Summer Party Wear for Girls – What are the options

Sometimes I wish kids too had runway fashion shows, but then they do happen across the world. In India, the childhood is preserved in the little one by not letting them focus on the girls dresses shown in fashion shows and more. However, parents all over the world desire to dress their little one in girls party wear for all the festive and special occasions and girls smart wear is what they prefer for the regular things.


My daughter Aarti might be young (she’s only 4) but she knows her choices in girls dresses that she wants to wear for the occasion as well. She’ll get her hands on girls party wear like girls frocks or tutu dresses for birthday parties, picnics and more. On the other hand, she’ll want to wear something breezy like girls skirts for summer days. In all girls dresses is quite an extensive term that covers a lot for the little princesses.

Being summer, we had already talked about what must a parent look out for in girls dresses. You can take a look at the blog here and talk about girls dresses options that parents have for the young ones, we’ll talk about those girls dresses in this blog.

1. Girls Frocks

Girls frocks are the commonest girls dresses in the industry today. As a kid, my mother used to dress me in frocks all the time. These girls dresses are just beyond any comparison because these girls dresses are available in such a wide variety that you can have a plenty of girls dresses for all the occasions possible. Every possible color and length, these girls dresses are probably the most favorite of every tiny one for sure.

Girls Frocks

Image Source: Lush Attitude Dress

2. Girls jumpsuits

In summer, girls dresses that are breathable, comfortable and absolutely bright. The girls jumpsuits are a perfect option that keeps your girls feeling pepped up and comfortable in a onesie that comes in different varieties. These girls dresses are available in wide-legged types, tube-tops, and much more. I personally love these girls dresses for my daughter and she loves them too.

Girls jumpsuits

Image Source: Its Tropical Jumpsuit

3. Girls tops/top set

Summer calls for floral girls tops, bright shades and cold shoulder cuts and much more. Well, when you go for tops alone, you might have to invest more to complete the girls dresses but at Forever Kidz, you also have sets that need no improvisation but just the accessories to complete and complement. Perfect girls dresses for the regular play0out sessions, your girl will rock the look for sure.


Image Source: Naughty Pretty Top

4. Girls tunics

Just like frocks, tunics for girls have been around for a while. These girls dresses are knee length (majorly) and look quite formal. In order to make these girls dresses chic and a perfect girls party wear, you can pick a print that works for your daughter as well as for the occasion.

girls tunic

Image Source: Polka Dream Tunic

5. Girls skirts/skirt set

Just like the tops, girls skirts are a girls casual wear option that can be bought individually or with the top that complements. What feeling would it be to play around in comfort of a skirt? Skirts are one of the great options little ones have as girls dresses.


Image Source: Lil Diva Skater Skirt Set

There is a gamut of girls dresses options available at Which girls dresses is your favorite?

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How to make kids clothes last longer?

The festive season is just around the corner. It is time for occasions like Navratri followed by Diwali, Bhai Dhuj and much more. This season is all about fun, especially, for the kids. You just can’t stop your child from going out and playing with their friends. However, the playful mood and the excitement are accompanied by mud and dirt stains on the expensive clothes. This gives a very tough time to the moms.

Barbie Ruffles Tutu Dress

This write-up gives a quick tip for dealing with this situation. There are a number of occasions in the upcoming month that can give you a very tough time, in terms of the outfit of your daughter. The party wear for boys is easy to wash and maintain. The biggest problem with the clothes of a girl child is that their ethnic wear includes Lehenga, Chaniya Choli with heavy work and vibrant prints. It sometimes becomes difficult to get rid of the stain marks in them.  This is why the indo-western tutu dresses and other party dresses are becoming popular. These dresses are easy to wash and maintain.

The fabric is the first thing that you need to take care of while shopping for your daughter. Knitted cotton, denim, corduroy is the most recommended ones. It is scientifically proved that the organic cotton, wool fabric lasts long. Along with this, make sure that you the outfit is lightweight, as mentioned above. The tutu dresses are fluffy and absolutely serves the function of festive season.  Moreover, the soft material dries out easily. So, you need not keep it in sun for long, which is another reason for wearing clothes.

Wash the clothes in cold water and don’t rinse it too much. Avoid using bleach and other such chemicals. Rub the clothes gently to remove the stains. Don’t soak it for long period of time as it can fade the color of the outfit. Dry the clothes in the washing machine and avoid keeping them in the direct ray of sun.

Why buy an outfit for every occasion, if you can do with the whatever you already have in the wardrobe? Buy some versatile pieces of outfits that can be used at multiple events like princess and fairy dresses, tutu gowns etc., from They are versatile, easily washable and lasts long. Thus, they ease your work during the busy month.

Get you daughter ready in the party dress but don’t compromise with her comfort

Girls loves to party. Getting ready for a party is the favorite work of every girl, no matter what her age is. Not just for the little ladies, selecting an outfit and then getting her ready in that attire is fun for her entire family. Even parents enjoy doing this, despite their busy schedule.

Girls Party Dresses

With the festive season approaching you can doll your daughter as per your wish. However, make sure you don’t compromise with her comfort. There are a lot of dresses available online these days that can give your princess a perfect party look with girls party dresses. These dresses are lightweight and won’t be a burden for the child. The tunics, frocks and dresses can adorn the appearance of the child completely.

You need not visit stores to get such wide variety of dresses, as everything is now available at a click of button., is specialized in fashion dresses for kids. The patterns and designs of these dresses are so adorable, that taking your eyes off the wearer will become difficult. The tunics are light and their versatility depends on the way they are worn. During summers, these tunics can be worn with shorts and when the winter falls, you can match them with leggings.

The frocks available at the site are sophisticated, simple as well as trendy. These frocks are a ideal piece for those who want a dress for their daughter that is as stylish as a princess dress and as comfortable as a tunic. The dynamic color combinations and lively patterns of the frocks are the best way to get your daughter ready for the day long parties and functions.

All these and many more are available at the The dresses and sets of outfits can transform your daughter into a true fashionista. Just make the right ensemble of accessories as well as hair style and your daughter will be the center of attraction of the entire event.

How is online shopping for the kids fashion dresses making the life parents easy?

Initially, the only segment shopping online were the youngsters, however, the trend is changing nowadays. Every segment of the society, irrespective of their age and gender, are going for online shopping. The e-commerce industry has seen an increase in the number of young parent using this medium of shopping for their kids. The primary reason for this increase is the boom in the kids fashion industry, along with the time constraint that every parent has these days.

Naughty Girls Tunic

The fashion dresses for kids is as important as it is for the elders. Shopping through the e-commerce fashion sites is like visiting mutliple stores in one go, which is, otherwise, a very difficult task for the busy parents. The kids look adorable in whatever they wear, but it is important to teach them importance of physical appearance. Being dressed according to the need of the event becomes important sometimes and kids should be taught these basic ethics from this very young age.

Shopping online is becoming increasingly popular owing to the convenience it provides to the consumers. Not only this, the variety and options it provide is ample. You may get an outfit for your kid at any shop, but a trendy fashion dress is hard to find. Few of the kids sites like has the widest range of outfits for both girls and boys. Right from dresses for girls to outfit set for boys, you will find it all here. It brings the entire essentials for kids under one roof. You need not personally visit the brick and mortar shop every now and then. Just make your choice sitting in your living room and get the delivery at the doorstep.

Along with the vast inventory, the sites offers grantee of quality, but still if you are not satisfied with the product you can even return it. The transparency in transaction makes it feasible for every one.

Even you can explore the inventory and get the best for you child.

How online shopping for kids made shopping fun for me?

Despite belonging to a digital generation, I always avoided shopping online, specially for apparel. I prefer having the look and feel of the fabric before buying clothes. Once I had to buy clothes for my niece and didn’t get time to go to the shop, so, I had to opt for online shopping. As that was the first time I was shopping for a child, I was very confused. Fortunately, internet resolved my problem. There are many e-commerce sites operating these days with ample options. I never thought shopping for a kid will be that fun.

Online Shopping for Kids Fashion

The first best thing about online shopping for kidsonline shopping for kids is the convenience. It used to take an entire day to visit 2-3 stores However, through internet I checked almost 10 sites and compared the variety, designs and prices. After just an hour of surfing I landed up at Their collection had a strong mix of design, trend and fair pricing. The best part was that all the outfits were categorized according to the occasion, so, this reduced a lot of my efforts.

I felt that at the physical stores the salesman tends to lure you into buying more thing and they put a lot of stress on the thing they want to sell. I usually get influenced by salesmen and end up buying wrong stuff. However, by shopping online I could make my own decision without anyone’s interference.

There was a vast variety that these online stores was offering. I had never seen so many options at any physical store, to be honest. There were clothes for every occasion. I was not even aware of the latest trending kids fashion. However, online shopping introduced me to tutu dress, princess dresses and many more.

Shopping has always been a nightmare for a lethargic person like me, but these online sites made life easy for me. I had fun while shopping, for a change and the dress that I bought for my niece that day was appreciated by everyone.

Get your daughter the best ever princess look with flawless fairy dresses

Every girl grows up in her own fairyland. This is a deep rooted wish of every girl to become a fairy or at least dress like a fairy. Bring this dream of your daughter to reality. is a one stop destination for all the clothing related requirement of your kids. You can get all sorts of tutu, princess and fairy dresses over here.

Fairy Dresses

Special occasions are incomplete for your daughter without a very gorgeous fairy dress. The fairy frocks can do wonders on special days like celebrations, weddings, festivals and more. Any little lady wearing this lightweight dress, is sure to become the center of attraction.

The satin ribbons, flowers, stones and beautiful embroidery add to the attractiveness of these lavish outfits. The girls tutu dresses are most common for giving a fairy look to the girls. The summer collection of have a wide range of light colors which are perfect for this hot and humid weather. The fabric of these fairy dresses is soft and breathable. Even though they look very lavish, they are not at all loud and extravagant. It gives your child the fairy look with elegance.

No matter what the occasion is, get the best possible looks for your princess with these dresses. The dress of the little lady, who is the flower girl, is as important as your dress. These dresses can add adjectives like pretty, graceful, elegant, to your flower girls at the wedding. These dresses are easy to maintain and carry for kids who feel uneasy in bulky outfits. Whether you want the dress to be mini version of the bridal dress or just the simple dress with classic looks.

Celebrate the true spirit of festivals and weddings this summer with the fairy dress collection of Foreverkidz. Kids fashion have became very competitive recently, so why choose ordinary when you have the best option available? If you are a working parent who doesn’t have time but still wants the bests for your kid? can give your daughter the princess look with these fairy dresses.