Make Navratri special with Kids Ethnic Wear

India is a land of festivals. With a day of celebration after every few weeks, the festivities don’t seem to come to an end. You should know all about the kid’s party guide for the festive season and you can find it right here. With a confluence of varied religious and traits, the time to come together and enjoy is plenty. Fashion naturally is a part of such traditions and talking about fashion, the parents have the entire festive season coming up. Well, to start with, Navratri is right there and just like the adults, the kids can also pick the best of kids ethnic wear and be happy about it.

Navrati Special | Kids Ethnic Wear | Foreverkidz

If you want to know more about the Navratri special shopping guide that gave access to the best kids ethnic wear, you go ahead and read the blog that we wrote last year.

This blog talks about the various measures that you should keep in mind in order to pick the best of kids ethnic wear dresses before the festive season starts.

1. Keep the pep in mind while looking for kids ethnic wear

Sterling Magenta Inspiration Lehenga for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Stunning Orange And Pink Tradition

When you think festivity, you cannot go boring and monotonous with kids fashion dresses. You think kids ethnic wear, you have to make sure the options are peppy and gorgeous. The peppiness comes in complimentary in the kid’s ethnic dresses because if that wasn’t a part of the same, they would be no different than the adult’s clothing articles. Hence, look for peppiness in mind while picking kids ethnic wear.

2. Comfort is the key to kids ethnic wear

Festive Dazzle Kids Saree for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Festive Dazzle Kids Saree

You might have parties planned for the Navratri season for the little girls. And, when you talk about parties, there’ll be dancing, good food, games and so much more. So, in order to spend so much time throughout the evening doing all this, your little ones need comfort. Make sure you invest in comfort with Girls ethnic wear. There’s nothing more than comfort when it comes to kids ethnic wear.

3. Pick from the best kids ethnic wear styles

Pom Pom Glow Suit Set for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Pom Pom Glow Suit Set

There are numerous kids ethnic wear styles available at Forever Kidz that you can choose from. Pick the best of kids ethnic wear styles for Navratri special occasion. From the girl’s lehenga choli sets to the Anarkali suits, dhoti kurta and so much more is there. Just be sure of which kids ethnic wear style you choose and make your kids like the styles too.

Fashion for kids is a changing element and adjusts to suit needs of climate too. Monsoon collections come with cutoffs and easy dry fabrics. Summers demand the need for cotton, linen, muslin, and other airy wear. Woolen and inner wear are just not warm clothes but fashion statements. This is the time when winter is setting in but the days are hot. Hence, the kid’s ethnic wear you choose should be in accordance with the same. Happy Navratri!!

How to find the best party dresses for boys?

Does your boy stand in front of the mirror and try to look dapper in his own way? Well, if he does, you should know that your boy would be the fashionable personality when he grows up. All you got to do is make sure he gets the right party dresses for boys when he needs them the most. Going to social gatherings, meeting his friends and many other occasions and having the right party dresses for boys on these occasions have their advantages. With the heightened media popularity and the global trends coming affordably, the party dresses for boys are not boring anymore and have made it easier for the parents to choose the best ones for their little ones.

boys party wear

On the contrary, having the party dresses for boys is one thing but finding the party dresses for boys is just another. Looking for party dresses for boys in specific is not what is quite a charming task for the parents. They always settle for the basics or classics that are available in the industry including the boys shirts and t-shirts, suits or sets with trousers or jeans. So, if you are looking for party dresses for boys, this is exactly where you be and reading just the points that you should know in order to buy party dresses for boys.

1. Settle for a place to buy the party dresses for boys

The very first thing that all the rescue missions need is the place to buy the party dresses for boys from. With a new website adding to the list every day, parents need to be very careful because all websites aren’t the types that would be suitable for you. So, choose the online store that has a wide variety of party dresses for boys. So, choosing the place to buy party dresses for boys is quite a thing that you should invest time looking into.

2. Which occasion do you want the party dresses for boys for?

Yes, you cannot let your boy wear any party dresses for boys for any of the occasions that he has. For example, you cannot let your son wear something that is shimmery to an annual day celebration or a boys smart wear at a wedding. You have to choose the right party dresses for boys for the right occasions if you want to be the effective mother and build his personality for good. Hence, choose the party dresses for boys with care in accordance with the occasion.

3. Keep in mind the fabrics of the party dresses for boys in accordance with the weather conditions

Yes, kids catch flu and other problems quite easily. It is not only about these health problems but the party dresses for boys which are not coordinated with the season can be very troublesome also. The skin rashes, red marks, constant urge to itch can be very problematic that would give your boy in his party dresses for boys a tough time. You know what I am trying to say right? Make sure you choose the right fabrics for the party dresses for boys.

Do you have any other aspects that should be kept in mind while picking the party dresses for boys? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Why parents do Online shopping for Kids than go out?

The most prominent and well-accepted aspect of commercialization of the internet is the facility to shop online. How many you as parents, do online shopping for kids? Online shopping for kids has raised the bar for parents because of the convenience and comfort it offers. There might be several reasons because of which online shopping for kids has come this far, but for parents, it is more like a flank that saved the Rose from sinking in the movie Titanic.

Online shopping for kids

We don’t deny that life has become more of a hassle these days and juggling between work, family and kids is very tiring. Hence, online shopping for kids came in as a savior for all the working parents who are traveling back and forth but still look out to be the effective parent for their kids.

Earlier this month, we had a small survey done where parents were asked to provide reasons why they chose online shopping for kids than actually spending time going and buying kids party wear. So, we asked the same question to them about online shopping for kids and they had their own answers to the same question. Following are the reasons why parents do online shopping for kids than go out.

1. Lack of time

The very first reason that the majority of the parents had to say was that they DO NOT have time to go shopping outside and prefer online shopping for kids for the same reason. With a 9 hour or above job, how would they be able to go shopping with their little ones? Money has never been a problem for some of the parents, but they always do online shopping for kids because they don’t have ample time for the same.

2. Going shopping is strenuous and online shopping for kids is not

Online shopping for kids has made the life of the parents a lot easier because taking along your little one (in your arms or making them walk) can slow you down. Slowing down is what makes you feel tired, gets more time involved and can prove to be an extremely strenuous thing to do. Well, that’s why parents go ahead and do online shopping for kids. Online shopping for kids has taken the burden off the parent’s shoulder because all they got to do is, sit with their kids, toggle the pages of the website and finally settle on buying what they like.

3. There’s a lot to explore but at the different store and you get all at once while online shopping for kids

When you head out and start looking for “THAT” piece of tutu dress or girls jumpsuit or even boys shirts and t-shirts, you have to look for different categories in different places. The number of stores to check out, the number of clothes to find, and so on can be very problematic. Online shopping for kids is all about that one store where you find everything and you got to flip the pages and pick the one while online shopping for kids.

4. Online shopping for kids helps save more

In today’s time when you might earn 5 digit salary, but saving is what every parent looks out for. Retail stores do not let you save as online shopping for kids would do. Online shopping for kids from an online store that is trustworthy would let you save massive amount which can be used somewhere else. Hence, online shopping for kids it is.

Do you do online shopping for kids? Why? Let us know your reasons for online shopping for kids in the comments below.

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Why keep your Kids fashionable?

Do you think that kids shouldn’t be allowed to be influenced by online shopping for kids and glamour world? You might be right up to an extent, but then, you cannot bar your child from watching and inspiring from the fashionable content available online and on different mediums. As effective mothers, we are always concerned for our little ones. You should know that online shopping for kids plays an important role in all this.

Curbing the little ones too from being fashionable has numerous disadvantages in today’s time and online shopping for kids is solution for this. You know how anxious your little boy would be if he’d not have a proper kids party wear or your daughter would when she doesn’t look perfect in her tutu dress at her friend’s party? Online shopping for kids has changed the way parents look at their kid’s fashion quotient and the need to style high.

Being a young mother, I understand the importance of online shopping for kids and I know how my daughter sits in front of the laptop and encourage online shopping for kids. She is just 3 and she would sit right there choosing and pointing out her choices in girls tunic dresses. I am here to give you the reasons to keep your kid fashionable with online shopping for kids .

1. The times have changed

Online shopping for kids is essential part of modern life style. part of Now, you cannot look ordinary and be accepted everywhere. This is applicable to your little one as much as it to you. Why do you think online shopping for kids came to be an immensely rising factor in the industry? Kids are not like how they were a few decades ago now we can do online shopping for kids. They want to look good in the crowd.

2. Innumerable options

Have you ever done online shopping for kids or seen the gigantic collection of kids Indian wear and also western wear at Forever Kidz? Have you seen all those brands and varieties of the outfit styles including tutu dress, boys shirt and t-shirt, tunic dresses and accessories for little kids online? Well, you would have because there’s a gamut of options to choose from in online shopping for kids.

3. Fashion-conscious personality

You should know that if you nurture your little one to be If you really want your kid to be away from bullying and other such psychological tortures, you have to make sure that he looks good and impressive in the crowd, to keep the others away from him with the help of online shopping for kids and make them look good.

4. The same creates a sense of fashion in their mind

It is truly said that a person grows just the way his parents want him to be. You can create the right taste in his heart with online shopping for kids its quite easy and possible. Now that you know why Online shopping for kids and fashion is important for your kid, you can go ahead with online shopping for kids and make sure that they are nurtured in that way. Do share your experience of online shopping for kids with us.

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Wedding shopping for kids: Tips and precautions

 Every mother will relate to the fact that dressing the kids for the various occasions, especially wedding, is fun. At the same time, the wedding season and other events of this sort brings in a lot of work. Finding the right outfit for the kids may appear simple, but it is as tricky as shopping for the elders. Fiddling around on the internet and checking out the fashion magazines for finding the perfect attire for the kids is a common practice. The star kids and child actors in bright and beautiful attire is surely intriguing. But do there are certain other things the you need to consider while shopping for the kids?

Kids in Ethnic Wear

Before you head out with the magazine tear outs, gear yourself up with these tips and shop, nothing, but the best for your handsome hunks and lil’ princess.

1. Mix and match the color and the design

Indian weddings is all about playing around with colors. Do not get carried away by the trend and the demand of the event. Be very selective, in terms of color options and designs. The child can even set a style statement in subtle and sophisticated attire. You need not go over the top to give them an edgy look. The first thing you need to consider is the personality of the child. The color opted should match and compliment the skin tone. Match the shades of the accessories properly with the attire. For instance, in case of kids ethnic wear, you can coordinate the lehenga or suit with contrasting chunni. The same goes true with the clothing of boys. You can pair the solid colored kurta or sherwani with the printed chunni.

2. Consider the fabric

This is one factor that is avoided while buying party wear for kids. The style is the only consideration in this case. It is not just the looks at matters. The ceremonies of wedding are long affair and the child will have to wear those clothes for a very long period of time. So, make sure that you check the fabric of the clothes. Not only the outer fabric, but the material of the inner lining of the clothes is equally important. Try the clothes on the child before you finalize them and ask whether it’s comfortable or not.

3. Get it tailored

It is a common notion that the kids should wear loose clothes as it will keep them cozy. However, very baggy clothes is inconvenient and may restrict the motion of the kids. You need to take special care for the length of the clothes. It should not be very long to get stuck in the footwear while walking. Get the attire tailored before the day. Make the kids wear them and do a costume rehearsal. The attire should not be very tight at the same time. Strike the right size and it will only add to the style and comfort.

4. Consider the comfort of the child

This is the very first thing that you need to consider. Whether you go for the ethnic wear or for the westerns, it should keep a wearer cozy all day long. While the traditional lehengas are ideal for the main event of the wedding, you can keep it simple for the other ceremonies. Girls tunic dresses and tutu dresses are ideal for such occasion. Similarly, for boys the suit should be lightweight and airy for Summers. For the other events of wedding, you can go for the shirts and t-shirts for boys.

5. Avoid bright shades

Avoid using gaudy colors. The elegance and simplicity is the next big thing of the current time. However, if you wanna give a eye-catchy touch to the look of your child, then, coordinate the classy shades with the bright ones. The contrasting combination is the ideal way of get them ready for the event.

Were these points helpful? Share your comments below.

Adorn the looks of your Girl with a Delightful Treat

Colors Delight Set | Foreverkidz

Summer is knocking at the door. It is now time for you update the closet of your little princess. The bright and sunny days of this season calls for colorful outfits and enticing looks. The Colors Delight Set is an ideal option to give a visual treat to the appearance of the tiny lady.

The gorgeous outfit features an alluring top paired with an adorable mini skirt. The entire ensemble is made of cotton. The king of fabrics can pamper your girl and keep her sensitive skin safe from the heat of summer. The sophisticated color combination and lightweight fabric is an apt option for the upcoming season. The orange top paired with the multi-color skirt can trigger the diva within her. The round neckline is perfect for the humid weather. Accessorize the dress with appropriate footwear, headbands and hairstyle.

Online shopping for kids makes it easier for the parents to get everything at their doorstep. Checkout the assortment of and allow your girl to be bang on trend.