here! As, the whole idea of these dresses is to make a girl experience the feeling of being a princess. So! Go start shopping now to grab a beautiful princess dress for you lil doll before it’s too late.