Kids modeling – what you need to know

Do you ever go “awww..” sitting in front of the television when a little kiddo comes on the screen and tries to woo you with all his talent? Now you would have started thinking about all the commercials that you come across while watching your favorite soap. Whether it is the girl from Godrej hair color advertisement saying, “mummy sirf 30 rupaiye” to the one who says, “push karo khush raho” in All Out Active refill one, the television screen is filled with the tiny tots who have made their way to the screen and started off with kids modeling.

What do you think about think about kids modeling?? It is understood that there are pros and cons of the same, have you ever thought about the same before?

So many of you make your kids participate in cutest kids competition on the social networking websites, which is again a part of being of the entire scenario. So, why not try something like this??

Coming down to the thought that you’re interested in motivating your sunshine for kids modeling, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. They are mentioned below to give you a heads up about the same.

1. Know about it all

monkey and lion

The first and the foremost step for you being responsible towards your child would be to know-it-all about how things work in the industry. Starting from the photographs posted on the social networking websites, the trail goes all the way to stardom. However, there are various stops in the middle which needs to be carefully handled as they serve as the turning point for your little one. So, before doing anything, the R&D (research and development) is quite necessary.

2. Choose the right place to start with

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An agency where you start with is the place that will decipher whether your young one will shine or not. It is the agency that decides the entire journey of transforming the bundle of joy into a known personality who is loved by everyone. Be very careful of where you kid starts because if you fall for the scam or the wrong agency, it can pose many threats of the same.

3. Dress in appropriate clothes for the audition

Girl Frock

It all starts with an audition that decides how charming and adorable your munchkins are. Hence, dressing in the right kids fashion dresses is very important. Whether you do online shopping for kids or spend time hunting the right style, what matters it should look good on your baby. Choose the best dress for the pageant or auditions and the results will surely be in your favor. Whether you choose simple solid shirts for boys and baby frocks for girls or something else, stick to bright colors that bring out the charm.

4. Don’t let the studies get hampered

Annimie girl crying

You know it that nothing is or will be more important than the studies. Hence, setting realistic standards should be your aim when it comes to photo shoots and the other things that have been lined up for your child. Studies are the utmost important thing and it should be not hampered on the way to making your baby’s career or getting him/her to be famous.

5. Don’t overlook your child’s anxious behavior


When you are putting so much on the tender shoulders, you should also be aware that anxiety would follow. You should know how to manage the anxiety in your kids and make sure that nothing comes in between their childhood and happiness. Make sure that whatever is being done, your kids love what he/she is stepping into. Without their consent, nothing would be as good as you think. What do you think about kid’s modeling? Do let us know your feedback in the comments below.

How to Dress up Your Kids for This Wedding Season?

Weddings are fun. They keep us busy over a variety of outfits, matching accessories and season looks. However, ad mist all oodles of excitement, you definitely would not want your kids to show up in simple frocks or pants to the vibrant wedding. They definitely deserve outfits that can add to the buzz of the occasion. It makes them look cuter. Below are few ideas to dress up your kids this wedding season.

Go for bright colors    

Fancy Rose Flower Dress | Foreverkidz              Perfect Valentine Set | Foreverkidz

Bright colors do not mean that you can dress them up in neon colors. Instead try light colors like hues of pink, peach or coral. They look good on children, especially in the daytime. In case if its a night function, then you can go teal, turquoise and reds for your tiny tots.

Increase the cuteness factor by adding accessories

Pretty satin bow                            The Well Dressed Boy | Foreverkidz

Accessories complete the look that you need to convey. Mostly pretty satin bow for girls and bow tie for boys are preferred. Well, you have more options other than that. Try the floral crowns or matching ballerinas for your princess. Boys, on the other hand can try coolers that can give them the stud look.

Let comfort do the talking

Let comfort do the talking | Foreverkidz

You are going to be concerned about how your tiny tots is running about, jumping up and down, skidding on their knees across the dance floor. Whether you like it or not, that is what kids usually do at the weddings. So, dress them in comfortable outfits, instead of heavy designer wear. Make sure that you go cotton outfits that can support their naughtiness on the floor.

Outfits for girls

Red Rose Party Blossom DressDaffodil Yellow Dress

Give importance to knee length dresses as they make them more comfortable while playing. You can try party dresses or fairy dresses for girls that can portray a cozy yet stylish look on her.

Outfit for boys

Cool Brat Set                                      Casual Charming Set | Foreverkidz

For boys, you can try comfortable denims or pants. Match them with cute t-shirts. You will find ample of boys shirts and t-shirts on the online store of

Keep some of these tips handy to make sure that you kids rock the stage.

How to Stylize the Outfits of Kids?

Regardless of the occasion and event, every parent has got one problem in common, that is, finding an elegant stylization for their kids. The fashion industry is changing rapidly and thanks to the various online shopping site staying bang on trend is easy. Parents these days don’t hesitate to pick up the latest style from the biggest brand for their kids. You will find a range of designer party wear for kids in the market these days. However, sometimes the attire is not enough to don an attention grabbing look.Little hipster set |

The blog talk about the various way that can help you stylize your kids. Have a look at them.

1. Shop according to the event

The various events like weddings, parties, and festivals calls for different styles of outfit. Online shopping for kids is the easiest way to keep them sync with the changing trend as well as with the requirement of the occasions. Choose the outfit that suits the event. For instance, ethnic for weddings, receptions as well as festivals and western outfits for parties and other such gathering is ideal.

Funky balls shirt | Foreverkidz

2. Mix and match

Make sure that the outfit is mixed and matched properly. This is particularly important when it comes to the outfit of the handsome hunks. The color of boys shirts and t-shirts should go well with the trouser and pants. Similarly, the skirt of girls should match with her tees or tops.

Red fascinator hat | Foreverkidz

3. Accessorize well

This plays a vital role in the looks of kids as well. Pair the outfit with the right set of accessories. Find the appropriate style of Headbands, hats, scarves and even earrings and neck pieces for the lil princess. While when it comes to boys, you can get glasses, wrist watches and others. This can transform your young lad into a hunk.

4. Footwear

Footwear projects the entire personality of the wearer. So, be very carefully in choosing a pair of shoes for them. It should match the outfit and at the same time, it should give them a sophisticated appearance.

Comfort is the key while shopping for kids. However, make sure that the clothes are in sync with the current trend. Take the preference of the child while shopping and get the best look for them.

Kids styling tips for wedding season

Wedding season is accompanied a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. The time of the year brings a lot of responsibility for the parent, but for the kids it is all about fun and playing around. The work is never-ending during this busy season, so here are some quick tips that can help you style your kids for the parties and receptions.

For girls

Styling your girl is not tricky tasks as the option are unlimited. Ethnic are the best attire for weddings. Lehanga and even Anarkali suit can set the look of your daughter. Keep the accessories ad make up light and subtle. Pair of small earrings, necklace and bracelet will look perfect. Heavy jewelry is very much ‘in’, but for kids simple ones are ideal.

Kids styling tips for wedding season- Beige beauty tutu dress | Foreverkidz

Party dresses for girls have evolved with time. You can even choose the tutu dresses or the fairy dresses for your little lady. These outfits paired with sandals with a bit of elevation will give a attention grabbing to your fashionista. The fluffy outfit are lighter than the ethnic wear and will be easy to handle for the child.

For boys

Kids styling tips for wedding season- Grey alert charming set | Foreverkidz

Whether you are dressing boy or a girl, comfort is the king when it comes to fashion dresses for kids. Even for boys ethic wear, such as, Sherwani and Kurta are ideal for the weddings and receptions. However, the comfort level of the child should be considered. In case, he is not comfortable in wearing ethnic, then, you can dress him in a formal shirt with suit. A bit of informal touch in the appearance will only bring more charm to the looks. However, avoid denim jeans and thing of that sort. The shoes should be polished and the hair should be well-groomed.

Instead of standing in long queues this season, switch to online shopping for kids. This will not only save your time and effort, but will even also help you explore the latest as well as trendiest thing for your child. Enjoy high quality at reasonable prices and let your child enjoy the wedding time to the fullest.

Things to be considered while shopping winter wear for kids

Even a hardcore online shopper can make mistakes while shopping for kids clothing. The fashion for kids is different in all aspects from the fashion of adults. Thus, you need to keep account of certain factors while shopping for your child. As the chills of winter have already arrived, thus, children need extra attention to stay safe and warm.

Style drop set | Foreverkidz

Here are some of the factors that you need to check before shopping winter wear for kids.

Winter wear for kids | foreverkidz

1. A thick layer of the coats are important to create an insulating layer, but make sure that the jackets and pullovers are not very bulky. Heavy cloth restricts the movement of the child. Keeping a balance in the body is anyways difficult for Small kids and heavy jackets may prove uncomfortable for them. So, use the warmers that are sleek, but cozy.

Cinderella in blue gown | Foreverkidz

2. Refer to the size chart if you are shopping online. Avoid purchasing clothes that hug the body of the child. If you are shopping for girls party dresses, then, make sure that it is a bit loose. Only then, they will be able to wear a warm undergarment with the outfit.

Party lawyer set | Foreverk

3. The online stores are saturated with the kid’s fashion dresses. Being on-trend is not a problem anymore, but the quality of the outfit has got to be checked. Whether you choose the tutu dresses, frocks or tunics for girls, for the upcoming wedding season, make sure that the fabric of the attire is soft as well as smooth. Cotton is the ideal choice for boys t-shirts and shirts. The sweaters and jackets should not be harsh for the soft skin of the child.

4. The woolen string of the pullovers, scarves may strangle smaller children. So, keep a check on these things. Avoid oversized clothes and thick gloves as well as heavy shoes.

Winter month can be a lot of fun as it is accompanied by wedding and festive season, but you will have to take some precautions. Don’t just go with the trend. Keep the health and safety of your child in mind and shop for the things that are warm and cozy.

Style Your Daughter For Upcoming Autumn

For the upcoming autumn season, your child deserves not only comfortable but also a stylish outfit. Since, the weather will gradually become colder, you just can’t style them the way you were doing it doing summers. Kids fashion dresses change with season, but autumn is the time when it’s neither too hot nor it’s too cold. However, children are venerable to catching cold during this season. Hence, you can need not change the entire wardrobe of the child, it’s too early to do so, but you need to keep few things in mind while getting them ready for any party or outing.

Kids Fashion Dresses

The blogs talks about the various ways through which you can style your daughter in this season. To start with, let us talk about the apparel for the upper body part. A full sleeve t-shirt or top is the best option for this season, or else you can even go with a sweatshirt. It will cover your little girl and keep her protected without affecting the looks. Kids fashion is versatile and you have ample options to explore. Quarter sleeves is also a good choice, but avoid using sleeveless tops.

You can team these tees and tops with jeans or dungaree. In case, you want to pair it with shorts or skirts, then, you will have to take care that the legs are covered properly. Boots are perfect footwear option for short skirts during this season. If the child is still feeling cold, then, you make her wear a black or skin-color stockings. You can even add a spark to the boring jeans and skirts with a stylish denim jacket. Smart wears for girls are the most ‘in’ thing for this season.

Long princess dresses and tutu dresses can give a perfect party look to your little lady. They are stylish as well as covers most of the body of the child. You can even try the cute as well as bright colored fairy dress and pair it with tights.

Online shopping for kids have made the life parents easy. You can visit the sites like and get unusually stylish look for your little princess.