Kids styling tips for wedding season

Wedding season is accompanied a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. The time of the year brings a lot of responsibility for the parent, but for the kids it is all about fun and playing around. The work is never-ending during this busy season, so here are some quick tips that can help you style your kids for the parties and receptions.

For girls

Styling your girl is not tricky tasks as the option are unlimited. Ethnic are the best attire for weddings. Lehanga and even Anarkali suit can set the look of your daughter. Keep the accessories ad make up light and subtle. Pair of small earrings, necklace and bracelet will look perfect. Heavy jewelry is very much ‘in’, but for kids simple ones are ideal.

Kids styling tips for wedding season- Beige beauty tutu dress | Foreverkidz

Party dresses for girls have evolved with time. You can even choose the tutu dresses or the fairy dresses for your little lady. These outfits paired with sandals with a bit of elevation will give a attention grabbing to your fashionista. The fluffy outfit are lighter than the ethnic wear and will be easy to handle for the child.

For boys

Kids styling tips for wedding season- Grey alert charming set | Foreverkidz

Whether you are dressing boy or a girl, comfort is the king when it comes to fashion dresses for kids. Even for boys ethic wear, such as, Sherwani and Kurta are ideal for the weddings and receptions. However, the comfort level of the child should be considered. In case, he is not comfortable in wearing ethnic, then, you can dress him in a formal shirt with suit. A bit of informal touch in the appearance will only bring more charm to the looks. However, avoid denim jeans and thing of that sort. The shoes should be polished and the hair should be well-groomed.

Instead of standing in long queues this season, switch to online shopping for kids. This will not only save your time and effort, but will even also help you explore the latest as well as trendiest thing for your child. Enjoy high quality at reasonable prices and let your child enjoy the wedding time to the fullest.

Things to be considered while shopping winter wear for kids

Even a hardcore online shopper can make mistakes while shopping for kids clothing. The fashion for kids is different in all aspects from the fashion of adults. Thus, you need to keep account of certain factors while shopping for your child. As the chills of winter have already arrived, thus, children need extra attention to stay safe and warm.

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Here are some of the factors that you need to check before shopping winter wear for kids.

Winter wear for kids | foreverkidz

1. A thick layer of the coats are important to create an insulating layer, but make sure that the jackets and pullovers are not very bulky. Heavy cloth restricts the movement of the child. Keeping a balance in the body is anyways difficult for Small kids and heavy jackets may prove uncomfortable for them. So, use the warmers that are sleek, but cozy.

Cinderella in blue gown | Foreverkidz

2. Refer to the size chart if you are shopping online. Avoid purchasing clothes that hug the body of the child. If you are shopping for girls party dresses, then, make sure that it is a bit loose. Only then, they will be able to wear a warm undergarment with the outfit.

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3. The online stores are saturated with the kid’s fashion dresses. Being on-trend is not a problem anymore, but the quality of the outfit has got to be checked. Whether you choose the tutu dresses, frocks or tunics for girls, for the upcoming wedding season, make sure that the fabric of the attire is soft as well as smooth. Cotton is the ideal choice for boys t-shirts and shirts. The sweaters and jackets should not be harsh for the soft skin of the child.

4. The woolen string of the pullovers, scarves may strangle smaller children. So, keep a check on these things. Avoid oversized clothes and thick gloves as well as heavy shoes.

Winter month can be a lot of fun as it is accompanied by wedding and festive season, but you will have to take some precautions. Don’t just go with the trend. Keep the health and safety of your child in mind and shop for the things that are warm and cozy.

Give a charming update to your daughter’s innocence

Beige beauty tutu dress | Foreverkidz

The beautiful tutu dress is perfect for any occasion. Whether your daughter is the flower girl, birthday girl or the guest of honor of any family get together, this will give her a head-turning look.

The full length Beige Beauty Tutu Dress is very fluffy and will perfectly adorn the charm of the little lady. The contemporary design is for all those who wants their daughter to look different and stylish. The luxurious fluff has a soft satin underliner skirt that is cozy and keep your cozy the entire day. The lightweight dress are available in many sizes for the girls of various age groups at This is one of the most eye-catchy pieces in the collection of girl’s party dresses of the site.

The fairy look and perfect fit of the dresses in the inventory of the site can get your little darling ready for every sort of event and occasion. So, check out the assortment and let your girl flaunt her style.

How To Shop Online For Kids?

Blog imageShopping for kids can be an arduous job sometimes and with the growing responsibilities and time management issues. It gets really difficult to get something that is liked by both parents and kids together. In this blog, I will help you easily shop some of the best, trendiest and affordable clothes for your dear darlings.

Let us look at the steps to get the best out of online shopping for kids.

  • Log onto

This is the first step you must take in order to get the best of the best clothes for your little kids. You can conveniently look at the various options given on the page as well as you can browse through the filters for better and accurate search results.

  • Choose from the options

You’ll find a plethora of options for both girls and boys on the kids shopping store where you can buy anything at affordable prices. Look for girls party dresses as well as boys party dresses for the upcoming festive season when every now then will be a party. On the other hand, you’ll find numerous options in smart dresses category where you can buy dresses for everyday and special evenings.

  • Put them together

Select the correct size or age group mentioned on the product page and add the items one by one in your shopping cart. This will give you a total idea of your estimated amount and the number of dresses you have selected.

  • Easy payment

Now you can easily pay the amount and the clothes and accessories will be delivered at your doorstep.

Wasn’t it very easy to shop at Foreverkidz? It certainly was. Now you can easily and happily shop the global styles of dresses for your kids at affordable prices, all under one roof. So, go on and checkout the online store and start grabbing the various styles such as girls tutu dresses, girls fairy dresses and more.

Some Tips For 5 Years Old Girls Party Dresses

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5-year-old girls start to remember things and begin to make their own choices in girls party dresses such which style they want, color, and many other things. Let’s put down some party dress tips for the age group girls below.

• Make them choose: Try and give them options out of which the can choose. When the girls themselves will choose from the given alternatives; she will be happy and satisfied with the dresses.

• Provide styles: There are numerous styles available at such as girls tutu dresses, girls fairy dresses, girls tunic dresses and so many more that will beautify their charm and innocence.

• Consider her personality: You can go for the plethora of dresses available at the online store but, you must keep in mind her personality and height. Gowns will only be carried off well with girls a little taller whereas; girls frock dresses or tutu dresses will complement short height.

• Consider fine fabrics: Party dresses are full of shimmer and glitter and if on the top the fabric is not fine and skin friendly; your girl will face a lot of problems like rashes, skin allergies, itching and more. Hence, choose fabrics like cotton, organza, satin, or others that will fall soft and smooth on her tender skin.

Foreverkidz has a wide inventory of clothing for both girls and boys. You’ll find numerous reasons and seasons to dress up your princess in the most adorable, stylish, trendy and comfortable attires available at the store.