6 baby things that New Parents need

Congratulations on being the new parents!! Or, if you are in progress to be one, then all the best. We understand that having your first baby is an overwhelming feeling but you have to focus on certain things while preparing yourself for the same. No matter if you’ve read a hundred books on how to be the parent, but when it comes to practicality, things can be slightly different than the books. Just when the baby comes, there’ll be ‘n’ number of products you’ll need and that’s exactly why we are here for you.

Here’s our list of the tried-and-true, that really does help when you’re starting your new life as a parent. Everything else is just noise.

1. Diapers

Yeah… Whether you use cloth or use-and-throw sort of diapers, you’ll need plenty of them to start with. If you by chance run out of them, you would be in deep-deep trouble. Specifically, during the night time when you want your little one to sleep and he/she pees, you’ll have to go through a lot of crying and wetness that’ll make the kiddo cry all the more. So, it is sensible to have plenty of diapers with you.

2. Baby rompers/onesies

You might have heard of baby rompers or onesies for the little ones. All you got to do is – pick them for the little ones to start with. You can shop girls tutu dresses online or boys shirts later on, but for now, you got to start with onesies which are the most comfortable clothing for the tiny one. It is easy for you to get them on and take them off with the help of the snap buttons.

3. Baby wipes

Getting the little ones under the water every time they poop or pee can be a very tricky task. Water plus the dry cloth can leave the butts and the tender skin very rashy which you obviously don’t want. Hence, baby wipes are the clean way to wipe off the dirt from the body without leaving rashes on the body. Wipes are a great way to keep your hands also sanitized while handling your delicate darling.

4. Comfortable carrier

You won’t be able to handle the little one on your shoulder through and through when you are out. You can invest in a comfortable carrier for your little one while you head out of the house. While you can easily carry the carrier, your little one would be lying in the cradle and enjoying the ride happily.

5. Nipple creams

You know that breastfeeding is not an easy task and you are still getting accustomed to the whole process. In due course, your nipples will become soar and will hurt. You can apply nipple cream to keep yourself soft and rash-free.

6. A functional bag to carry it all

The diapers, napkins, wipes, water and everything needs a bigger bag than what you generally carry. Invest in a carry-all bag for your little one that will all that you need while you are out with your munchkin. It should be big enough to carry it all and comfortable for you to carry.

What do you think should be up on the list? Teach yourself to know better and be a better parent.

How to stop sibling fights?

Being a child psychologist and a mother, there are a lot of requests that come to me regarding their little ones. The majority of the requests are about the resolving the sibling fights. Well, that’s an absolutely okay situation for two or more siblings to fight and play together, but sometimes these fights take ugly turns which is not a good thing. I have been getting these requests so I thought of putting down the possible solutions that can work in your favor of stopping the sibling fights.

Find the steps that can help you intervene in the fight and get over with it.

1. Just stay calm Not

on Earth has ever calmed anyone else down by raising their own voice. Raising your voice on the little ones would not help you at any point. In fact, they might take you as a role model and start imitating you the next time they fight. Be stern but calm while asking them to stay away from each other at that particular moment.

2. Don’t take sides

You have to be impartial. Being biased towards one of them will make the other one hate you and the fact that you took the other kiddo’s side. At any cost, you should be unbiased towards both your kids.

3. Encourage respect

Your house rule should be – everyone teaches the each other with respect, kindness, and humility. You should not allow screaming, fighting, thrashing and other activities in the house. The motto is to build peace and harmony between the younger ones. Let them play together with the rule that if they fight again, they’ll be grounded an will have no access to any games or any luxury like the birthday dresses for boys (on their respective birthdays) or anything else.

4. Teach them negotiation

Negotiation skills are what you have to teach them with the other things you make them learn. Tell them that they have to manage conflicts by themselves and if they are unable to do it, the results will be the same for all of them. Your job is to teach them. So if they aren’t too upset, move right in and model conflict resolution.

5. Don’t be judgmental while resolving issues

When your kids fight, there are times when they hurt each other and there are cuts, bruises on the body. Your focus should be on applying medicine on the wounds rather than passing judgments on who’s right and who’s wrong. Let the child who’s hurt take out his/her anger because he’s/she’s hurt and is wounded. But that shouldn’t let you go out of the boundaries.

6. Promote calmness

Once you’ve sorted out the fight and your kids are not anxious anymore, with no hard feelings, you should give them treats to be the good kids. Whether you take them out or buy them kids fashion dresses, positive reinforcement is necessary.

How do you calm down your little ones? Do let us know in the comments below.

Traveling with your munchkins? – Winter tips to take care of

I did it!!


I finally traveled with my 2-year-old Aarti to Banaras and came back a few days ago. I have traveled with her many times but haven’t been out of the station because of various reasons, but she deserved this trip with me and only me. I had to challenge myself to handle her all by myself and make her visit various tourist spots while interacting with her and making sure that she’s in good health. Most importantly the idea was to be there for her, spend time together and celebrate the festivities together.

I was too doubtful about my decision being our first trip with daddy left at home, I still managed to keep calm and make through this journey. And, it was a fabulous time with her. Winter has started to settle down with the evenings being cooler and so do the mornings. Though it is not very cold, it would be and if you are planning a winter vacation with your kids, you can always look up to this place. Hence, I made a few mistakes and learned from them & finally I am going to pen down the tips that you should be taking care of when you travel with your munchkins.

1. Plan ahead

Plan ahead Gif

You must have made those spontaneous travel plans with family & friends in your time, but when you have a kid – think and plan ahead of the time. You obviously don’t want to land up at your destination and find no rooms available or the attractions aren’t available or more. Hence, look out for everything and plan things in advance accordingly.

2. Be flexible and have a backup plan

Be flexible and have a backup plan gif

What would you do if your weather turns nasty or you fall ill? Would you change your plans for that? Being flexible and having a backup plan would always come in handy for you. For example, I came across a couple who bought boys shirts and t-shirts for their twins and found that the size was bigger than they thought. I was carrying needle and thread and gave it to them so that she could alter the clothes in order to go out. They had come for a day and had no backup plan for the clothes. Likewise, I went to a temple on a day (without thinking) when there was a huge crowd and I had to come back without getting inside because it was difficult for me to handle Aarti and get in. So, be flexible.

3. Take suitable clothing

girl in winter clothing gif

The example of the couple actually fits here and this aspect certainly counts because you don’t want your child to fall ill. Have the lot of winter wear like jackets and sweaters, socks, gloves and more to go through the chilly weather. Apart from this, have girls tunic dresses, tutu dresses, boys party wear, and everything that you think can be of use. After all, you want to teach your kid to dress well and look good. Do this and their personality will shape up accordingly.

4. Carry a medicine box


First aid boxes have always been a must-have for trips whether it is a family trip or with friends. However, when you are off on a trip with your little one, you never know what antibiotic you’ll need. The basic medicines like for fever, vomiting, band-aids and more should be there with you as a handy option. Your kid or probably anyone around can fall needy for the same.

And here you have it, the essentials and the tips that you need while traveling with your kid. Although it can be tough you will be making memories that will last you a lifetime!

5 Things every parent should teach their kids

An important part of raising your children is teaching them things that would always be beneficial for them in their lives. Whether it is the hard way or the soft way, they’ll their lessons well, but if you give them these teaching in time, it’ll be quite helpful for their growing years and the life ahead. Beyond the basic “please” and “thank you”, there are so many other things that you want your child to know and understand.

This blog would be your place to understand and pass on these 5 important things to your kids without making them anxious or stressed.

1. Treat others like you want them to treat you

Kid and old men hand

Respect. One of the most basics of every relationship, respect is something that comes in naturally. However, kids out of their mood swings treat others like they shouldn’t. You should teach them that they should treat others like they want them to be treated. Whether it is just a matter of making fun of a particular way of dressing (among friends) or someone’s idea. For example, I remember my son went to a party where someone commented on the boys shirt he was wearing. He couldn’t do anything but cry and come back.

2. Never stop learning

Never stop learning

This is a teaching that your child will learn when he/she will see you doing the same. Moreover, telling them about what learning can do in their lives. Grabbing all the opportunities that teach them something useful is what they should know. Once they get in the habit of making the most of the opportunities, life will be easier for them. Be there for your kids when they get stuck and help them out.

3. Express themselves

Angry Child

We all know relationships are important in our lives. And, if your child is not able to express what makes you unhappy, happy or anything more, his/her personality will shape up accordingly. When he/she learns to express, things get easier. You’d think about being introverts and extroverts, but even introvert kids talk and express to selective people. So, expressions are important.

4. Learn to take criticism


We all know how criticism works throughout our lives and it’ll be great if we teach our younger generation to take the same well from this time forth. Criticisms make your child’s personality stronger and the willpower to do better than you did the last time.

5. Shape up their confidence

Little girl gif

Confidence is shaped up by motivating them and telling them that whatever they’re doing is correct. This definitely does not mean that you have to support them when they’re wrong but boosting up their good deed. For example, when you sit down for online shopping for kids and are picking baby frocks online or even some ethnic wear for kid when they choose something for themselves – let them have it. They feel confident with this action and it also helps them shape up their personality.

What do you think you should teach your parents? Let us know in the comments below.