Make Navratri special with Kids Ethnic Wear

India is a land of festivals. With a day of celebration after every few weeks, the festivities don’t seem to come to an end. You should know all about the kid’s party guide for the festive season and you can find it right here. With a confluence of varied religious and traits, the time to come together and enjoy is plenty. Fashion naturally is a part of such traditions and talking about fashion, the parents have the entire festive season coming up. Well, to start with, Navratri is right there and just like the adults, the kids can also pick the best of kids ethnic wear and be happy about it.

Navrati Special | Kids Ethnic Wear | Foreverkidz

If you want to know more about the Navratri special shopping guide that gave access to the best kids ethnic wear, you go ahead and read the blog that we wrote last year.

This blog talks about the various measures that you should keep in mind in order to pick the best of kids ethnic wear dresses before the festive season starts.

1. Keep the pep in mind while looking for kids ethnic wear

Sterling Magenta Inspiration Lehenga for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Stunning Orange And Pink Tradition

When you think festivity, you cannot go boring and monotonous with kids fashion dresses. You think kids ethnic wear, you have to make sure the options are peppy and gorgeous. The peppiness comes in complimentary in the kid’s ethnic dresses because if that wasn’t a part of the same, they would be no different than the adult’s clothing articles. Hence, look for peppiness in mind while picking kids ethnic wear.

2. Comfort is the key to kids ethnic wear

Festive Dazzle Kids Saree for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Festive Dazzle Kids Saree

You might have parties planned for the Navratri season for the little girls. And, when you talk about parties, there’ll be dancing, good food, games and so much more. So, in order to spend so much time throughout the evening doing all this, your little ones need comfort. Make sure you invest in comfort with Girls ethnic wear. There’s nothing more than comfort when it comes to kids ethnic wear.

3. Pick from the best kids ethnic wear styles

Pom Pom Glow Suit Set for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Pom Pom Glow Suit Set

There are numerous kids ethnic wear styles available at Forever Kidz that you can choose from. Pick the best of kids ethnic wear styles for Navratri special occasion. From the girl’s lehenga choli sets to the Anarkali suits, dhoti kurta and so much more is there. Just be sure of which kids ethnic wear style you choose and make your kids like the styles too.

Fashion for kids is a changing element and adjusts to suit needs of climate too. Monsoon collections come with cutoffs and easy dry fabrics. Summers demand the need for cotton, linen, muslin, and other airy wear. Woolen and inner wear are just not warm clothes but fashion statements. This is the time when winter is setting in but the days are hot. Hence, the kid’s ethnic wear you choose should be in accordance with the same. Happy Navratri!!

Aspects that parents should consider while buying Ethnic Wear for Kids

When the parents get down to shopping for their little ones, they invest in a lot of time and patience because the feeling of shopping for themselves is way too different than for the tiny tots. They look out for numerous aspects that can actually change how your kids feel in those kids fashion dresses. Well, there are a lot of aspects or things that are a must when it comes to the kids clothing. When the mothers look at the baby’s clothes and they go “awww”; eventually they forget some important aspects that must be considered before choosing it for your little princess or prince. Well, with the festive season right around the corner, the sales and discounts on ethnic wear for kids have started to show up. And, that’s exactly where parents want to grab the best of kids ethnic wear style for their little ones.

Kids Ethnic Wear for Kids

Whether you’re looking for girls ethnic wear for Diwali or ethnic wear for kids for the upcoming Diwali celebrations, you, as effective parents should keep in mind certain things. Well, if you want to know about the aspects that you should consider in ethnic wear for kids, this is the right place for you.

1. Size of the ethnic wear for kids

Stunning Orange and Pink Tradition

Image Source: Stunning Orange and Pink Tradition

This is one of the most intricate aspects that sounds tiny right now but has a huge importance on the kid’s body. The styles in ethnic wear for kids are haphazardly sized and there’s no similarity between the adult’s sizing and the kids fashion dresses sizing. Ranged according to the age group, kids ethnic wear styles are a little tacky (sometimes) because of the difference between sizes in the same age group. Hence, be careful of what size you pick in ethnic wear for kids because it directly impacts his/her comfort.

2. The weight of the ethnic wear for kids

girls saree

Image Source: Festive Dazzle Kids Saree

This is the next big thing that can create a big problem for your little one and his/her happiness. The fabrics used in the ethnic wear for kids can be heavy or lightweight. You have to see which girls ethnic wear style would your little one be able to carry throughout the festivities. Whether you choose a lehenga choli set or fashionably lightweight Anarkali suit, just be sure that you pick the most lightweight ethnic wear for kids in order to keep her feeling comfortable. Talking about boys ethnic wear, they are generally made with lightweight fabrics but the girls ethnic wear has a lot of work like embellishments, stonework, mirror work and more which makes them heavy.

3. The cleaning of the ethnic wear for kids

Festive Suave Set

Image Source: Festive Suave Set

Let us assume that you have already chosen the ethnic wear for kids and the festivities have already come to an end. The next thing you have is a lot of laundries to do. So, if you’re looking forward to washing and cleaning the ethnic wear for kids, you mothers have quite a big task up there. Most of the fabrics are unique and are supposed to be washed separately with utmost concern. There are numerous washing options available and most of the companies/brands make sure that the washing instructions are mentioned on a tiny tag on the ethnic wear for kids. You must make sure to follow the instructions to keep the article durable and charming.

So, do you have any more suggestions to give to the other parents about the ethnic wear for kids or Online shopping for kids? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Ethnic wear for kids – Choose to go Online

Fashion has gone the virtual way nowadays. You would see that the adults and the kid’s fashion industry has gone online and is absolutely happy doing that. Every brick and mortar shop or brand that had outlets in the vicinity are getting their businesses online. Kids fashion dresses and kids ethnic wear have taken to the online portals in order to get better attention and wider audience. Talking about ethnic wear for kids, you should certainly be opting for online shopping for kids.


There are numerous reasons for which ethnic wear for kids like girls ethnic wear, girls lehenga choli sets and so much more. The reasons to shop kids ethnic wear online can be from the authenticity, credibility to ease of shopping, free delivery and so much more. But, there are some people out there who consider going out and shopping because there’s no satisfaction in picking things online they say. Well, that depends on person to person, but being an effective mother or parent, you should think about spending time with your little one. Hence, go online and choose ethnic wear for kids effectively.

So, followed are the reasons for which you should go online in order to buy ethnic wear for kids.

1. Size matters a lot

You need to measure your kiddo well in order to buy kids ethnic wear such as girls lehenga choli sets. It is the measurement that matters a lot and is often that goes wrong. Each time you buy a ethnic wear for kids such as anarkali suits, you should check the size of kids ethnic wear because kids grow really really fast. Standard kids party wear sizing is different from customized clothing sizing.

2. Keep yourself open to new trends

You don’t have to settle down with jeans and t-shirts all the time when it comes to kids wear. You can always broaden your horizon and look for kids ethnic wear, tutu dresses, fairy gowns for girls and sets for boys and more. Even in ethnic wear for kids, there are numerous options.

3. Give preference to the loyal online store

It is not only about the loyal online stores, you can invest in classic brands that you purchase from. Although it may not make sense to keep buying from the same website and same type of clothes try ethnic wear for kids, you can always go back in times of doubt for sure.

4. Don’t follow fads and trends blindly

You might see that the pictures look extravagant and when you buy it, it turns out to be nothing like you expected. Hence, it is such a disappointment. You should go online which lets you return your purchase without any hassle. Sometimes trends are not what you’re looking for. Staying conventional with ethnic wear for kid is all you need. Consider your little one’s body type, likes, needs, and lifestyle and sometime try new like ethnic wear for kids – while buying online.

How do you shop kids ethnic wear online? Is there any specific pattern to shop kids ethnic wear? Do let us know your kids ethnic wear experience in the comments below.

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