How to Dress up Your Kids for This Wedding Season?

Weddings are fun. They keep us busy over a variety of outfits, matching accessories and season looks. However, ad mist all oodles of excitement, you definitely would not want your kids to show up in simple frocks or pants to the vibrant wedding. They definitely deserve outfits that can add to the buzz of the occasion. It makes them look cuter. Below are few ideas to dress up your kids this wedding season.

Go for bright colors    

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Bright colors do not mean that you can dress them up in neon colors. Instead try light colors like hues of pink, peach or coral. They look good on children, especially in the daytime. In case if its a night function, then you can go teal, turquoise and reds for your tiny tots.

Increase the cuteness factor by adding accessories

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Accessories complete the look that you need to convey. Mostly pretty satin bow for girls and bow tie for boys are preferred. Well, you have more options other than that. Try the floral crowns or matching ballerinas for your princess. Boys, on the other hand can try coolers that can give them the stud look.

Let comfort do the talking

Let comfort do the talking | Foreverkidz

You are going to be concerned about how your tiny tots is running about, jumping up and down, skidding on their knees across the dance floor. Whether you like it or not, that is what kids usually do at the weddings. So, dress them in comfortable outfits, instead of heavy designer wear. Make sure that you go cotton outfits that can support their naughtiness on the floor.

Outfits for girls

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Give importance to knee length dresses as they make them more comfortable while playing. You can try party dresses or fairy dresses for girls that can portray a cozy yet stylish look on her.

Outfit for boys

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For boys, you can try comfortable denims or pants. Match them with cute t-shirts. You will find ample of boys shirts and t-shirts on the online store of

Keep some of these tips handy to make sure that you kids rock the stage.

How to get your child ready for a Sleepaway Camp?

Seeing your tiny tots grow up is always a proud moment for the parents. However, the growing phase brings up a lot of challenges for both kids and parents. Are you facing the same situation? Is it time for your send off your child for a sleepaway camp? This blog is aimed at sharing the burden with you. The fear and worries are inevitable. However, you can keep yourself assured by preparing the camping gear in a perfect way.

How to get your child ready for Sleepaway Camp? | Foreverkidz

Listed below are some of the this that you need to stuff in the bags the younger camper. Check them out.

1. Sleeping bag

This is one the basic essential for campers. You need to get the child ready for all sorts of situations. There are lightweight sleeping bags available for kid in the market. They are easy to carry and handle. Check the review and find the perfect one.

2. Medicines

Remember to keep the first aid box in the bag of the child. The box should have the medicines for nausea, fever, stomach ache and other common problems that the child faces often. Other than this, bandages, anti-allergies, antiseptics and even mosquito-repellents are a must.

3. Clothes

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The attire for this trip is a bit different. You just can’t go with the regular stuff. The outfit for the adventurous excursions are different. The fabric of the cloth should be lightweight and airy. Boys shirts and t-shirt paired with jeans and cargo pants are ideal for the guys. While for girls you can go for dungarees or even shorts. Online shopping for kids can help you find the perfect clothes for the occasion.

4. Food and beverages

The school or the organizers must have prepared for these things. Still, you need to keep some snacks, enough water and health drinks in the bag of the child. Remember to keep some sweats and dark chocolate. This provides instant energy and regulates the blood pressure.

Other than this, make sure that you attach an identity tag with the bag. These trips are an important aspect for the entire recreation of a child. So, get over your nervousness and allow your child to become a stronger person.

Tips To Choose Kids Dresses This Winters

We all love to wear warm and cozy clothes in the winter months but, without compromising with the fashion statement. However, what kid clothes are best in winter and how to choose the best clothes for them? This is one of the concerns of the parents.

When we plan to do online shopping for kids, it takes a lot of effort and considerations that must be fulfilled to make your sunshine look pretty/handsome yet keep them warm enough.

Let us look at some of the tips that will help you get the best pair of kids fashion dresses or even kids party dresses for this winter.

• Should be comfortable: Comfort is one aspect that is necessary in every article of clothing; from an inner wear to the outer apparel such as girls tutu dress, boys party wear and other.

• Choose fabric: One must consider fabrics that are both comfortable and skin friendly. Cotton being a favorite all over the world is the best fabric for kids. You can surely team up with beautiful coats and sweaters as well.

• Get what your kids love: I know that sounds odd because the kids might be very young. You should try giving them options and let them look happy at the one they love the most. This will help them in the future as well.

• Choose from a variety: There is a plethora of styles available at the online store such as girls fairy dresses, girls frocks, boys shirts and t-shirts and more.

These were some of the shopping tips for your little kids this winter. Dress them well and accessorize with warm clothes that compliment their personality. Shop the variety of global styles for both girls and boys at