What does every Kid need from the parents?

In an era of advertisements and promotions directed at kids, from toys to Disneyland, many parents wonder what kids need most.

Do you sometimes sit down and think what your little one wants from you the most? We asked a couple of parents who are dealing with kids of different age groups and they had some common and distinct needs that they’ve observed in their children.

Talking about the needs that are found in every kid, parents should be focused on fulfilling the same with utmost priority.

1. Security

The very first thing that every little one needs is “Security”. Since they are young and learning the norms of life, if they are provided a sense of security in his/her growing years, the baby will turn out be a strong individual. Security of being provided with the basic survival needs like food, shelter, clothing protection and most importantly love.

2. Stability

Stability is what a family who lives together in peace. When a family lives together in a stable household, the child’s mental state is stable in the growing years. You know how the kids are who live with one of their parents. They are broken from within and face a lot of struggle in their lives. Kids and families should also be part of larger units to give them a sense of belonging and cultural continuity.

3. Consistency

Parents need to remain the way they are. Consistency is when the parents don’t change their behavior or their values for their kids. When you are something else at one point whereas; something completely different the next moment is not what should happen with the little ones. Think about their needs while their upbringing rather than your own convenience.

4. Emotional Support

Another must-have that you should pay keen attention to is the emotional support. When your little one will see you fighting, thrashing someone or they’ll get scolded from you, their emotional state will tremble. Your actions, words, behavior, and everything that you do is being seen by your kid. Make sure you prove to be a good parent.

5. Love

Though love was mentioned in the basic needs for sure, then, this needs a special recommendation for sure. Love is all the kids need when everything else fails. Why is that you buy boys party wear or girls frocks when they deserve it? Scolding sometimes is necessary to keep the balance intact, but at the end of the day – it is the love that keeps your little one going.

6. Education

Just to be a strong individual who understands the difference between right and wrong, education is the key need. Whether it the lessons that life teaches them or your teachings which go on with them throughout, education is a must-have.

Which need is the most important one? Do let us know in the comments below.

Fabulous birthday frocks for girls

The day that your little one turns one or two or three or more, you get a reason to celebrate and enjoy the new year in your one’s life. Make sure you get them dressed in the most beautiful fashion dresses and pick the right themes to make the day memorable. Go ahead and read different articles or blogs about the ways that you can plan the party or read here and also check the latest trends in the clothing styles for them.

1. Princess dress

princess dress

All the little sunshine are princesses for their parents. And the trend of having baby girl frocks for the tiny tots is like letting them live their dream. With the beautiful flowing layers of fabric make sure that the dress looks like it is meant for her because the day is obviously all about her. You can pick from the soft tulle skirts with matching tops and accessories as well.

2. Fairy dresses


The collection of girls fairy dresses has come a long way since it first began. Now you’d find tutu dresses for girls as fairy costumes making the little ones on top of the world. With the pastel shades and the comfortable fabrics, you should be looking at the gorgeous gown-like design with embellishments all over giving that fairy touch to the same. Accessorizing well, this will surely make the best of the options for you.

3. Disney themed dresses

boys t-shirt

Whether it comes as a gift option or you buy it for your little one, Disney-themed dresses are an integral part of childhood. Whether it is about dressing up as a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald or even Pluto-print t-shirt, you can choose anything depending on the age group. Boys t-shirts are available in the respective prints and so are the accessories. Who would love to wear the mouse ears as their headdress?

4. Tutu dresses

Tutu dress

Now actually coming to the category of tutu dresses for girls, they are the trendiest of fashion when it comes to the little ones. From the number of layers that your baby can handle to the colors and varieties available at the online stores. You can just add a pair of ballerinas, a tiara and a matching jewelry (optional) and you’re done. Tutus are very popular and you should know everything about the style before buying it.

Birthdays are a big deal when it comes to being your kiddo’s birthday. Celebrate it well with all the love and enjoyment.

How To Buy Kids Clothes?

Shopping for kids clothes can go from a delightful experience to challenge. Whether you go shopping for them and just sit home and relax for online shopping for kids; there are some things that should be kept in mind. “The more, the merrier”, is what you should follow. Whatever be the number of dresses the kids have, it’s hard to have too many.

Slick Open Jercy | Foreverkidz
Modern New Fashioned jercy for the Little Boys.

Let us look at things that you should remember while buying kids party wear or kids fashion wear.

• Make a list of the needs: Before jumping on a conclusion to shop; you must make sure that you jot down the points of what you seek and what all clothing styles you need for your boy or girl.

• Go online: Why would you waste both time and energy on exploring every brick and mortar shop to get the best apparel, when you can get everything under one roof at Foreverkidz.

• Let them choose: Make sure you don’t get anything without the kid’s consent. After all, they are the ones who’ll be wearing the dresses. So even if it is girls frocks or boys shirts and t-shirts; ask them what they like and then decide.

• Keep a budget: Isn’t this the most important aspect to every parent? Make sure you set the budget and then start shopping in order to keep everything under control.

• Choose a perfect store: A perfect store makes sure that you come again and shop. In order to do that, it offers global styles, numerous options, affordable fashion pieces, timely delivery and easy return options. So, go for the best stores like Foreverkidz.in.

These were some of the options that you need to remember while getting down to shop for your kids.

Online Fashion Dresses For Kids

Kids fashion industry is continuously evolving with creative and fashionable children’s clothing. Online stores are one of those destinations where you can find different styles of clothing for boys and girls. ForeverKidz.in is a highly reputed online store which is influenced by eclectic fashion, traditional crafts, old-school design and vintage patterns. From bold patterns and colors, stripes and artistic prints, they create beautiful outfits for girls and boys. They also have introduced a new section for tiny toddlers where you can adorn them with the cutest attires.

The store has a huge inventory of styles for kids that include girl’s party wear, boy’s party wear, girl’s tutu dresses, fairy dresses, frocks and much more. Apart from it, they have numerous options like shirts, sets, tees, suspenders and many more.

All these styles are individually crafted with durable, natural fibers, like cotton, soft nylon and other fabrics that are soft and skin friendly. The clothes are long-lasting and popular with kids and their parents. All outfits are individually made and finished to the last detail. Many cute outfits for girls feature adorable little touches like drawstrings, sashes, bows, puff sleeves, bustles, ruffles and bright prints; for boys the options like bow ties, waist coats, etc.

At Foreverkidz, you’ll find multiple options to choose from and dress your child just the way you want with the kids fashion dresses.

Explore the range of fashionable dresses and let your child sparkle and bubble with the various assortments of kid’s party wear and kids fashion dresses at Foreverkidz.in.