Who says Boys should wear blue?

Well, it all started a long time ago. However, it is one truth that cannot be denied and you’d find the division between girls fashion dresses in pink while the color was kept for the little boys. The situation is so that you would find the same happening not only in the brick and mortar shops but also while online shopping for kids.

Though the history isn’t clear of what or who exactly said it or did it, that’s not going to carry on if parents start picking the gender-neutral colors for boys fashion wear. Now, you might just say – What else options do the boys have apart from the blue brigade?

Well, the options are countless when it comes to dressing your baby boy in fashionable colors. Some of the boys party wear options are mentioned below.

1. Suspender pants


Definitely not blue, the rust color of the Rust Magic Pants with Suspenders is eye appealing and very handsome by the wear. The off-edge design makes your boy look absolutely stunning. Pair it up with a brown t-shirt and your little one is ready to rock any social gathering with you.

2. Polo neck Striped Fashion Tee


Who doesn’t like to keep it a little semi-casual with Polo shirts? Well, they are actually t-shirts but are termed as shirts. Also available in numerous colors (including blue) and prints, the Striped Fashion Tee is a casual wear that your sunshine can sport in the evenings during his playtime with his friends. The cotton fabric lets him feel comfortable as well.

3. The PINK set


Who said anything about pink being only for girls? Girls tutu dresses might be in pink to look extra gorgeous, but the Younger Boys Set available at Forever Kidz is definitely the set your munchkin deserves to have. The pastel pink trouser with a matching tie and pocket square, the white shirt certainly brightens up his day. It is the dapper way to state your fashion quotient.

4. Little Short set


Black is a universal color. You might want to keep that strictly for the adults because for kids, pastel colors are more often picked. But, did anyone restrict you from picking black? Nope!! So, the Lil Star Set which has a masculine pair of shorts with a half sleeves shirt, tie, and pocket square is meant just for the hep look. You can team it up with sneakers and sunglasses to beat the heat.

5. Camouflage print set

Camouflage print set

Camo print is not only the stud-type design in the adult’s fashion industry. The younger generation too is getting the hang of it. The Army Fashion Set has a camo print jersey with a hoody and a pair of lounge pants. Your son can go in for some hip-hop classes with these for sure.

Hence, blue is not the only color for boys. Dive in to find the numerous other colors that your little one can sport.

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From Awe-some to Awe-dorable…by Foreverkidz!

Girl Kid

Like every beautiful dream and turning them into passion…my story began with dressing my Gurl! Dressing kids is a form of expression…adding grace to their innocence…bringing poise and panache. Dress to impress from the age so small is in the current trends. Forever Kidz Truly lives to reach this statement. Be it a perfect gentleman like outfits or lady like dresses for the Littlies in your lives Foreverkidz.in leaves no chapters unfinished in their Fashion Story.

We believe that Life is too small to be dressing up in boring regular clothes. It surely is to be enjoyed with fun dressing with enough style and elegance. Party tailored outfits or casual funky clothing, Tutu Dresses or Part Gowns Gentle man suspender sets or funky tee with denim, we believe in style our lil leaders in no time.

Fulfilling each child’s fashion story Foreverkidz.in…A Treasured trove of Fashion. Love of designer yet affordable clothing, curating a product that delights you. Quest for fashion inspiration stops at Forevrkidz.in.

Lets get Awe-dorable and redefine the look of childhood.

The Star-Kids who are Ruling the Instagram

Remember, the movies of Bollywood back in the nineties? Long back, when it was time to get married my mother asked me,” So, what’s your next plans, when are you getting married?” I replied “The day when I find a person who resembles exactly like Rohan (Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai). She said, “Oh my filmy daughter, when are you going to get serious.”  LOL! Those were good old days. However, time has changed now. The kids now are fans of Ranveer, Ranbir, and Fawad. Well, coming back to our heroes, most of them are happily married and proud parents now. Their kids are so adorable that we just don’t feel like flipping to the next page on social media. If you haven’t seen them yet, then this blog will run your through some of the cute and adorable photos of Bollywood munchkins who are ruling the Instagram with their cuteness.

1. Sharukh Khan – Abram Khan


Shahrukh khan, the King of Bollywood, has won our hearts with his amazing hits till now. It is now time for his son to steal the show. The handsome actor has three children now and the youngest one is Abram Khan. He was recently spotted in a striped Boys Shirt which added to his cuteness. His father is busy giving him a teeny weeny massage by rubbing his ears.

2. Shilpa Shetty – Viaan Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty - Viaan Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty, the Dhadkan star, has won our hearts with her charm and elegance. She got married to Raj Kundra, the British businessman in the year 2009. The actress is now the mother of an adorable munchkin, named Viaan. In an Instagram, they are seen posing happily with beautiful swans in the water. It looks like the duo loves posing for photographs.

3. Shahid Kapoor – Misha kapoor


Shahid Kapoor has been the chocolate boy since Ishq Vishq. Soon, the young man has turned into an adorable father of a cutie pie named as Misha. Misha’s pictures were kept secret for some time, but later Shahid made his fan’s happy by releasing them. In the above image, he is seen having a fun pool time with his missy. It won’t be wrong to state that she’s the recent internet sensation.

4. Kareena Kapoor – Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi

Kareena Kapoor - Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi

Poo ( as she was called in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum) is happily married to Saif Ali Khan, the tenth Nawab of Pataudi. They have a cute bunny now named as Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. He has already started winning the hearts by doing rounds in the social media. Look how cute he looks posing with her mother.

5. Hrithik Roshan – Hreehan and Hridhan Roshan


The “Kaho Na Pyaar hai” fame got married to Sussanne khan in December. They are blessed with two charming prince’s and they look as handsome as their father. In the post below, he has mentioned that it took hours to convince his boys for the suits and photo shoot. Don’t they look charming? After seeing this one, I had decided to get a similar suit for my kid and a photoshoot as well. With Online shopping for kids made easier, I found one in Foreverkidz. However, the photo shoot is scheduled for the next week. Hoping to get some candid pictures clicked.

Hope you enjoyed reading it! Share the picture of your favorite star kid in the comment below.

How online shopping for kids made shopping fun for me?

Despite belonging to a digital generation, I always avoided shopping online, specially for apparel. I prefer having the look and feel of the fabric before buying clothes. Once I had to buy clothes for my niece and didn’t get time to go to the shop, so, I had to opt for online shopping. As that was the first time I was shopping for a child, I was very confused. Fortunately, internet resolved my problem. There are many e-commerce sites operating these days with ample options. I never thought shopping for a kid will be that fun.

Online Shopping for Kids Fashion

The first best thing about online shopping for kidsonline shopping for kids is the convenience. It used to take an entire day to visit 2-3 stores However, through internet I checked almost 10 sites and compared the variety, designs and prices. After just an hour of surfing I landed up at foreverkidz.in. Their collection had a strong mix of design, trend and fair pricing. The best part was that all the outfits were categorized according to the occasion, so, this reduced a lot of my efforts.

I felt that at the physical stores the salesman tends to lure you into buying more thing and they put a lot of stress on the thing they want to sell. I usually get influenced by salesmen and end up buying wrong stuff. However, by shopping online I could make my own decision without anyone’s interference.

There was a vast variety that these online stores was offering. I had never seen so many options at any physical store, to be honest. There were clothes for every occasion. I was not even aware of the latest trending kids fashion. However, online shopping introduced me to tutu dress, princess dresses and many more.

Shopping has always been a nightmare for a lethargic person like me, but these online sites made life easy for me. I had fun while shopping, for a change and the dress that I bought for my niece that day was appreciated by everyone.

Shop online summer dresses for your little one

Being a parent is something that is an unspeakably hard thing and while it may be one of the most joyous things that any person can do. It is also a huge strain on anyone. It is hard to explain the sheer commitment that parenthood takes to anyone who has not been a parent yet, but we were all children once and can at least have some sense of how hard it must have been for our parents to bring us up.

summer dresses for kids

But, shopping dresses for kids are always charming and shopping provides fun and excitement to the parents. The experience picked up pace while browsing baby outfits is always fabulous. Kids outfits became more attractive after renowned fashion designers imparted their skills, knowledge and experience in making the apparels more comfortable and gorgeous.

Girls dresses online- There is always a strong desire to create a combination of some different styles with a blend of glamour and refinement. Also, with a new attitude based on simplicity, sentiment and beauty. And, also there are some famous fashion designers who design best as well as the comfortable summer dresses. They generally use soft materials and fine fabrics. The touch of magic illuminates the runways of many summer collections with vibrant colors. So, you can buy dresses which are made up of cotton (like cotton skirts, t-shirts, girls frocks and many more) for your princess.

Boys dresses online- The designer summer collection for boys clothing is full of energy and spirit. Clothing style for boys often comes in light blue, cream, olive and some other neutral colors. The dresses also come in a slim fitted pattern, but usually you think that will not so comfortable. So, it is better that your kid goes for Boys shirts and t-shirts, jeans, cotton shirts, s and much more.

Here are a few tips provided for you all to make shopping enjoyable and convenient:

1. Check for the season- There are possibilities that you might get carried away when they observe fascinating clothes and dresses available at various online stores. You might shop for dresses which might be useless during winters or spring. So, be careful and shop the current as well as pre-seasonal dresses.

2. Also listen to your baby’s preference- Dresses for kids are designed with stripes, dots, flowers, animation and some cute pictures. Both baby boy and girl admire such clothing. Boys might like dark colors and superhero pictures printed on the clothes. Whereas, girls might appreciate flowers and dolls printed on their dresses. So, shop according to the baby’s perspective and comfort.

3. Shop wisely- You will hardly care about the cost when you are going to shop for your cute ones. As a result, you can spend more money on clothes as compared to the market price of the dress. So, when you are shopping online you have be little wise.

4. Do not stock up- You will always get fascinated and tend to buy several things in one go. Dresses for kids come with several eye-catching selections and options. Always buy single or two pieces of any category like rompers, shirts and pajamas. For example, if you shop autumn or winter shirts for baby boys, then just buy one or two pieces. This does not mean not buying other clothing, but buying only a single piece of each category.

So, do not stock up on an item. It will be disappointing. Want to buy the most trendy and stylish clothes online from the comfort and the privacy of your own home? Choose a wide range of sumer dresses from foreverkidz.in.

Summer- big fun for lil ones

Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling between spring and autumn. In the last few years, there has been a significant shift in fashion, especially in fashion for kids had been significant shift. It used to be so cute, so girlish, so boyish, so pink and so blue.

Nowadays the styles and trends are adopted from adult’s fashion runways and transformed into kid’s clothing pieces that are more practical and wearable. These days children look chic in their sharp outfits. There are many famous fashion designers who offer their imagination in miniature versions.

So the clothing trends for this summer for your kids are-

Girls clothing- 

Gorgeous Tulle Affair with Trail (Maroon)

(1) If the look is cool and casual your girl can wear some summer dress with funky prints or even bright bold colors. You also go for a nice top with shorts or capri pants.

(2) In this summer the other stylish look for parties is the tutu dresses that give a very girly look and makes your girl look like a princess for the big special day.

(3) You can also keep dresses more stylish as you can team-up the denim skirt with a plain top and a funky jacket.

Boys clothing- 

Star Boy Shirt

(1) The cutest look for boys is the classic vintage look. As, that can be achieved with pairing some soft and faded denims over boys shirts and t-shirts and a jacket over it. The look can also be interchanged with vintage pants, shirts and accessories.

(2) One of the very popular style with boys look is the sport star look because boys love spots. A nice football jersey or a t-shirt of their favorite player or team over a pair of shorts or track-pants will look amazing.

(3) The cool and casual look for boys is teaming a t-shirt with shorts, denims or cargo pants. You can experiment with half sleeved shirts and funky prints also.

Parents are you anxiously waiting to priview and be able to purchase creations for the best summer cloths for their kids this summer? Visit foreverkidz.in as you can get a lot of summer collections for your kids.