Make Navratri special with Kids Ethnic Wear

India is a land of festivals. With a day of celebration after every few weeks, the festivities don’t seem to come to an end. You should know all about the kid’s party guide for the festive season and you can find it right here. With a confluence of varied religious and traits, the time to come together and enjoy is plenty. Fashion naturally is a part of such traditions and talking about fashion, the parents have the entire festive season coming up. Well, to start with, Navratri is right there and just like the adults, the kids can also pick the best of kids ethnic wear and be happy about it.

Navrati Special | Kids Ethnic Wear | Foreverkidz

If you want to know more about the Navratri special shopping guide that gave access to the best kids ethnic wear, you go ahead and read the blog that we wrote last year.

This blog talks about the various measures that you should keep in mind in order to pick the best of kids ethnic wear dresses before the festive season starts.

1. Keep the pep in mind while looking for kids ethnic wear

Sterling Magenta Inspiration Lehenga for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Stunning Orange And Pink Tradition

When you think festivity, you cannot go boring and monotonous with kids fashion dresses. You think kids ethnic wear, you have to make sure the options are peppy and gorgeous. The peppiness comes in complimentary in the kid’s ethnic dresses because if that wasn’t a part of the same, they would be no different than the adult’s clothing articles. Hence, look for peppiness in mind while picking kids ethnic wear.

2. Comfort is the key to kids ethnic wear

Festive Dazzle Kids Saree for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Festive Dazzle Kids Saree

You might have parties planned for the Navratri season for the little girls. And, when you talk about parties, there’ll be dancing, good food, games and so much more. So, in order to spend so much time throughout the evening doing all this, your little ones need comfort. Make sure you invest in comfort with Girls ethnic wear. There’s nothing more than comfort when it comes to kids ethnic wear.

3. Pick from the best kids ethnic wear styles

Pom Pom Glow Suit Set for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Pom Pom Glow Suit Set

There are numerous kids ethnic wear styles available at Forever Kidz that you can choose from. Pick the best of kids ethnic wear styles for Navratri special occasion. From the girl’s lehenga choli sets to the Anarkali suits, dhoti kurta and so much more is there. Just be sure of which kids ethnic wear style you choose and make your kids like the styles too.

Fashion for kids is a changing element and adjusts to suit needs of climate too. Monsoon collections come with cutoffs and easy dry fabrics. Summers demand the need for cotton, linen, muslin, and other airy wear. Woolen and inner wear are just not warm clothes but fashion statements. This is the time when winter is setting in but the days are hot. Hence, the kid’s ethnic wear you choose should be in accordance with the same. Happy Navratri!!

Girls Summer Dresses – What to look out for?

Summer is here. With the hot months being upon us, everyone has started to freak out because of the heat, the dehydration, and so many other problems. The only ones who are not cribbing about the heat are the little ones because they know that the summer vacations are almost there and finally time to have some fun in the sun. Talking about girls, parents are more worried because they are the delicate beings and choosing girls summer dresses is definitely a pain. I being a mother really wish we would have lived in the cooler parts of the world (only for the summers), but here we are.

I have a daughter who’s turning 5 this year. She has already started the planning as of what she’d be doing this summer. Hence, she has found a summer camp that would have games, teachings, sessions of girls summer dresses and more. She is started to think about the girls summer dresses that she’d want to have for the summer camp. After all, when they’ll teach about girls summer wear, my little one won’t be looking out of the box among the other girls wearing girls skirts, girls tops, girls jumpsuits, and other girls summer dresses options. So, I was wondering whether you’d want to know more about girls summer dresses and what options do you have for your little one.

If you just said yes, go on and find out the steps to find girls summer dresses and also the options that your daughter has for her in order to empower her.

Steps to find Girls Summer Dresses

1. Consider online shopping for girls summer dresses

When it comes to girls summer dresses like girls jumpsuits or tops, you should always go up to the online store with your need. The options of girls summer dresses available online is definitely worth your time and money. Forever Kidz brings forth a collection of girls summer dresses that are brought together from across the world.

2. The fabric of girls summer dresses is VERY important

Summers call for girls summer dresses that are made of fabrics like cotton and other summery fabric. Whether or not you go for the fancy options, the fabric is the most important aspect when it comes to keeping the little one comfortable on a hot summer day. You must make sure that your fabrics are – breathable, lightweight and moisture wicking. If any of the features is compromised, you would fall prey to discomfort. Make sure all the girls summer dresses are made of fabrics that are breathable and comfortable.

3. Go for the varied options in girls summer dresses

Well, we will be talking about girls summer dresses and the options you have in the next section of the blog, but in order to find the best girls summer dresses, you should have this aspect in here as well. Girls summer dresses include a lot of options that look bright and are comfortable to wear as well as lightweight to handle. So, keep the options going in girls summer dresses.

4. Don’t go for lengthy girls summer dresses

It is summer. Long and heavy girls summer dresses are a big no-no in the hot months. There are so many reasons for which girls summer dresses should not be a part of the wardrobe. Long girls summer dresses can be trippy and if your daughter is playing around wearing those can trip and fall. Heavy girls summer dresses are definitely not on the list. How is your little supposed to pic herself together and walk around wearing those?

Having looked at the steps to find the best girls summer dresses, now you can go ahead and take a look at the options in girls summer dresses below.

1. Girls skirts

If you know how hot it can get on a summer camp or even on a general summer day. Hence, the girls skirts are a great option when it comes to beating the heat in girls summer dresses. Skirts for girls come in a variety of lengths, fabrics, and flares. You can even choose girls to skirt sets that come with tops and skirts as a combination. You can opt for this girls summer dresses.

2. Girls tops

Girls tops are one of the best options that your little one can sport in the summer days. With a variety of sleeves, lengths, layers, fabrics, designs, and more, you can choose the one that’s best for your daughter. Choose the colors that are bright and beautiful as well as apt as the girls summer dresses.

3. Girls jumpsuits

Girls jumpsuits are one of a kind and a perfect one-piece as girls summer dresses that need nothing more just the accessories. With varied options available on the online store at affordable prices.

Which girls summer dresses do you prefer? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Kids Fashion Trends 2018

At Forever Kidz, we make sure that today’s kids are dressed in the best and the trendiest of clothes. After all, why should adults have all the fun??

From the star kids who are ruling Instagram these days to the trendsetters on the social media, the common kids are no way behind.

What are the children’s fashion trends on the horizon for 2018?

We understand that there are so many other fashion trends to keep a watch on, there are some children’s fashion trends which are here to stay. Among them is a return to classicism, traditional children’s clothes that are elegant and timeless.

Pink, Yellow and Floral prints are in for girls

Summers are already here and for girls, floral prints are something that they would want to wear any time of the year. Bold flowers or teeny-weeny ones, they can have anything this year – the entire year. Moreover, having floral with pink and yellow or other pastel shades. You can buy the right size for your little one as girls party wear or even for the regular fashion dresses.

Checks and set for the boys

Checks never go out of fashion for boys – young or adult. Think of the munchkins walking around wearing the formal or semi-formal check shirts. To take it to the next level, you can pick some sets for your son. Elbow patches on knitwear are also ‘in’ next season. Does your boy have checks or sets? Well, sets are available in numerous combinations. From shirt and pant to shirt/pant/shrug/accessory (tie, hat or anything like that). So, depending on what your little one likes and can handle, you can pick that.

You can shop the look for the coming season.


The Little Boy Check Fashion Set is an ideal way to make your munchkin look cooler in the summers. This cotton set has 2 pieces with a suit jacket and shorts.

Checkerboard Style Bowtie

This might just be a check bow tie, but this can be worn with a solid suit as boys party wear and make your kid look dapper in the same. The bold black and white check certainly stand out and would brighten up his personality.

Charming Ring Bearer Set

The Charming Ring Bearer Set has a faux silk shirt with check shorts made of cotton linen with suspenders. The combination looks really striking with a check bow tie that complements his personality on a summer picnic or a family get-together.


The Blooming Floral Playsuit is a perfect one-piece that your girl can just wear and move on or play around. The combination of pink and floral print looks plain gorgeous on her.


The Daffodil Yellow Dress is a girls frock that is the perfect show-stopper at any party. The huge satin bow in the back glamorizes the show of the frock dress.


Who can forget the ethnic wear for girls for sure? The Pink Flower Power Lehenga Choli is definitely in for the next wedding in your family.

There are many other options available at You can check it out and make your little ones look trendy.

The Joy of Parenthood

I still remember the very first day when we brought Sahana home. Our life was full of happiness and new responsibilities now. The excitement of becoming a mommy for the first time was high. Coming from a conservative family, I have always faced gender issues. So, I was very sure in giving my daughter all the happiness that she deserved as a child. Luckily I married Karthik, who believes in gender equality. Though it was an arranged marriage, we have always been mad for each other. After two years of marriage life, Sahana was our first bundle of joy. Both of us were excited about parenting.

Now, we had to upgrade our belongings from a kid’s perspective. We moved to a bigger flat. The flat had a separate room for kids which attracted us mainly. We just had to paint it according to our desire. Sahana is fond of Chota Bheem and Chutki. Though she was just four months old at that time, still she would become so happy in watching them on the Tv. The expression on her face was priceless. So, we decided to paint the walls with the Chota Bheem theme.

Kids Room

After the walls, it was the wardrobes. We made sure that they were in contrasting colors. They had to be filled with cute attires as well. So, Karthik and I started surfing online websites for more options, that’s when we landed on store had an ample number of options for kids and even infants. We couldn’t wait to see Sahana as a grown up munchkin. The Infant store had a huge assortment but, we weren’t sure of the quality. Hopefully, the fabric details were specified in the description below. I made sure that I shop for girls accessories as well to match the outfits (Obviously mum and mini style has to be the same, right?). I didn’t know that even online shopping for kids would have so many options.


Now, we are all set to watch our munchkin grow in her new room. She kept us entertained with her nonstop fun activities. Daily she would assign us different tasks which made us learn new things that was literally humorous. And, If you are going to be a first time mommy, then I’m sure that you will have to face the below lovely things.

1. No more tv serials and sports channels because POGO and Cartoon Network is here to entertain all of us.


2. The house is never a house with messy toys around.

messy kids room with toys

3. Whatever you paint for me on the walls, they are incomplete without my crayon sketching

little girl crayon sketching on wall

4. You have run around the house and lose your weight to feed me

Little girl

5. The tablet is only for watching “Old McDonalds Had a Farm.”

Old McDonalds Had a Farm

6. I get moody only when you talk on the phone.

little boy

7. You have to wash my clothes and clean my diapers at least 10 times a day(I’m a hygienic baby).

Tom and Jerry

8. You cannot sleep the whole night because I slept all the noon.

Mummy and little kid

Hope you all liked reading the journey of my munchkin. Share yours as well in the comments section below.