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Is your kid facing depression? – What to do?

Kids in Depression

Depression. This is that disease which can a lot of damage to a person young or adult, big or small. Talking about kids, teenage is the time when the disease affects the most. What do you do to minimize the effects of depression? Well, there are many ways to handle depression and that’s what this

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How to stop sibling fights?

Stop Sibling Fights

Being a child psychologist and a mother, there are a lot of requests that come to me regarding their little ones. The majority of the requests are about the resolving the sibling fights. Well, that’s an absolutely okay situation for two or more siblings to fight and play together, but sometimes these fights take ugly

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How to be there for your kids?

parent teaching their kids

Being a parent isn’t an easy task. Especially in today’s time when you have to balance responsibilities towards your work as well as family, things get tricky. There’s work, homemaking, schooling and so much more that keeps you super busy. However, no matter how busy you get, your attention towards your little ones should not

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