Summer clothing tips for Kids

Summers are almost there and there’s a lot to be happy about including the summer vacations. Being kids, summer vacations have always been quite fascinating but the same idea for effective mothers can be quite troublesome. From the constant approval of going out in the sun and playing to keeping them busy doing stuff at home, everything gets strange but summer is big fun for the little ones. What is the biggest problem for the parents is here is to protect your child from the heat and still make them look stylish?

I being a mother understand the need of letting the kids out to play and go to birthday parties and do what they should in order to enjoy without messing with their style quotient. My daughter’s love for tutu dress has made me go ahead and look for summer clothing tips where adjusting the girls fashion dress specially tutu dress is mandatory. I look forward to online shopping for kids when I really am choosy about tutu frocks.

Here, I have laid down some important tips for choosing tutu dress online for kids and you can help them feel comfortable without missing out on the style quotient with tutu dress.

1. Go for cotton base

kids tutu dress

Image Source: Pink Fantasy Tutu Dress

You cannot say ‘no’ to cotton when it comes to your kid’s comfort and skin safety. You know how kids tutu frocks are. Tutu dress are fluffy, layered and netty also. However, if you consider tulle being available in cotton fabric, you need to check tutu dress again because cotton tulle is seldom available. But if you get your hands on this type of tutu dress, grab it as it is the best tutu dress combination for your little one. In case you have hard luck finding cotton tutu dress, you can opt for a cotton layer as the base layer and then choose a fabric like rayon or something else that is not as breathable as cotton.

2. Accessorize with a hat

Kids Hat

Image Source: Downtown Boy Hat

Go for a bigger version of hat that covers not only the head but the ears and the eyes as well and also complements the kids tutu dress. You know how hats should be because you yourself cover your face with scarf even when you’ve put the sunglasses on. The tender skin of the baby is fragile and can face a lot of problems when it comes to summer and the UV rays. You should invest in a hat that’s lightweight and very comfortable one that fits the head and also do the work properly. Moreover, it should also look good with your little one’s tutu dress.

3. Cover the feet with long cotton socks

kids long socks

Image Source:

When it comes to a tutu dress, you can definitely think of a variety of footwear like boots, ballerinas (conventional option), and more. However, no matter what shoe style you choose in kids tutu dresses, you need to remember that legs should be covered. Socks (both high length or normal ankle-length) would be ideal for wearing in order to protect the legs from sun rays with tutu dress.

Pick your girl’s favorite tutu dress online and team that tutu dress accordingly to sun-protect your sunshine.

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Girls Beauty Pageant – How to choose the best dress?

As a beauty pageant judge, I have a lot of people coming up to me asking a lot of questions about what judges look for when it comes to being the winning candidate. I have judged more than 20 pageants for both kids and adults and the kid’s pageants are surely a treat to the eyes.

Parents sending the kids for the show are quite curious about what can be done to improve the performance in the next pageant and so many other questions. Talking about kids, girls are very excited about walking the ramp in the girls party wear. It is like their dream come true when they can flaunt their charm and chic fashion and people will appreciate their hard work at the same time.

Now, the question is – how do you (as parents) choose the best kids fashion dress for the same?

Find out the tips below.

Should make your girl look like a fairy

Girl in Frock

With such a wide variety of options available at online stores, you need to pick something that is actually made to be the winner. From a girls fairy dress to a tutu dress for girls, you just have to pick the best. The outfits being the most important aspect of a kids fashion show, you need to pay special attention to the detailing and looks of the costume.

Should fit like it is a part of her

Girl in Tutu Dress

Though you want the outfit to stand out in the crowd, you need to also make sure that it is your child who’ll have to carry the costume while walking the ramp, hence, it should be a part of her. Let her outfit be as flowy as possible or as stunning as it can be, but make sure that your princess is able to handle the weight of the outfit and walk without putting in extra efforts.

It should comfort

Tutu Dress

Fabrics play an important part when it comes to kids and their clothing. However, you cannot guarantee that the most beautiful dress would as comfortable as the cotton one that she wears on a regular basis. That is the reason because of which you need to pay special attention to what goes on her body should be comfortable because if she isn’t comfortable, it’ll hamper her overall performance.

May your kid be the winner with the best dress.

Things to be considered while shopping winter wear for kids

Even a hardcore online shopper can make mistakes while shopping for kids clothing. The fashion for kids is different in all aspects from the fashion of adults. Thus, you need to keep account of certain factors while shopping for your child. As the chills of winter have already arrived, thus, children need extra attention to stay safe and warm.

Style drop set | Foreverkidz

Here are some of the factors that you need to check before shopping winter wear for kids.

Winter wear for kids | foreverkidz

1. A thick layer of the coats are important to create an insulating layer, but make sure that the jackets and pullovers are not very bulky. Heavy cloth restricts the movement of the child. Keeping a balance in the body is anyways difficult for Small kids and heavy jackets may prove uncomfortable for them. So, use the warmers that are sleek, but cozy.

Cinderella in blue gown | Foreverkidz

2. Refer to the size chart if you are shopping online. Avoid purchasing clothes that hug the body of the child. If you are shopping for girls party dresses, then, make sure that it is a bit loose. Only then, they will be able to wear a warm undergarment with the outfit.

Party lawyer set | Foreverk

3. The online stores are saturated with the kid’s fashion dresses. Being on-trend is not a problem anymore, but the quality of the outfit has got to be checked. Whether you choose the tutu dresses, frocks or tunics for girls, for the upcoming wedding season, make sure that the fabric of the attire is soft as well as smooth. Cotton is the ideal choice for boys t-shirts and shirts. The sweaters and jackets should not be harsh for the soft skin of the child.

4. The woolen string of the pullovers, scarves may strangle smaller children. So, keep a check on these things. Avoid oversized clothes and thick gloves as well as heavy shoes.

Winter month can be a lot of fun as it is accompanied by wedding and festive season, but you will have to take some precautions. Don’t just go with the trend. Keep the health and safety of your child in mind and shop for the things that are warm and cozy.

Give a charming update to your daughter’s innocence

Beige beauty tutu dress | Foreverkidz

The beautiful tutu dress is perfect for any occasion. Whether your daughter is the flower girl, birthday girl or the guest of honor of any family get together, this will give her a head-turning look.

The full length Beige Beauty Tutu Dress is very fluffy and will perfectly adorn the charm of the little lady. The contemporary design is for all those who wants their daughter to look different and stylish. The luxurious fluff has a soft satin underliner skirt that is cozy and keep your cozy the entire day. The lightweight dress are available in many sizes for the girls of various age groups at This is one of the most eye-catchy pieces in the collection of girl’s party dresses of the site.

The fairy look and perfect fit of the dresses in the inventory of the site can get your little darling ready for every sort of event and occasion. So, check out the assortment and let your girl flaunt her style.

How to make kids clothes last longer?

The festive season is just around the corner. It is time for occasions like Navratri followed by Diwali, Bhai Dhuj and much more. This season is all about fun, especially, for the kids. You just can’t stop your child from going out and playing with their friends. However, the playful mood and the excitement are accompanied by mud and dirt stains on the expensive clothes. This gives a very tough time to the moms.

Barbie Ruffles Tutu Dress

This write-up gives a quick tip for dealing with this situation. There are a number of occasions in the upcoming month that can give you a very tough time, in terms of the outfit of your daughter. The party wear for boys is easy to wash and maintain. The biggest problem with the clothes of a girl child is that their ethnic wear includes Lehenga, Chaniya Choli with heavy work and vibrant prints. It sometimes becomes difficult to get rid of the stain marks in them.  This is why the indo-western tutu dresses and other party dresses are becoming popular. These dresses are easy to wash and maintain.

The fabric is the first thing that you need to take care of while shopping for your daughter. Knitted cotton, denim, corduroy is the most recommended ones. It is scientifically proved that the organic cotton, wool fabric lasts long. Along with this, make sure that you the outfit is lightweight, as mentioned above. The tutu dresses are fluffy and absolutely serves the function of festive season.  Moreover, the soft material dries out easily. So, you need not keep it in sun for long, which is another reason for wearing clothes.

Wash the clothes in cold water and don’t rinse it too much. Avoid using bleach and other such chemicals. Rub the clothes gently to remove the stains. Don’t soak it for long period of time as it can fade the color of the outfit. Dry the clothes in the washing machine and avoid keeping them in the direct ray of sun.

Why buy an outfit for every occasion, if you can do with the whatever you already have in the wardrobe? Buy some versatile pieces of outfits that can be used at multiple events like princess and fairy dresses, tutu gowns etc., from They are versatile, easily washable and lasts long. Thus, they ease your work during the busy month.

Get your daughter the best ever princess look with flawless fairy dresses

Every girl grows up in her own fairyland. This is a deep rooted wish of every girl to become a fairy or at least dress like a fairy. Bring this dream of your daughter to reality. is a one stop destination for all the clothing related requirement of your kids. You can get all sorts of tutu, princess and fairy dresses over here.

Fairy Dresses

Special occasions are incomplete for your daughter without a very gorgeous fairy dress. The fairy frocks can do wonders on special days like celebrations, weddings, festivals and more. Any little lady wearing this lightweight dress, is sure to become the center of attraction.

The satin ribbons, flowers, stones and beautiful embroidery add to the attractiveness of these lavish outfits. The girls tutu dresses are most common for giving a fairy look to the girls. The summer collection of have a wide range of light colors which are perfect for this hot and humid weather. The fabric of these fairy dresses is soft and breathable. Even though they look very lavish, they are not at all loud and extravagant. It gives your child the fairy look with elegance.

No matter what the occasion is, get the best possible looks for your princess with these dresses. The dress of the little lady, who is the flower girl, is as important as your dress. These dresses can add adjectives like pretty, graceful, elegant, to your flower girls at the wedding. These dresses are easy to maintain and carry for kids who feel uneasy in bulky outfits. Whether you want the dress to be mini version of the bridal dress or just the simple dress with classic looks.

Celebrate the true spirit of festivals and weddings this summer with the fairy dress collection of Foreverkidz. Kids fashion have became very competitive recently, so why choose ordinary when you have the best option available? If you are a working parent who doesn’t have time but still wants the bests for your kid? can give your daughter the princess look with these fairy dresses.