Summer Party Wear for Girls – What are the options

Sometimes I wish kids too had runway fashion shows, but then they do happen across the world. In India, the childhood is preserved in the little one by not letting them focus on the girls dresses shown in fashion shows and more. However, parents all over the world desire to dress their little one in girls party wear for all the festive and special occasions and girls smart wear is what they prefer for the regular things.


My daughter Aarti might be young (she’s only 4) but she knows her choices in girls dresses that she wants to wear for the occasion as well. She’ll get her hands on girls party wear like girls frocks or tutu dresses for birthday parties, picnics and more. On the other hand, she’ll want to wear something breezy like girls skirts for summer days. In all girls dresses is quite an extensive term that covers a lot for the little princesses.

Being summer, we had already talked about what must a parent look out for in girls dresses. You can take a look at the blog here and talk about girls dresses options that parents have for the young ones, we’ll talk about those girls dresses in this blog.

1. Girls Frocks

Girls frocks are the commonest girls dresses in the industry today. As a kid, my mother used to dress me in frocks all the time. These girls dresses are just beyond any comparison because these girls dresses are available in such a wide variety that you can have a plenty of girls dresses for all the occasions possible. Every possible color and length, these girls dresses are probably the most favorite of every tiny one for sure.

Girls Frocks

Image Source: Lush Attitude Dress

2. Girls jumpsuits

In summer, girls dresses that are breathable, comfortable and absolutely bright. The girls jumpsuits are a perfect option that keeps your girls feeling pepped up and comfortable in a onesie that comes in different varieties. These girls dresses are available in wide-legged types, tube-tops, and much more. I personally love these girls dresses for my daughter and she loves them too.

Girls jumpsuits

Image Source: Its Tropical Jumpsuit

3. Girls tops/top set

Summer calls for floral girls tops, bright shades and cold shoulder cuts and much more. Well, when you go for tops alone, you might have to invest more to complete the girls dresses but at Forever Kidz, you also have sets that need no improvisation but just the accessories to complete and complement. Perfect girls dresses for the regular play0out sessions, your girl will rock the look for sure.


Image Source: Naughty Pretty Top

4. Girls tunics

Just like frocks, tunics for girls have been around for a while. These girls dresses are knee length (majorly) and look quite formal. In order to make these girls dresses chic and a perfect girls party wear, you can pick a print that works for your daughter as well as for the occasion.

girls tunic

Image Source: Polka Dream Tunic

5. Girls skirts/skirt set

Just like the tops, girls skirts are a girls casual wear option that can be bought individually or with the top that complements. What feeling would it be to play around in comfort of a skirt? Skirts are one of the great options little ones have as girls dresses.


Image Source: Lil Diva Skater Skirt Set

There is a gamut of girls dresses options available at Which girls dresses is your favorite?

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What to look out for in Girls Summer collection?

Even though there is a countless number of girls smart wear in the closet of your little sunshine, don’t you go ahead and pick the whole summer collection for her every year? Well, if you don’t do that, you aren’t being the effective mother for sure. Moms love to dress up their little ones in girls casual dresses all the time. The summer collection is special because it needs that extra care and extra attention. If you are looking for the summer collection, you got to be prepped with all the know-how about it and then you’d be able to invest in the best summer collection.

This blog lays down the essential aspects that you should be looking at while you choose the best summer collection for your girl. After all, it is summer and the heat is getting hard on the body & mind. Being the little one, if you miss out on picking the right summer collection, she’d be the one suffering. Hence, choose the girls casual wear to the best of your ability.

1. The comfort is the key in the summer collection

When you talk about summers and the summer collection, you would not want to forget the aspect that calls for comfort. You must choose the summer collection that is high on comfort. You can choose something like a girls jumpsuit or skirts for girls, the comfort should be a part of the summer collection. You can think of any other clothing options but remember that comfort is the key in the summer collection. Cotton fabrics are soft and breathable.

2. The texture is the next aspect of the summer collection

When you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you are somewhere down the line happy with the texture. When it is about your little one, you would surely choose summer collection that is soft by the texture. It is always suggested that you should touch the girls casual wear before you buy it, but since online shopping for kids has started off, you can rely on the fabric composition and believe the texture of the same. Ensure that the fabrics of summer collection are pure cotton as some fabrics or a blend of cotton that is soft for the summer seasons.

3. The lightweight summer collection is a must-have

When you head to Forever Kidz for the summer collection, you’d be able to find light-weight and breezy girls smart wear. The summer collection at the store means providing affordable solutions with summer-specific prints, colors, fabrics and more.

4. Keep the colors apt in the summer collection

The color of summer collection of dresses is the last aspect that you, as a parent, would be and should be looking at. While some colors reflect the rays of the sun and keep the body cool and comfortable during summer seasons, there are summer collection dresses which don’t. It is essential to avoid heavy and dark colors such as black, dark brown, and other dark shades. Soft and subtle colors in the summer collection like pink, white, yellow, and more are stylish and comfortable during summer seasons.

Choose the summer collection and the girls casual wear carefully.

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How to motivate your Girl to look fashionable?

Do you think looking fashionable is essential for kids? Is it one of the effective mother’s traits that makes their kids so fashionable? Talking specifically about girls smart wear, there’s a lot of hype among the elders. Talking by the example, I myself have never been the chicest and fashionable sorts because I liked to carry the sober look without looking too decked up. However, the times have changed and so has the meaning of looking fashionable. Now, wearing beautiful girls smart wear and fashion dresses that level up your elegance is what’s considered fashionable.

Girls smart wear


My daughter is just like me. She doesn’t like being fancy at all. I have been trying to convince her, allure her and do everything that it takes, but the results are negligible. However, I often show her girls smart wear online which she finds amusing sometimes and hence, would want to have it but still not confident.

How I motivated her and how she now wants to buy different girls summer dresses and other girls smart wear options is exactly what I’ll be talking about in this blog.

1. Try to be the role model

Girls smart wear is something that brightens up with the little one’s charm. If your daughter isn’t happily wearing the girls summer dresses, she won’t be able to look fashionable to the best. One of the many ways to motivate her to take a closer look at the girls smart wear is looking fashionable yourself. Dress your best and feel beautiful so that she takes the queue from you and starts liking what she’s looking.

2. Expose her to the different girls smart wear options

Go ahead and bring her to Forever Kidz and let her explore the website that is all about girls smart wear. With innumerable options including tutu dress, girls party wear, fairy dresses and other girls smart wear options, she would certainly feel the pep inside and want to dress in those gorgeously charming dresses.

3. Give her the perks of looking good in girls smart wear

Looking good has its own perks. However, the perks are different for adults and kids. Talk to her about the beautiful colors, drapes, lengths and their favorite celebrity dresses and see if she wants something that resembles in her girls smart wear category. Well, if the stars are in your favor, she’ll definitely find something that she really adores and would want to wear that.

Just remember, looking fashionable doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time and with the help of girls smart wear, your little one will definitely be motivated.

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How to get your child ready for a Sleepaway Camp?

Seeing your tiny tots grow up is always a proud moment for the parents. However, the growing phase brings up a lot of challenges for both kids and parents. Are you facing the same situation? Is it time for your send off your child for a sleepaway camp? This blog is aimed at sharing the burden with you. The fear and worries are inevitable. However, you can keep yourself assured by preparing the camping gear in a perfect way.

How to get your child ready for Sleepaway Camp? | Foreverkidz

Listed below are some of the this that you need to stuff in the bags the younger camper. Check them out.

1. Sleeping bag

This is one the basic essential for campers. You need to get the child ready for all sorts of situations. There are lightweight sleeping bags available for kid in the market. They are easy to carry and handle. Check the review and find the perfect one.

2. Medicines

Remember to keep the first aid box in the bag of the child. The box should have the medicines for nausea, fever, stomach ache and other common problems that the child faces often. Other than this, bandages, anti-allergies, antiseptics and even mosquito-repellents are a must.

3. Clothes

Army fashion set | Foreverkidz          Street style dungaree | Foreverkidz

The attire for this trip is a bit different. You just can’t go with the regular stuff. The outfit for the adventurous excursions are different. The fabric of the cloth should be lightweight and airy. Boys shirts and t-shirt paired with jeans and cargo pants are ideal for the guys. While for girls you can go for dungarees or even shorts. Online shopping for kids can help you find the perfect clothes for the occasion.

4. Food and beverages

The school or the organizers must have prepared for these things. Still, you need to keep some snacks, enough water and health drinks in the bag of the child. Remember to keep some sweats and dark chocolate. This provides instant energy and regulates the blood pressure.

Other than this, make sure that you attach an identity tag with the bag. These trips are an important aspect for the entire recreation of a child. So, get over your nervousness and allow your child to become a stronger person.

Girls Dressing Styles For Your Little Ones

It will be no wrong to state that girls are leaner towards fashion and this is true for all girls irrespective of age, city or place. When exploring online, there are a wide range of colorful and fashionable dresses available for girls., is the only one stop destination for buying kids fashion dresses online. The store has a great collection for little boys and girls of all ages. You can explore the world of girl’s party wear, girl’s smart wear and many other dresses at this fashion store online.

Pretty in Peplum Dress (Red) | Foreverkidz
A dress to die for, Peplum style with floral print and bright colors that is a perfect mix between dressy and smart casual.

Tulle Frock dresses for little girls are the standard for very formal and traditional weddings. Great for evening weddings as well, Tulle Frock features embellishments such as beads and shirred highlights. The Spaghetti Strap Bodice with Embroidered Lace flower girl dress will make her feel as if she can float down the aisle. The bodice is embellished with embroidered lace and a ribbon at the waist. Yards of tulle flow over the skirt of this pretty outfit. In ivory, white, or a mix of ivory and champagne, this dress is sure to charm everyone who sees it, as well as every little girl who wears it.

Little angels look pretty in beautiful designer wears that are adorned with embroideries, frill works, floral prints and beaded embellishments. The collection of girls t-shirts are offered in different sizes that offer complete comfort to the girls. Embedded with attractive prints, floral and geometric prints, these bear funky designs reflect the jovial mood of the little ones. Ideal to be worn with denims, dungaree, capri pants and skirts, the t-shirts complement the look of the wearer. Besides, girl’s dresses online also include frocks in different sizes with flairs and tiers. The frocks with enticing frill works, designer buttons and laceworks are loved by little girls who desire to carry a unique style quotient.

While choosing attire for your little angel doesn’t forget that she, too, holds a fashion statement. If your daughter falls in between the age-group of 4-12, the choices would be quite similar. Short skirts, denim tunics, tops and t-shirts for baby girls, denims, and many other styles are there that you can choose for your little doll. Allow her to make selections as it will make her more confident. Over the years, this will boost her style and help her adopt a unique dressing sense, till the time she enters her teens. As of now, she would probably copy her peers or friends’ style statement. When she chooses attire, you can simply do some tweaks to make it little better.

Style should be the topmost factor while choosing clothes for your little angel, but remember that comfort should not be overlooked. As the day progresses kids would love to get engaged in playful activities and unhindered movement becomes their top priority. To make them happy, buy stylish clothes ensuring comfort.

The collection available at Foreverkidz are focused both on style, comfort and fashion. Choose the latest collection to dress up your little angel beautifully.