Fashion costumes that kids love to get into

Who doesn’t like to be fashionable? Whether it is the adults or the little kiddos, everyone deserves to have some things that are just meant for pleasure rather than anything else. Kids fashion dresses are many, but some of the trends that kids love are few. Children love fancy costumes and they have all the right have some in their closet.

The thrill that they get when they slip into them, the shine in their eyes while telling their friends about it, the stud feeling they have when they get to flaunt the fashion appeal effortlessly and so much is clearly why we parent pick them certain articles. In order to be there for our little ones, we make sure that they get to enjoy fashion costumes some or the other times.

Have you seen your little one standing in front of the television and imitating their favorite superhero or cartoon character? With a towel that becomes their cape or a tutu dress that becomes their Cinderella gown, that’s all they need to have to be happy.

If your child is going to attend a costume party or loves to get ready and be a specific personality, then here are a few kids party wear ideas which you might want to consider so that you can buy something which your kid will love.

1. Superheros

The very first and the most popular among the loved costumes or dresses that kids cling onto are of the Superheros. Whether it the Batman, Superman or the Avengers and so on, the list of superheroes is very long. When you have an industry that provides what you’re looking for, you’ll find ample options available while online shopping for kids. You might see that because of the popularity of the little ones, your child might get too common because the other kids would also choose the same option. Teach them to be out of the crowd and be the individual that looks different.

2. Angels and mythical creatures

While the first one is more about boys, being the subtle and the most beautiful one like an angel is all about girls. Being the pixie like Tinker Bell or being an angel with a wand in the hand and girls fairy dresses this is an ideal choice for your little one. Let her be her when she sways her layered dress and spreads the magic with the gown. Isn’t this that we all want for our little angels?

3. Prince and princess

Whether your baby girl loves to be the Belle of Beauty & the Beast or the prince charming of a fairy tale, every little kid wants to be something or the other. Girls gowns or baby frocks online are some options that you have.

What’s your little one going to be? Do let us know in the comments below.

6 Fancy dress looks that your kid should have

We all know what fancy dress means to kids. I remember my time when our school hosted this competition every year and so many students came up with the unique ideas that would get them to be the winner. The whole idea of holding or organizing fancy dress competition is not only to build up the confidence among the little ones but let them think out of the box when it comes to picking their kids fashion dresses.

No matter what you choose to be, the fun part is that you either rent the dress from a shop or get it made specifically in order to make sure that there’s no other piece anywhere else.

Thinking about being out-of-the-box, these fancy dress looks will certainly amaze you and give you a heads up for the next fancy dress competition.

1. Traffic signal

boy wearing traffic signal outfit

Sounds easy?? Well, it is and it is quite unusual too. All you need is black chart paper and red, green and yellow colored papers which can be cut out in the best way. Stick all the circular cut-outs of the colored papers and stick on the chart paper in a way that traffic signals are. Now, you can make your child wear any kids fashion dress in the color black on which he/she can wear the same. What would be better is that you have a lengthy chart paper with a cut-out in the center that can be hanged around your child’s neck. This way, it won’t come off and your kid will also stay comfortable.

2. Barbie Doll

girl in tutu dress

The younger girls have always been quite fascinated with Barbie dolls and how they dressed up. It was more like a girls beauty pageant Not only this, the different versions of the doll had taken the world by its craze. Whether it was the holiday barbie or the tea party version. You can choose to be Bella Swan or Rapunzel or any other sorts with the girls frocks or any baby girl dresses party wear which suits your sunshine.

With all the drapes, layers, charming colors and alluring appeal, your daughter will shine among the others.

3. State representative

kids in south indian outfit

You might have seen a lot of girls being Mother India with the tricolor sarees and all the makeup. What you can do to bring in some innovation is – you can choose a state and dress your little one according to that. Whether it is a “Punjabi kudi” (a girl from Punjab) or a tiny “Sardar ji” (a young man with a turban). Likewise, you can even try your boy to be a Tamilian with lungi and shirt and so much more. With all the ethnic dresses for them available online, you have all the options.

4. He-man


You might have heard a lot about the newer superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, and more, but have you heard of He-Man?? Probably you and I know who he was because he was the hero of our era. Though the muscular superhero wore not a lot of clothes, you can pick a whole dress for your munchkin with the muscles and accessories on the same.

5. Pumpkin

kid in pumpkin outfit

With Halloween around the corner, pumpkin or what we call as Jack-O’-Lantern would be a great idea for your kid. With chart paper cut-outs glued on cardboard and painted to be like a pumpkin, all you’d need is a pumpkin top or hat to top of the look. Green colored pants would be the ideal outfit that you boy/girl can wear to compliment the orange.

6. Tarzan or princess of Jungle

Kid in targen outfit

All you need is a skin colored boys t-shirt with chart paper cut-out as Tarzan’s skirt. For the jungle princess, you need to collect big leaves from the nearby plants (original or fake) and a body suit (brown color). You can fix them in a way that the kids look like they belong to the jungle and not the city.

Which character would you want your child to be??

5 Best fashion ideas to dress up your Kid this Wedding season

Wedding and fashion are inseparable! Don’t we all know that? When you are busy making the arrangements for the different occasions in the single wedding, that’s what the craze of a wedding is. The zest that you show in buying your own beautifully gorgeous dress, the same efforts go in picking party dresses for girls and boys as well.




You have to choose the on a variety terms including the age, season, party type, and a lot more. Your young fashionistas need something that would look absolutely stunning by looks and feel even more comfortable throughout while having fun in the wedding.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas that would help you dress up your kids this wedding season.

Keep it simple yet fashionable

Girls Ethnic Wear

Getting them tacky clothing options would be a bad idea because wedding shopping for kids can take your excitement to a whole new level. Just remember that online shopping for kids have made it quite easy for you pick simple and fashionable options for your munchkins. The idea behind having such options is that it would let them be them without causing hindrance in their enjoyment.

Say no to dull colors

Kids Clothing

Colors are one source that peps up the spirit to a great extent and if you choose the right ones for the wedding occasion, your kids are in for a glamorous as well as happy feeling. You can pick from the pastel pinks, greens, yellow, purples and a lot more. Just make sure you avoid the darker tones to make them feel heavy and uncomfortable (especially in summer months).

From traditional to modern – choose any

Girls Lehenga Choli

You might want your kids to blend in with the others having ethnic traditional outfits like Kids lehnga choli or suit whereas; there’ll be those who would want to dress their kids in boy’s suits or girls tutu dresses. You can pick your idea in assistance to what your kid wants to wear and let them shine.

Accessorizing is absolutely mandatory




Whether it is a tiara for your girl or a bow tie for your sunshine, choosing the right accessories will complete their fashion statement. The role of kids accessories in clothing is to provide the oomph factor and bring the best out of the personality while in a gathering. So, if you are in for making your kind the showstopper of the evening choose the footwear, scarves, jewelry, ties, and other accessories well.

Focus on the fabrics and designs

girls clothing

Do not make it an uncomfortable situation for your kids where they’re busy carrying a load of their clothes rather than having fun. Hence, the fabric is your important focus and so is the lightweight designs that’ll allow them to feel free. Choose carefully and bring the best of them to the forefront.

Do you have any suggestions in dressing kids? Do let us know in the comments below.

Something About Kids Clothing That Parents Should Know

Dreamy Charming Party Frock | Foreverkidz
A graceful dreamy dress with a frill collar.

Whether you are the first-time parents or the experienced ones; it is very important to understand a few things about every parent should know about kids fashion dresses. Parents today go for outfits that look appealing to the eye and make the children look characters of the fairy tale. It is important to be aware and consider some things when you want to dress up your kids; after all, they are still children.

Let us look at the various aspects that need to be looked after when you plan to buy girls party wear or even boys party wear.

  • Comfort

Comfort comes on the top of the list because the clothes that provide comfort to the sensitive skin of the little kids are loved by them more. For example, when you buy a princess dress or tutu dresses for girls without checking the fabric composition; it might be the most beautiful dress but your daughter would not be able to wear for a longer span due to the itchy feeling or some other reason. Different seasons and weathers demand for different fabric composition in order to keep it comfortable and soft on the skin. Kids will be kids and will probably play even in different environments and as such are prone to become sweaty. If you find comfortable clothes that have perfect blend of microfiber, then go ahead, but don’t expect your kids to still look as nice as they were when they first wore the clothes.

  • Safety

Safety aspect might not be very clear in your head because we hardly related the clothes with accidents. You must make sure that you dress your kids in appropriate clothes. For example, girls tunic dresses in winters or boys party wear to small get together is what I am talking about. Wearing something that has layers to the bonfire can prove fatal. There are many more incidents that can happen. Hence, it is very important to buy dresses in accordance to the occasion and situation.

  • Fit

In today’s time, it is very important for you to club the comfort and fit in equal proportion. Fit does not mean that you buy body hugging clothes for your kids; it basically refers to the clothes that are shopped according to the body type of the kids. They should not be very tight or extremely loose on their physique. Keep this aspect in mind to balance between comfort and fit.

  • Style

Last but not the least, it is very important to keep it stylish nowadays. When your child goes out to play with their friends, it is very essential to keep up the things as they are among them. It is also important because when your child sees other kids wearing pretty clothes; it will be an adverse effect on their minds.

These were some of the aspects that every parent should take care of while online shopping for kids. Foreverkidz has a huge inventory that has luxurious fabrics and styles for both girls and boys at affordable prices.

How To Buy Kids Clothes?

Shopping for kids clothes can go from a delightful experience to challenge. Whether you go shopping for them and just sit home and relax for online shopping for kids; there are some things that should be kept in mind. “The more, the merrier”, is what you should follow. Whatever be the number of dresses the kids have, it’s hard to have too many.

Slick Open Jercy | Foreverkidz
Modern New Fashioned jercy for the Little Boys.

Let us look at things that you should remember while buying kids party wear or kids fashion wear.

• Make a list of the needs: Before jumping on a conclusion to shop; you must make sure that you jot down the points of what you seek and what all clothing styles you need for your boy or girl.

• Go online: Why would you waste both time and energy on exploring every brick and mortar shop to get the best apparel, when you can get everything under one roof at Foreverkidz.

• Let them choose: Make sure you don’t get anything without the kid’s consent. After all, they are the ones who’ll be wearing the dresses. So even if it is girls frocks or boys shirts and t-shirts; ask them what they like and then decide.

• Keep a budget: Isn’t this the most important aspect to every parent? Make sure you set the budget and then start shopping in order to keep everything under control.

• Choose a perfect store: A perfect store makes sure that you come again and shop. In order to do that, it offers global styles, numerous options, affordable fashion pieces, timely delivery and easy return options. So, go for the best stores like

These were some of the options that you need to remember while getting down to shop for your kids.