Twinstagram Trendsetters

Back in 2014, Michael and Daniel Flora, the twinstagram brothers became a big sensational talk of the town.  These munchkins are the twins from London who love to dress up in matching outfits. Their mother, Jane encourages them by taking pictures of the adorable boys. She also set up an Instagram account for posting the pictures which have more than 33,470 followers. She commented for one of the newspapers that the brothers love to dress in matching outfits.

However, the boys are still famous for their posts on social media. To give you a glimpse of them the below blog comprises of their famous clicks. Scan on to find out.

1. The cool dudes

Michael and Daniel Flora

The munchkins donned a simple buttoned up boys shirt paired with white pants. They have accessorized the outfits with cool shades. They look stylish and confident in front of the camera. Who would believe that online shopping for kids would have so many options.

2. Brothers in style

Michael and Daniel Flora

This is the most loved one by all. The twins are wearing a white/yellow colored shirt with yellow pants. The mufflers have added a new look to the attire that looks cool on them. Additionally, white moccasins have been used to complete the outfit.

3. The formal kings

Michael and Daniel Flora

They choose to be formal this time. A neat suit with tucked in shirt which has been paired with black shoes and aviators. I’m really surprised with the attitude that these kids bring for photography. I mean just look at their poses. They have a bright future in modeling I guess.

4. The denim dazzlers

Michael and Daniel Flora

These guys just proved that denims are fashionable for kids as well. A stylish light colored denim shirt with darker jeans that looks extraordinary on them. They didn’t forget their glasses here as well.

5. Mirror image

Michael and Daniel Flora

The is the desired wedding attires there normally. Looks like the boys are already ready for their brides.

Above are some of the photos that has rocked the Instagram. Hope you guys enjoyed reading them.

How to Stylize the Outfits of Kids?

Regardless of the occasion and event, every parent has got one problem in common, that is, finding an elegant stylization for their kids. The fashion industry is changing rapidly and thanks to the various online shopping site staying bang on trend is easy. Parents these days don’t hesitate to pick up the latest style from the biggest brand for their kids. You will find a range of designer party wear for kids in the market these days. However, sometimes the attire is not enough to don an attention grabbing look.Little hipster set |

The blog talk about the various way that can help you stylize your kids. Have a look at them.

1. Shop according to the event

The various events like weddings, parties, and festivals calls for different styles of outfit. Online shopping for kids is the easiest way to keep them sync with the changing trend as well as with the requirement of the occasions. Choose the outfit that suits the event. For instance, ethnic for weddings, receptions as well as festivals and western outfits for parties and other such gathering is ideal.

Funky balls shirt | Foreverkidz

2. Mix and match

Make sure that the outfit is mixed and matched properly. This is particularly important when it comes to the outfit of the handsome hunks. The color of boys shirts and t-shirts should go well with the trouser and pants. Similarly, the skirt of girls should match with her tees or tops.

Red fascinator hat | Foreverkidz

3. Accessorize well

This plays a vital role in the looks of kids as well. Pair the outfit with the right set of accessories. Find the appropriate style of Headbands, hats, scarves and even earrings and neck pieces for the lil princess. While when it comes to boys, you can get glasses, wrist watches and others. This can transform your young lad into a hunk.

4. Footwear

Footwear projects the entire personality of the wearer. So, be very carefully in choosing a pair of shoes for them. It should match the outfit and at the same time, it should give them a sophisticated appearance.

Comfort is the key while shopping for kids. However, make sure that the clothes are in sync with the current trend. Take the preference of the child while shopping and get the best look for them.

All About Kids Clothing Sizes

Do you find it difficult to size your child and buy clothes for them? Kids come in all sizes and it gets a little tacky when you don’t find the appropriate size for your little one. The actual size of the baby (or a growing toddler) can only be figured out either by age or by the height and weight. For those wanting to buy that perfect clothing present for a growing baby, picking the perfect fit is essential for a successful gift. This blog talks about the various groups of kids and their size for making it easier to buy kids fashion dresses.

Classic Seersucker Suspender Set | Foreverkidz
Dress your infant and toddler boy up in charming spring style with our handsome 3 piece set from Forever Kidz collection.


What you must have seen everywhere is that mothers refer to the number of months when they go shopping for their kids. Even in the branded store, you’ll find the age in terms of months printed for the infants. For example, 0-3 months or 12-18 months and more can be seen at most of the places. However, the different manufacturing companies have different size options. Hence, it is always better to try. Online shopping for kids comes in handy here because easy return policies and size charts make it easier to choose.


Toddlers are referred to kids who are in the learning process to crawl. This age group in terms of sizes abroad is generally labeled as 2T, 3T and 4T and more are based on a child’s weight and height. However, in India, they are also categorized in the infant’s category and the sizes are labeled as months or years.

Boys and Girls:

When the kids start walking; they generally are aware about what they like and what not. However, the size surely matters at this stage. Hence, brick and mortar shops label them as a 5, 6, 7 or 8 and more. You must have seen people buying one size bigger than the normal but that is not correct. In order to keep the girls tutu dresses or boys shirts and t-shirts for a longer span people buy bigger clothes. This loses the presence of the clothing plus your kid’s fashion statement.

These are the kid’s categories on which the sizes are segregated. However, at, the clothes are easier to buy according to the age group and the easy return policies make the whole buying experience trustworthy. You can always exchange for the better size if you find anything wrong.

Check out the catalog at Foreverkidz and get the best of girls party wear and boys party wear dresses at affordable prices.

Choose Kids Clothing For Seasonal Change

It gets very hard to manage the expenses when you’ve planned to shop for kids fashion dresses online. However, if planned and researched properly, appropriate seasonal clothes can be purchased with a lot of savings as well. This article is about the tips that can help you in selecting the right clothes for kids that are versatile and make you and your little one happy in any season.

Boarding School Dress | Foreverkidz
A tunic school style.

• Looks plus Comfort

When we talk about kids apparel- be it kids party wear or casual dressing, there are numerous aspects that need to be fulfilled including comfort and style being the priority. Comfort being the most important of them all, style is more about the personality and creating the right impression on the people around. Climate changes are being inevitable go for mixing and matching that keeps them warm and stylish these winter months. Make sure you buy something that is of the correct size and not something which your child can wear another 5 years.

• Create style quotient with layers

When the idea is not to repeat the same clothes again and again, go for layering of clothes and mix matching. Choose clothes designed with layering techniques are the best way to create a flexible and fashionable look. Online shopping for kids is a great way to explore the possibilities in fashion as well as seasonal clothes or combinations like girls tutu dress with high neck and more. Coats, leggings, and more for girls while boys shirt and t-shirts also have numerous accessories that keep them warm. Apart from making a style statement this popular fashion technique keeps your kids in season suitable clothing throughout the year and helps you extend the wardrobe as long as it is possible.

• Go step to step

To make it both fashionable and functional for your kids, make sure you start with smaller options such as girls fairy dress with a lightweight sweater that does not overpower the elegance of the dress yet keep her warm and likewise there are many other options such as with girls frocks, you can make her wear warm leggings in order to keep it stylish and comfortable. So, look for layers that contain two t-shirts or simple shirts, one jacket or coat, accessories like hats and gloves etc. Then begin with a base layer and include the other layers based on the season you are going to head into. In case certain layering techniques have shown good results for you then they will equally work well for your child.

• Search extensively for various styles

Make sure you search well for the desired style that includes numerous cuts, colors, fabrics, quality and more. So, search for various styles in children’s clothes depending on these elements and don’t compromise with quality especially if you want comfort too.

These helpful tips will keep you stress-free and your kids looking fashionable and stylish this winter season. Look out for the trendiest, comfortable, affordable and global styles at

Reasons To Shop Online For Kids Clothing

Choosing and shopping for kids is fun as well as a hassle for the parents. Looking at your kids dressed up best in the attires is a memorable moment, but the visiting of brick and mortar shops is what makes the entire shopping experience a problem. It can be also at times that it end up burning a hole in your pocket. Parents must make sure of comparing the prices at various shops in order to save money, but that wastes a lot of time. However, online shopping for kids is what gives you an ultimate experience without being more of a problem as well. All you need to do is search for “” and you can find variable options available there.

Little Heart Top | Foreverkidz
A Lovely cotton top with hearts all over and lace frill neck to charm the audience.

This blog talks about the various reasons that make online shopping the only “solution” to all your problems that are related to kids fashion dresses. Let us look at the reasons to shop at Foreverkidz.

• Why shop online: The first question that pops up in the head is that why must we consider shopping online for girls party wear or boys party wear? It is easier to shop online as you get a variety of options, and it becomes easier for parents to compare the various products as well as prices. There are a lot many reasons mentioned below.

• Price Comparison: When you check a brick and mortar shop, you generally don’t have an option of bargaining or getting a lower price value for girls tutu dresses or boys shirts and t-shirts or anything for that matter. Hence, you have to settle for the amount the vendor asks for whereas; when you shop online, there is no price barrier, and you can always opt out of not buying the pricy clothes.

• Availability of Choices: From the personal experience of being a mother, I would say that availability is one of the biggest problems parents face while shopping at stores. You might like something and not get the size or the color you want. However, that does not happen with online stores. If you don’t like what you see at a particular storefront, you can always switch to other products or even styles.

• Feedback from customers: This is a practical advantage that you get to see other customer’s reviews on particular products with which, you can easily decide whether to buy the piece or not. There is always a section on the website for comments and scope for improvements, where customers put their review on the store i.e. what are their likings, and what they would want the owner to change.

• Option for Age and Gender Shopping: Majorly, all online stores for kids have an option of age and gender. The various filter options available at the store help you segregate the attires based on discounts, price as well as fashion purpose or party purpose. Based on them, there is a well-defined structure of products, from where you can easily find the clothing you’re looking for.

With stores like Foreverkidz, it has become easier for the parents to shop for their kids that too at reasonable prices and with utmost ease. Hence, go on and look for the best products this festive season for your little munchkins.

How To Buy Kids Clothes?

Shopping for kids clothes can go from a delightful experience to challenge. Whether you go shopping for them and just sit home and relax for online shopping for kids; there are some things that should be kept in mind. “The more, the merrier”, is what you should follow. Whatever be the number of dresses the kids have, it’s hard to have too many.

Slick Open Jercy | Foreverkidz
Modern New Fashioned jercy for the Little Boys.

Let us look at things that you should remember while buying kids party wear or kids fashion wear.

• Make a list of the needs: Before jumping on a conclusion to shop; you must make sure that you jot down the points of what you seek and what all clothing styles you need for your boy or girl.

• Go online: Why would you waste both time and energy on exploring every brick and mortar shop to get the best apparel, when you can get everything under one roof at Foreverkidz.

• Let them choose: Make sure you don’t get anything without the kid’s consent. After all, they are the ones who’ll be wearing the dresses. So even if it is girls frocks or boys shirts and t-shirts; ask them what they like and then decide.

• Keep a budget: Isn’t this the most important aspect to every parent? Make sure you set the budget and then start shopping in order to keep everything under control.

• Choose a perfect store: A perfect store makes sure that you come again and shop. In order to do that, it offers global styles, numerous options, affordable fashion pieces, timely delivery and easy return options. So, go for the best stores like

These were some of the options that you need to remember while getting down to shop for your kids.