How to Dress up Your Kids for This Wedding Season?

Weddings are fun. They keep us busy over a variety of outfits, matching accessories and season looks. However, ad mist all oodles of excitement, you definitely would not want your kids to show up in simple frocks or pants to the vibrant wedding. They definitely deserve outfits that can add to the buzz of the occasion. It makes them look cuter. Below are few ideas to dress up your kids this wedding season.

Go for bright colors    

Fancy Rose Flower Dress | Foreverkidz              Perfect Valentine Set | Foreverkidz

Bright colors do not mean that you can dress them up in neon colors. Instead try light colors like hues of pink, peach or coral. They look good on children, especially in the daytime. In case if its a night function, then you can go teal, turquoise and reds for your tiny tots.

Increase the cuteness factor by adding accessories

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Accessories complete the look that you need to convey. Mostly pretty satin bow for girls and bow tie for boys are preferred. Well, you have more options other than that. Try the floral crowns or matching ballerinas for your princess. Boys, on the other hand can try coolers that can give them the stud look.

Let comfort do the talking

Let comfort do the talking | Foreverkidz

You are going to be concerned about how your tiny tots is running about, jumping up and down, skidding on their knees across the dance floor. Whether you like it or not, that is what kids usually do at the weddings. So, dress them in comfortable outfits, instead of heavy designer wear. Make sure that you go cotton outfits that can support their naughtiness on the floor.

Outfits for girls

Red Rose Party Blossom DressDaffodil Yellow Dress

Give importance to knee length dresses as they make them more comfortable while playing. You can try party dresses or fairy dresses for girls that can portray a cozy yet stylish look on her.

Outfit for boys

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For boys, you can try comfortable denims or pants. Match them with cute t-shirts. You will find ample of boys shirts and t-shirts on the online store of

Keep some of these tips handy to make sure that you kids rock the stage.

Adorable Fairy Dresses for the Cute Angels

Little Girls dressed as angels can immediately bring a smile to your face. They already are so adorable and when they are dressed as fairies, they simply steal your heart away. Fairy dresses definitely deserve a place to be stocked in your princess’s wardrobes. Choosing the right dress for her can add to her charm. Check out some beautiful Dresses for your daughter that can make her look like a sparkling jewel.

The all white fairy dress

This beautiful dress is perfect for little twirlers as this frilly frock is ready to work wonders for the big day. It contains layers of white frill with a golden belt in the middle. With an even concentration on look and comfort, this attire is a blend of sheen and soft material that keeps you baby comfortable throughout the day.

All White Fairy Dress | Foreverkidz

Style Tip: Match the attire with white clips and a cute pair of ballerinas.

The flary rosette dress

Pink is the favorite color of all cute girls around. This flary rosette dress gives your girl the perfect charm to grace the occasion. This attire has layers of pink petals and an overlay that adds to the puffiness of the frock. It has a lovely rosette in the neck to complete the look of the frock.

Flary Rosette Dress | Foreverkidz

Style tip: A flower clip and matching ballerinas can make dreams of fairy-tale style a sweet reality

The floral fantasy party gown

Get obsessed with this fairy tale frilly frock which is for the giggling little girl. This frilly frock has a satin body and a fluffy bottom, that makes it soft. A cute pink bow in the middle of the frock completes the look.

Frilly Fairy Frock | Foreverkidz

Style Tip: Use pink accessories like clips, ballerinas, and bands to make it perfect for twirling, whirling and posing.

The above stylish dresses are designed to give the style cum comfort to your kids. Get in touch with one of these from online shopping stores like

Adorn the looks of your Girl with a Delightful Treat

Colors Delight Set | Foreverkidz

Summer is knocking at the door. It is now time for you update the closet of your little princess. The bright and sunny days of this season calls for colorful outfits and enticing looks. The Colors Delight Set is an ideal option to give a visual treat to the appearance of the tiny lady.

The gorgeous outfit features an alluring top paired with an adorable mini skirt. The entire ensemble is made of cotton. The king of fabrics can pamper your girl and keep her sensitive skin safe from the heat of summer. The sophisticated color combination and lightweight fabric is an apt option for the upcoming season. The orange top paired with the multi-color skirt can trigger the diva within her. The round neckline is perfect for the humid weather. Accessorize the dress with appropriate footwear, headbands and hairstyle.

Online shopping for kids makes it easier for the parents to get everything at their doorstep. Checkout the assortment of and allow your girl to be bang on trend.

Give a Cozy, yet Stylish Look to your Girl

Navy Peplum Snug Set | Foreverkidz

Getting your little lady ready for any occasion during winter is a tricky job. Every mom wants to give the best and attention grabbing look to her daughter. At the same time, you just can’t compromise on the warmth of the child. The guiding principle to dress your baby is to add layers. However, instead of investing in bulky jackets and uncomfortable layers, it is better to skimp on the warm outfits. Online shopping for kids can help you keep your child up-to-date according to the current trend. The Navy Peplum Snug Set is one such option that can give an edgy and trendy look to the little princess.

The peplum dress can adorn the innocence of every girl. While the fluffy shrug over the peplum dress can keeps the wearer warm and cozy. The entire ensemble is a statement whichever way you look at it. This is one of the most versatile party wear for girls. Accessorize the outfit with a headband or with trendy hats, the lady will surely turn each and every head around. Pair the attire with a pair of knee-high boots and people will go head over heel for her.

Check out the online stores for kids clothing and make your daughter the show stopper for the evening.

Let your girl blossom this winter

Pink Melon Knitted Set | Foreverkidz

Fashion is an inevitable aspect of this season and online shopping for kids has given a great rise in kids fashion industry. No compromises can be made in terms of comfort, when it comes to winter wear. Products bought through online stores assures high quality for your innocent kids.

This Beautiful Pink Melon Knitted Set is a perfect party dress for your doll for any occasion whether it’s a birthday party, weddings or reception functions. This dress will give your girl a complete head turning look. The mid length skirt and top set are for all those who want their daughters to look most stylish and different.

The fabric is probably the first thing you check when shopping for party dresses for your girl. This woolen knitted dress is soft and lightweight making it easy for your child to handle it. The organic cotton and woolen fabric lasts long, are easily washable and will feel completely safe against the soft and delicate skin of your daughter. The bright pink melon color will make your doll look like a blooming flower.

In this initial winters this round necked full sleeves woolen top is perfect to wear. It has a beautiful colorful flowery knot at the center with a design. The straight, not so short yet stylish skirt gives a classy look to your little lady at the party and keeps her cozy and comfortable all day long. This knitted sets are one of the most versatile party dresses for girls that you will find in the market. The high quality and reasonable price will make your little love the attention grabber.

Online shopping for kids has made it easy for the parents to get their child ready for every event and occasion. So, go online and get the best for your little lady.

Perfect Christmas Dressing Ideas for Girls

December is truly the most wonderful time of the year. The season is followed by the ecstatic festive season. Christmas is a special occasion for people of all age group, but it holds a special place in the heart of kids. Just the anticipation of gifts, cakes and Santa thrills them from within. So, before you forget and start preparing in the last minute, let me remind you that school will be organizing Christmas party this as well for kids. So, start preparing from beforehand.

Burgundy wine love dress | Foreverkidz

Here are some of the ways to give a classy look to your daughter for these events.

Buy a trendy girls party dress. It will be better if you order the outfit now, so that, you have enough time for the alterations and for buying matching accessories. Anything that gives a westernized look is perfect for the occasion. The fluffy styles of girls fairy dress is an ideal option. You can even try the tunic dresses. The attire should match the personality of the girl.

Be very careful while choosing the footwear for the dress. Avoid any sort of heel or elevation. You can give a funky look to the tutu dresses by pairing a sneaker with it, but it won’t look good with the fairy dress. Ballet flats that match the color of the outfit are better as it will keep the legs warm.

The weather will be very cold so make them wear a thermal inner wear. This will keep them cozy. You can even pair the dress with a short jacket that complements the color of the outfit. The tulle will look exceptionally good with a high waist jacket.

The headband will give a very girlish look. You can even match a pair of gloves and socks with the attire. This will be a functional and chic option. Or else you can even make her wear beanies, to keep her ears and heads warm.

Dress your girl in a cool and stylish way. Take the suggestion of the little princess while selecting the dress and let her enjoy the day to the fullest.