Girls Summer Dresses – What to look out for?

Summer is here. With the hot months being upon us, everyone has started to freak out because of the heat, the dehydration, and so many other problems. The only ones who are not cribbing about the heat are the little ones because they know that the summer vacations are almost there and finally time to have some fun in the sun. Talking about girls, parents are more worried because they are the delicate beings and choosing girls summer dresses is definitely a pain. I being a mother really wish we would have lived in the cooler parts of the world (only for the summers), but here we are.

I have a daughter who’s turning 5 this year. She has already started the planning as of what she’d be doing this summer. Hence, she has found a summer camp that would have games, teachings, sessions of girls summer dresses and more. She is started to think about the girls summer dresses that she’d want to have for the summer camp. After all, when they’ll teach about girls summer wear, my little one won’t be looking out of the box among the other girls wearing girls skirts, girls tops, girls jumpsuits, and other girls summer dresses options. So, I was wondering whether you’d want to know more about girls summer dresses and what options do you have for your little one.

If you just said yes, go on and find out the steps to find girls summer dresses and also the options that your daughter has for her in order to empower her.

Steps to find Girls Summer Dresses

1. Consider online shopping for girls summer dresses

When it comes to girls summer dresses like girls jumpsuits or tops, you should always go up to the online store with your need. The options of girls summer dresses available online is definitely worth your time and money. Forever Kidz brings forth a collection of girls summer dresses that are brought together from across the world.

2. The fabric of girls summer dresses is VERY important

Summers call for girls summer dresses that are made of fabrics like cotton and other summery fabric. Whether or not you go for the fancy options, the fabric is the most important aspect when it comes to keeping the little one comfortable on a hot summer day. You must make sure that your fabrics are – breathable, lightweight and moisture wicking. If any of the features is compromised, you would fall prey to discomfort. Make sure all the girls summer dresses are made of fabrics that are breathable and comfortable.

3. Go for the varied options in girls summer dresses

Well, we will be talking about girls summer dresses and the options you have in the next section of the blog, but in order to find the best girls summer dresses, you should have this aspect in here as well. Girls summer dresses include a lot of options that look bright and are comfortable to wear as well as lightweight to handle. So, keep the options going in girls summer dresses.

4. Don’t go for lengthy girls summer dresses

It is summer. Long and heavy girls summer dresses are a big no-no in the hot months. There are so many reasons for which girls summer dresses should not be a part of the wardrobe. Long girls summer dresses can be trippy and if your daughter is playing around wearing those can trip and fall. Heavy girls summer dresses are definitely not on the list. How is your little supposed to pic herself together and walk around wearing those?

Having looked at the steps to find the best girls summer dresses, now you can go ahead and take a look at the options in girls summer dresses below.

1. Girls skirts

If you know how hot it can get on a summer camp or even on a general summer day. Hence, the girls skirts are a great option when it comes to beating the heat in girls summer dresses. Skirts for girls come in a variety of lengths, fabrics, and flares. You can even choose girls to skirt sets that come with tops and skirts as a combination. You can opt for this girls summer dresses.

2. Girls tops

Girls tops are one of the best options that your little one can sport in the summer days. With a variety of sleeves, lengths, layers, fabrics, designs, and more, you can choose the one that’s best for your daughter. Choose the colors that are bright and beautiful as well as apt as the girls summer dresses.

3. Girls jumpsuits

Girls jumpsuits are one of a kind and a perfect one-piece as girls summer dresses that need nothing more just the accessories. With varied options available on the online store at affordable prices.

Which girls summer dresses do you prefer? Do let us know in the comments below.

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7 things you should Never say to your Kid

Do you sometimes yell at your kids? Do you say bad words which you later regret and wish that you shouldn’t have said them in the first place? When you are mean to your little one because of anything that he/she has done, you have to curb yourself and abstain from saying anything wrong. Because, if you don’t, later you’ll be wondering if your kid loves you or not. Moreover, your child can even go into depression because of how you behave with him/her.

You would have heard phrases like – “wait until your dad comes home” or “I really wish you were like your sibling” and more. These words are harsh and very hard on your little one’s mind to handle. That’s not it! There are many other things that you should never say to your little one and make them anxious kids.

This blog details you about 7 things you should never say to your kids.

1. Leave me alone

The very first thing that parents need to stop saying to their kids is – Leave me alone. It is understood that parents need some time off from all the chores, but that doesn’t mean you tell your little ones to stay away from you because you need some time. Leaving you alone would also mean that they are left alone without you. When you keep your kids at a distance, they eventually get distanced from you.

2. You’re okay

Let’s take an example, your kid comes home hurt and is bleeding. While consoling him, you carry on telling him that you’re okay. Actually, he is not, he’s hurt and it’s hurting him badly and that’s exactly why he’s not okay. Try giving him a hug and acknowledging what he’s feeling by saying something like, “That was a scary fall.” Then ask whether he’d like a bandage or a kiss (or both). Then he’d be okay.

3. Don’t cry

Don’t cry, don’t be sad, and many other variations to don’t be sorry that you need to stop saying to your little minds. If you child cries often and is sad, you shouldn’t tell him that don’t cry. There is a possibility that something might be going in inside them. You should be the effective mother who would comfort them and ask what’s bothering them rather than covering up by saying don’t cry like a baby.

4. Can’t you behave like your sister/brother?

This is probably the racist thing you can say to hurt the emotions of the little ones. Comparisons have never been the thing that little ones like. Well, the elders are not accustomed to comparisons and kids are innocent with a gentle mind. When you say that can’t you behave like your elder brother or sister, it adversely affects their minds. There is a possibility that they try to be like them and in the way get anxious or they become a rebel after being scolded like this numerous times.

5. Stop or I’ll beat you up

Hitting kids is a punishable offense, no matter how you hit them. Moreover, torturing them mentally, physically or emotionally is equally offensive. You can tell them that if you don’t stop, I wouldn’t buy you that tutu dress or that shirt and t-shirt, but don’t raise your hand to them. This is not the way to talk or behave with your kids.

6. Great job

Yeah! This might sound like a source of positive reinforcement for your little one but affects adversely. What comes along as praise makes your little one dependent on the praise or you saying a great job every time they do something. In fact, they’d do it to get your attention on them, which is not good. You should praise the way they do things rather than what they do.

7. Let me help you

Your kid is trying to finish a puzzle and looks stuck somewhere. This is human tendency to help. As a parent, you might want to go up and help him solve the puzzle, but is that good for his efforts? He might look up to for help in the future rather than trying to do things himself. You might throw hints at him when he’s trying to do and help rather than spoon-feeding him.

Do you have any other phrases that you shouldn’t say to your kids? Do let us know and raise confident kids being the parent that your kids deserve.

Planning Adoption? – Things you should know Before Adopting

I recently adopted a little girl and named her Samaira. Aarti was already there for me, but we wanted to make our family bigger and we mutually decided to adopt a baby girl and give her a good life. Hence, we did. It is a beautiful feeling buying things for her (with Aarti’s help). All the girls party wear, tutu dresses, rompers, nibs, tiny bowls and so much more.

Adopting Samaira was not very difficult, but I really wished I knew certain things before we got her home. That would have prepared me for a lot of things. Now, when one of my cousins, who also, is looking for adoption. She couldn’t conceive and then they planned to finally adopt. There’s time for her family to get a baby and then I realized that parents like her have been looking for information that could help them understand parenthood and becoming parents with adopted babies. Let us take a look at the things you should know before adopting a baby and start the celebration of parenthood.

1. Is adoption a good decision

Before even starting your research of place to adopt and how to adopt a baby, you should sit down, spend quality time with your family to figure out whether you need to adopt or not. As my personal experience, I have seen families who already have kids and adopt but are not able to provide the same love. On the other hand, I have also seen those who keep no bars between their-born and the adopted. So, you need to take that call.

2. Research – it is your only resort

We all know how the grandmothers in the family take care of the new one in the family. Go on and teach yourself (before teaching the kids) by reading the articles, blogs and everything that is available online about adoption as well as parenting. When you read and make yourself aware of the practical happenings, you’ll be on the advantageous side.

3. Adoption is not for everyone – you should know that

Just to adopt a baby and leave him/her to be someone in the family is not what adoption is all about. When you plan to adopt, you should remember that the kid that is coming home deserves all the love, security and more. He/she should get good food, education, clothes and everything that your own baby would be eligible to. If you are ready to do all these things, you are all set to adopt.

4. Prepare yourself for the same

Don’t make the whole after-coming-home a mess by bringing in things at that very moment. Prepare yourself and the house before the little one comes into the family. For example, from the baby cot, kids fashion dresses to the food and the toys and everything else that sounds necessary should be present in the house in time.

These are the few questions that I should have thought about, but when I do think now, I feel great about taking this step. This goes out to all the parents who have been thinking of adopting. Do give in some thought into it and take your decision.

6 baby things that New Parents need

Congratulations on being the new parents!! Or, if you are in progress to be one, then all the best. We understand that having your first baby is an overwhelming feeling but you have to focus on certain things while preparing yourself for the same. No matter if you’ve read a hundred books on how to be the parent, but when it comes to practicality, things can be slightly different than the books. Just when the baby comes, there’ll be ‘n’ number of products you’ll need and that’s exactly why we are here for you.

Here’s our list of the tried-and-true, that really does help when you’re starting your new life as a parent. Everything else is just noise.

1. Diapers

Yeah… Whether you use cloth or use-and-throw sort of diapers, you’ll need plenty of them to start with. If you by chance run out of them, you would be in deep-deep trouble. Specifically, during the night time when you want your little one to sleep and he/she pees, you’ll have to go through a lot of crying and wetness that’ll make the kiddo cry all the more. So, it is sensible to have plenty of diapers with you.

2. Baby rompers/onesies

You might have heard of baby rompers or onesies for the little ones. All you got to do is – pick them for the little ones to start with. You can shop girls tutu dresses online or boys shirts later on, but for now, you got to start with onesies which are the most comfortable clothing for the tiny one. It is easy for you to get them on and take them off with the help of the snap buttons.

3. Baby wipes

Getting the little ones under the water every time they poop or pee can be a very tricky task. Water plus the dry cloth can leave the butts and the tender skin very rashy which you obviously don’t want. Hence, baby wipes are the clean way to wipe off the dirt from the body without leaving rashes on the body. Wipes are a great way to keep your hands also sanitized while handling your delicate darling.

4. Comfortable carrier

You won’t be able to handle the little one on your shoulder through and through when you are out. You can invest in a comfortable carrier for your little one while you head out of the house. While you can easily carry the carrier, your little one would be lying in the cradle and enjoying the ride happily.

5. Nipple creams

You know that breastfeeding is not an easy task and you are still getting accustomed to the whole process. In due course, your nipples will become soar and will hurt. You can apply nipple cream to keep yourself soft and rash-free.

6. A functional bag to carry it all

The diapers, napkins, wipes, water and everything needs a bigger bag than what you generally carry. Invest in a carry-all bag for your little one that will all that you need while you are out with your munchkin. It should be big enough to carry it all and comfortable for you to carry.

What do you think should be up on the list? Teach yourself to know better and be a better parent.

Does your baby love you? – Signs to prove

No, your baby won’t actually tell you that he/she loves you. At least not the one who’s only about a month old or about 2 years old. The kids above this age will somehow speak those three words to you whenever you tell them that you love them and they’d reply with the same. As you and your baby get to know each other, you’d understand whether your little one loves you or not with the words, actions, expressions and more.

For now, let’s assume that you really want to know what your child feels for you. This blog lays down the signs that would let you understand that your tiny tot loves you a LOT.

1. He knows – You are You

Within a few weeks, the baby understands and can make a difference between the caregiver and the others. Eventually, he’d want to be with you and in your arms being the happy baby. When you won’t be available around him, he’d look for you and occasionally cry to come back to you.

2. The expressions would become flirty

Almost a month later, the baby would know that you talk to her, make faces and spend a lot of time. In return, she would also do the same to you. He would make faces while you talk to her and giggle, the coy looking away, and more. These goofy games appear to be as important in cementing a baby’s attachment as your responses to her physical needs. At around 4 months, she’ll also be unable to take her eyes off of you.

3. The smile – even if it is short

Now, you would have heard that when at a young age if the baby smiles for a split second, it is something to do with gas or is an involuntary reflex. However, that’s not true. The smile of your little one is what happens when you are busy showing her kids fairy dresses or pampering her for being the good girl or even teaching her good things. This is a sign of the fact that the baby loves you and your company.

4. The latch-feeling for a toy

Let’s be true to ourselves that we all have had a stuffed toy as a kid which was the dearest part of our childhood. There would have been times when you couldn’t sleep without it and latched onto it when you felt insecure. Your baby will also do it. He/she would want to stay with it all the time but will trust you (only you) with it.

5. The stare

You might consider staring as a rude thing, but this is how love is shown. The baby would start to recognize your face, smell and the voice as she’s growing up. Later, in terms of stare, she would be trying to understand your face better in order to remember it. Hence, the next time you find your baby staring at you, just let her be. She’s getting to know you.

6. The arms are raised high – pick them up

No matter with whom your little one is, if you walk by, he would want to jump to you. How? He would raise his arms towards you and ask you to hold him no matter what you’re doing. This is another way to say that he wants to be with you and loves you a lot.

How does your little one cling to you? Do let us know in the comments below.

Are you an effective mom? – Check out these secret habits

Aren’t all the moms the Super-Moms for their kids? While some of the Supermoms better than the others. Why? Because they are highly effective when it comes to getting things done for their kids the old-fashioned way and serve it as the most efficient way possible. A mother can do everything and anything at all when it comes to their little ones and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this blog.

This blog lays down to the secret habits of supermoms who do things slightly differently for their little ones.

1. Gets up early or sleeps late – not both

A healthy woman is the one who’s happy and when a woman is happy, the entire family is happy. When a mother understands that the baby is sleeping and also the fact that it is the best time to finish a big chunk of work, this makes her a supermom. Hence, in order to give ample amount of attention to the baby and to herself, the work needs to get done.

2. The to-do list is completed – differently

Every mom feels that they have a mountain of work when there are kids to be handled, professional work, everyday chores and more. But, they do tackle everything their own way. Everyone has a to-do list which is like never-ending, but the supermoms do it – differently. Rather than listing the things that need to be accomplished and working their way completely through each task, they look at their schedule and note that they can spend an hour with house chores, an hour with work chores, and an hour with miscellaneous tasks before they need to pick up the kids. This is the way that they’re able to get to the finish line and still stay focused.

3. She understands the urgency to finish the work on time

A research states that “putting off a task, even for a few minutes, actually increases the likelihood that you will continue to put off that task in the future”. Have you ever done it? I have. Whether it is responding to a mail or find a lost bill, you can postpone doing everything. Any task that can be completed immediately, should be. Get in the habit of tackling a task as soon as it hits your hand and it will make sure that you have the habit of not ignoring doing certain things.

4. She spends enough time with the kids

We all love to spend time with our little ones, don’t we? However, there are those who delay things in the first part and then run towards getting the work done. As a result, this doesn’t leave any time for the kids. A supermom loves to spend time with the baby, get beautiful ethnic wear for kids, takes them traveling, play with them, teach them things and be a good mother.

You all are absolutely stunning mothers (new and old). You don’t have to change yourself to prove your worth. Just make some alterations (if you need to) to make yourself better and to focus on little one as well as yourself.

Do you have all these habits? If you have anything that sets you apart from the other mothers, do let us know in the comments section.