Rakshabandhan: A bond of love between brother and sister

Finally, Raksha Bandhan or what we call raakhi is finally here. More popularly known as the day of the siblings, there’s a lot of love and emotional bonding that the festival celebrates. Celebrated throughout India and also in countries like Nepal, the term “Rakshabandhan” means “to tie a knot of protection”. Adorable as it sounds, the sisters tie a colorful band or raakhi on the wrist of her brother (not only blood relations but cousins also).

Raksha Bandhan

What is the origin of Rakshabandhan?

If you are wondering where it all began, the festival goes back to the time of Mahabharata. It is believed that when Krishna had accidentally cut his hand, Draupadi tore-off a portion from her saree and put it around the wound for healing it. On the other hand, when she was undergoing the torment in the hands of the Kauravas, Krishna used the same portion of saree to turn it into a saree to save her dignity. It is believed that Krishna fulfilled his promise to protect Draupadi (sister). Since then, the festival has been celebrated across the country. In the ancient age, the brothers would visit their sisters in her in-law’s house where she has been married off to get the raakhi tied and exchange gifts with her as well.

The festival is all about the love, bonding, care and protective feeling that the siblings share and the festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm in today’s time. From the adults celebrating the festival, it is the little ones who look adorable wearing beautiful girls ethnic wear and the brothers wearing boys party wear doing all the customs involved in the festival.

How to make Rakshabandhan special for your little kids?

The very purpose of celebrating Rakshabandhan lies in cherishing the special bond between the brother and the sister. But when it comes to helping your little ones celebrate the day with full enthusiasm and zest, you can do a lot of things that would brighten up their day.

Kids Ethnic Wear

Image Source: Stunning Orange and Pink Tradition

  • Buy beautiful and colorful kids ethnic wear

The very first thing that you as an effective mother or father would want to do is to shop the best kids ethnic wear for them. Your princess can do really well with the girls lehenga choli set or Anarkali suit for girls and boys kurta pajama set or anything else that would be comfortable. You can choose from the numerous options that are available while online shopping for kids.

  • Pick a suitable gift (for both)

Yes, when you talk about gifts for Rakshabandhan, you would generally think that gifts on the festival are for girls. On the contrary, you would want to pick a gift for your little boy as well. Sisters (adults) these days would love the idea of exchanging the gifts with their brothers. As a parent of little ones, you could do that for your young ones.

  • Make the day special

Take your kids out and let them enjoy a day with each other playing, eating their favorite food and anything that they would want to do. You can plan the entire day with them and they’d be glad to enjoy the day.

In the broader sense, the festival of Rakshabandhan signifies a lot more than just a celebration. Make the day memorable for your little ones.

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Navratri Shopping Guide for Munchkin’s

Navratri, specially called as Pooja holidays by the kids are around the corner. It’s time to gear up the excitement for the festival as it incorporates yummy sweets, cousins get together, and most importantly beautiful outfits. Dressing in a traditional way has always more won hearts when compared to the modern ways. So, why not try the same for your munchkins as well? Below blog enlists some of the styles that you can try for the little goddess.

1. Anarkali

pink anarkali suit for kids

Anarkali, one of the most celebrated traditional wear of today’s time is also available for kids. They are available in different designs and colors to suit every single angel on this earth. Have a look at the cute little rabbit down in the picture. She is wearing a Pink Anarkali Fashion Suit that has been matched with cute accessories as well.

2. Ghagra /choli

Ghagra /choli

I remember donning a Rajasthani ghagra/choli set for the song ”Aayo re maaro dholna” during the school cultural’s. The song has tremendous beats that would make even the laziest person dance. Additionally, the ghargra would add some charm to the choreography. The style is back with a bang for our kids which is available in a variety of colors, designs and cuts. Dress up your kid in a colorful one that can add some charm to their innocence.

3. Kurti/dhoti set

Kurti/dhoti set

Kurti/dhoti has been popular even since Kangana Ranaut wore the outfit in Tanu weds Manu. In some parts of the movie, she was dressed in elegant kurti’s paired with dhoti’s that looked lovely on her. The style became a huge hit after that. You can even try a similar style on your cutie-pie as well.

4. Churidar/Salwar-kameez


The suits like churidar or salwar kameez have lost its charm soon after an ample number of modern styles were introduced in the fashion industry. However, the elegance of the attire remains unmatched by the modern ones. Have a look at the kid

5. Lehenga


Ghagra choli and lehenga are more or less the same things but with a little difference. Generally, Ghagra has a longer blouse which covers most of the midriff while the lehenga is modernized with cuts and designs. The attire is available in an ample number of styles especially for kids that can make them look simply superb.

Above are some of the stunning kid’s ethnic wear that you could try on your angel. If you feel that some of the styles have been missed then, please leave your comments on the section below.

The Joy of Parenthood

I still remember the very first day when we brought Sahana home. Our life was full of happiness and new responsibilities now. The excitement of becoming a mommy for the first time was high. Coming from a conservative family, I have always faced gender issues. So, I was very sure in giving my daughter all the happiness that she deserved as a child. Luckily I married Karthik, who believes in gender equality. Though it was an arranged marriage, we have always been mad for each other. After two years of marriage life, Sahana was our first bundle of joy. Both of us were excited about parenting.

Now, we had to upgrade our belongings from a kid’s perspective. We moved to a bigger flat. The flat had a separate room for kids which attracted us mainly. We just had to paint it according to our desire. Sahana is fond of Chota Bheem and Chutki. Though she was just four months old at that time, still she would become so happy in watching them on the Tv. The expression on her face was priceless. So, we decided to paint the walls with the Chota Bheem theme.

Kids Room

After the walls, it was the wardrobes. We made sure that they were in contrasting colors. They had to be filled with cute attires as well. So, Karthik and I started surfing online websites for more options, that’s when we landed on Foreverkidz.com.The store had an ample number of options for kids and even infants. We couldn’t wait to see Sahana as a grown up munchkin. The Infant store had a huge assortment but, we weren’t sure of the quality. Hopefully, the fabric details were specified in the description below. I made sure that I shop for girls accessories as well to match the outfits (Obviously mum and mini style has to be the same, right?). I didn’t know that even online shopping for kids would have so many options.


Now, we are all set to watch our munchkin grow in her new room. She kept us entertained with her nonstop fun activities. Daily she would assign us different tasks which made us learn new things that was literally humorous. And, If you are going to be a first time mommy, then I’m sure that you will have to face the below lovely things.

1. No more tv serials and sports channels because POGO and Cartoon Network is here to entertain all of us.


2. The house is never a house with messy toys around.

messy kids room with toys

3. Whatever you paint for me on the walls, they are incomplete without my crayon sketching

little girl crayon sketching on wall

4. You have run around the house and lose your weight to feed me

Little girl

5. The tablet is only for watching “Old McDonalds Had a Farm.”

Old McDonalds Had a Farm

6. I get moody only when you talk on the phone.

little boy

7. You have to wash my clothes and clean my diapers at least 10 times a day(I’m a hygienic baby).

Tom and Jerry

8. You cannot sleep the whole night because I slept all the noon.

Mummy and little kid

Hope you all liked reading the journey of my munchkin. Share yours as well in the comments section below.

Colors in Kids Clothing

Have you ever tried to buy your kids fashion dresses according to specific colors? You would have done that, but have you ever tried thinking that why only red for parties or yellow for picnics? You wouldn’t have done this. The reason behind selecting different colors for various occasions is because every color is unique and represents a unique quality.

Pretty in Peplum Dress (Red)

This blog talks about the various colors available kids clothing online.

1. Pink: Often referred as to girl’s colors, pink is known for cheerfulness and calming effect. Girls princess dress or t-shirts with light pink color can be used for children who show signs of aggression.

2. Red: Referred to as passionate, red is known to excite and energize the young mind. It energizes kids and brings the boring, monotonous day to life. You can try boys shirts and t-shirts and girls tutu dress in red in order to add fashion to the color.

3. Yellow: Yellow has always been related to brightness and sunshine. Shades of yellow signify different things like light yellow is for improved concentration while bright yellow motivates memory retention. However, dark yellows can be negative for the young fellows.

4. Green: Green is the color for earthiness and soothing effect. Hence, it is one of the healthiest colors for the growing kids. Scientifically, it improves cognition as well as comprehension in terms of studies. Choose a lot of green in food as well as clothing for both girls and boys.

5. Blue: Shades of blue conveys a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding. On the other hand, it reduces anxiety and aggression in the kids. Blue is loved by all; whether it girls party dresses or boys party dresses.

These are the basic colors that should be incorporated in the wardrobe of kids from all age groups. You can find a plethora of colors mentioned above as well as more in the inventory of foreverkidz.in. So what is your child going to wear today?

How To Save Money In Kids Clothing?

Saving money is what people do all over the world when they shop anything- from groceries to fashion apparel. When it comes to kids fashion dresses, they are still the same; the only difference here is that they do not compromise with the fit and feel of the dresses with money.


This blog talks about the strategies that can help you save money while buying girls party wear or boys party wear.

• Mix and match: Make sure you look for clothes that can be mixed and matched with other clothes as well. For example, a skirt or boys shirt and t-shirt with a print or color that can go well with a few other pants or trousers. Try to look for clothes that can be matched with other clothes in the closet.

• Have special apparel also: Children often want to wear what other kids are wearing, but you need to make them understand that they can have two or more rather than that one dress. You can shop with discounted prices at foreverkidz.in what your kids want at half prices. You can choose from girls tunic dresses, tutu dresses for girls and more.

• Try to get multi-occasion clothes: There are options available in terms of clothes which you can wear casually as well as party wear. Try to get those kinds of clothes that can be worn among family and friends as well as for various occasions like parties, marriages and more.

Online shopping for kids helps you do all this very conveniently and at affordable prices. These tips or strategies will help you save more while getting your kids look more stylish. You can check out Foreverkidz for styles that are global and affordable, all under one roof.