Make your child look the best with the best Kids Party Wear

When it comes to parties, kids are the ones that are super excited for the same. Out of all the other things that make them excited, it is the kids party wear that makes them super excited too. Kid’s parties include so many occasions like birthday parties, Christmas parties, school gatherings, funfairs, Halloween parties, weddings and so on. Now, they can actually have all the fun that they need with the different kinds of kids party wear available for the little ones. Thus, parents and particularly effective mothers look for kids party wear both girls party wear and boys party wear that they would love to wear and are comfortable in.

kids party wear

If you take a look at the kid’s parties, you should know that these are themed affairs these days. Talking about themes, you would be able to find superheroes, pirates, fairies, angels, Hollywood stars, cartoon characters, and others. The kids party wear are available in the fashion industry are so in demand because of the comfort and the looks that they have. What kind of kids party wear are available in the industry that your little ones can wear to the different parties? Let’s find the different kids party wear available at Forever Kidz that you should be investing in.

1. The relaxed and casual parties

Dress Me Up Set

Image Source: Dress Me Up Set (with suspenders bowtie)

Yes, your kids will have a lot of casual parties including birthdays and picnics. You would want to dress them in kids party wear that is equally comfortable and casual for the occasion. The girls jumpsuits, girls frocks, boys shirts and t-shirts, and a lot more options are available for the casual parties. So, casual parties need casual kids party wear dresses.

2. The themed parties


Image Source: PomPom Party Dress

Well, when you talk about themed parties, as we mentioned above there can be numerous themes like Cinderella, Angel, Nemo and so many others. In that case, kids party wear like girls gowns for girls party wear, tutu dresses and a few other options are available when you are being the parents that your little one deserves.

3. The Indian festivity parties

kurta with pants

Image Source: Festive Suave Set

The Indian festivity parties are the parties which include Diwali, weddings, family get-together, and other functions. Each of these deserves kids party wear that is glamorous, shimmery, bedazzled, and so much more. So, why not go for kids ethnic wear that includes kids party wear dresses like lehenga choli set, girls Anarkali set, sarees for girls and more.

Next time your kids are invited to a party or you are inviting other kids for your kids’ birthday party or other celebration parties, make sure you pick a beautiful kids party wear according to the theme. Themed parties are much more enjoyable for the kids than other parties.

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The know-all kids party wear guide for this festive season

As we have almost come in the month of September, the festive season is upon us waiting for us to enjoy every holiday that comes forth. See, are you getting all pumped up? Well if you are getting all hyped about the festive season, what would the little ones do about it? Kids love festivals and the celebrations when there are family get-togethers, lots of good food to eat and obviously new and stunning kids party wear for every occasion.

kids party wear guide for this festive season

Parents want their kids to look just the best in their kids party wear during the festive season. Whether it is Dussehra, Diwali or Christmas, every parent strives to be the best and to do the best for their little ones in terms of kids party wear. They go ahead and choose kids ethnic wear with the dupattas, dhotis and what not just to set the mood of the festival. Being an Indian parent myself, kids party wear is something that is an integral part of every celebration. The first thing that runs across the mind as soon as the festive season starts is – What is my baby girl going to wear as her kids party wear? Or, if you have a boy, you’d think the same.

We hear you, parents. With trends that are here to flatter every little one, it is difficult to decide which kids party wear dress is better. After all, you might want your munchkin to wear kids ethnic wear on some of the holidays while a few would call for kids party wear that is western in looks. So, here is a guide for you to decipher what kind of kids party wear would be great for your little ones this festive season.

1. Think kids party wear – think colors

girls salwar suit with duptta

Image Source: Festive Suave Set

Just before you think of anything else in the kids party wear, make sure you think of colors first and foremost. Why would colors come first here, you might think? Well, talking about fabrics, styles and other features is what we’ve been talking about ever since. Festive season calls for beautiful shades that would paint the world multi-colored. From the beautiful pastels, neon girls salwar suit you can pick something that is slightly dark that calls for the starting of winter. Every color has its own charm and you can pick anything for your kids party wear.

2. Kids party wear should be absolutely comfortable

girls lehenga choli

Image Source: Stunning Orange and Pink Tradition

If the kids party wear doesn’t comfort your little one, how is he/she supposed to enjoy the festival in the first place? Even if the discomfort is minimum, the kids party wear won’t be able to provide comfort for a longer duration. Hence, check the fabric composition quite carefully while online shopping for kids because it is the fabric of the kids party wear like girls lehenga choli that will provide comfort to the little ones.

3. The styles of the kids party wear

boys party wear

Image Source: Style High Set

Coming down to the most important aspect according to the parents – “what should we buy as our kids party wear?”, the styles of the kids party wear matter a lot. When it comes to the kids party wear, there are so many different styles available for the little ones. Mostly segregated as kids smart wear such as boys party wear and girls party wear. They are further divided into styles like boys  suits and sets, boys shirts, tutu dresses, girls lehenga choli set, kurta pajama set, princess frocks and many others.

4. Get those accessories to work with the kids party wear

girls accessories

Image Source: Pearly Rose Tiara and Bracelet

No outfit is complete without the matching kids accessories. So, you can pick the beautiful bangles to go well with the kids ethnic wear, tiaras, footwear, sunglasses, hats, headbands, ties and other accessories to well with the kids party wear.

The mantra to pick the best kids party wear is to “NOT to PANIC” and start working before the D-Day. This way you would be able to pick the best without stressing too much.

Why keep your Kids fashionable?

Do you think that kids shouldn’t be allowed to be influenced by online shopping for kids and glamour world? You might be right up to an extent, but then, you cannot bar your child from watching and inspiring from the fashionable content available online and on different mediums. As effective mothers, we are always concerned for our little ones. You should know that online shopping for kids plays an important role in all this.

Curbing the little ones too from being fashionable has numerous disadvantages in today’s time and online shopping for kids is solution for this. You know how anxious your little boy would be if he’d not have a proper kids party wear or your daughter would when she doesn’t look perfect in her tutu dress at her friend’s party? Online shopping for kids has changed the way parents look at their kid’s fashion quotient and the need to style high.

Being a young mother, I understand the importance of online shopping for kids and I know how my daughter sits in front of the laptop and encourage online shopping for kids. She is just 3 and she would sit right there choosing and pointing out her choices in girls tunic dresses. I am here to give you the reasons to keep your kid fashionable with online shopping for kids .

1. The times have changed

Online shopping for kids is essential part of modern life style. part of Now, you cannot look ordinary and be accepted everywhere. This is applicable to your little one as much as it to you. Why do you think online shopping for kids came to be an immensely rising factor in the industry? Kids are not like how they were a few decades ago now we can do online shopping for kids. They want to look good in the crowd.

2. Innumerable options

Have you ever done online shopping for kids or seen the gigantic collection of kids Indian wear and also western wear at Forever Kidz? Have you seen all those brands and varieties of the outfit styles including tutu dress, boys shirt and t-shirt, tunic dresses and accessories for little kids online? Well, you would have because there’s a gamut of options to choose from in online shopping for kids.

3. Fashion-conscious personality

You should know that if you nurture your little one to be If you really want your kid to be away from bullying and other such psychological tortures, you have to make sure that he looks good and impressive in the crowd, to keep the others away from him with the help of online shopping for kids and make them look good.

4. The same creates a sense of fashion in their mind

It is truly said that a person grows just the way his parents want him to be. You can create the right taste in his heart with online shopping for kids its quite easy and possible. Now that you know why Online shopping for kids and fashion is important for your kid, you can go ahead with online shopping for kids and make sure that they are nurtured in that way. Do share your experience of online shopping for kids with us.

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Kids Party wear Do’s – Be Careful

With the party season just coming up and starting, choosing kids party wear is going to be the tricky part. You shouldn’t forget that the way you dress and the way your kiddo should dress are poles apart. Though you might just teach them the basics, let the childhood stay intact while being stylish at the same time. Undoubtedly, a party will be a party, what changes is – who has been invited to the party?

This blog is just what you need when the idea is to be there for your sunshine and dress him/her for the party. These are things you need to be avoided at all costs.

1. Be the rainbow

Flower Power Dress

You obviously don’t want your little one to look like an adult at the party. Do you?? When you don’t, then why would you choose all the dull colors for them? Say no to blacks, white or even boring grays and shake hands with the pinks, the blues, purple, green and so many others. You can choose from them all.

2. Accessories should be lightweight

Fairy Head Tiara

Let kids be kids and let them run free and happy. When you put on heavy clothes with the matching accessories that are absolutely meant for you, you put on that excessive weight on their bodies which refrain them from being them. Hence, you can choose scarves or simple pendants and more that will help your baby be the star attraction of the event.

3. Choose the dress carefully


To be straightforward – the occasion calls for the kind of dress that you should pick for the kid. With baby girl birthday party dresses online, the birthdays are sorted out. On the other hand, a beauty pageant calls for princess frocks or gowns, the family get-togethers are all about smart boys shirts and jeans and so much more. Hence, you have to be a smart mommy in order to buy the dress.

4. The motive is to look unique

Pink Fantasy Tutu Dress

There is no harm if you try the best available and most fashionable tutu frocks or baby boys clothes, make them dress in order to look magnetic. But it may be utterly embarrassing if your kids look just like she/he looks like they did in the last party. Simply, don’t get old-fashioned and remember what they wore last.

5. Keep it comfortable


No matter what you choose and what not, keeping it aptly comfortable on the body is what you should be taking care of. After all, itchy feeling throughout the party can be an absolute embarrassment to you and your kid.

Just be careful of how you do.

How to Stylize the Outfits of Kids?

Regardless of the occasion and event, every parent has got one problem in common, that is, finding an elegant stylization for their kids. The fashion industry is changing rapidly and thanks to the various online shopping site staying bang on trend is easy. Parents these days don’t hesitate to pick up the latest style from the biggest brand for their kids. You will find a range of designer party wear for kids in the market these days. However, sometimes the attire is not enough to don an attention grabbing look.Little hipster set |

The blog talk about the various way that can help you stylize your kids. Have a look at them.

1. Shop according to the event

The various events like weddings, parties, and festivals calls for different styles of outfit. Online shopping for kids is the easiest way to keep them sync with the changing trend as well as with the requirement of the occasions. Choose the outfit that suits the event. For instance, ethnic for weddings, receptions as well as festivals and western outfits for parties and other such gathering is ideal.

Funky balls shirt | Foreverkidz

2. Mix and match

Make sure that the outfit is mixed and matched properly. This is particularly important when it comes to the outfit of the handsome hunks. The color of boys shirts and t-shirts should go well with the trouser and pants. Similarly, the skirt of girls should match with her tees or tops.

Red fascinator hat | Foreverkidz

3. Accessorize well

This plays a vital role in the looks of kids as well. Pair the outfit with the right set of accessories. Find the appropriate style of Headbands, hats, scarves and even earrings and neck pieces for the lil princess. While when it comes to boys, you can get glasses, wrist watches and others. This can transform your young lad into a hunk.

4. Footwear

Footwear projects the entire personality of the wearer. So, be very carefully in choosing a pair of shoes for them. It should match the outfit and at the same time, it should give them a sophisticated appearance.

Comfort is the key while shopping for kids. However, make sure that the clothes are in sync with the current trend. Take the preference of the child while shopping and get the best look for them.

Give your Boy a Dressy Warmth, this Winter

Star pop padded winter jacket | Foreverkidz

The fall is not just concerned with snowfalls and winter adventures, it is accompanied by a lot of invitation for weddings, receptions, and parties. So, why limit the wardrobe of your kids to the subtle styles of hoodies and pullover, when you can get them a chic look? Gone those days when winter wear for kids was all about warmth. Now, fashion in an inevitable aspect during this season.

The Star Pop Padded Winter Jacket is one option that can give a perfect party look to your handsome hunk. Whether it’s Christmas or New Year party, or any sort of wedding or reception invitation, the red jacket with contrasting starry prints is the ideal party wear for boys during winter. The piece is not only stylish, but functional as well. The blend of cotton and spandex is cozy and provides appropriate stretch. Moreover, the padded finishing is warm and protect the child during the cool winter days.

You can find a number of boys dresses online. The flashy graphic of the jacket is anything, but ordinary and can help you make a wise selection, both in terms of style and functionality. So, pair the funky piece with denim jeans or formal pants and give a classy look to your boy.