Rakshabandhan: A bond of love between brother and sister

Finally, Raksha Bandhan or what we call raakhi is finally here. More popularly known as the day of the siblings, there’s a lot of love and emotional bonding that the festival celebrates. Celebrated throughout India and also in countries like Nepal, the term “Rakshabandhan” means “to tie a knot of protection”. Adorable as it sounds, the sisters tie a colorful band or raakhi on the wrist of her brother (not only blood relations but cousins also).

Raksha Bandhan

What is the origin of Rakshabandhan?

If you are wondering where it all began, the festival goes back to the time of Mahabharata. It is believed that when Krishna had accidentally cut his hand, Draupadi tore-off a portion from her saree and put it around the wound for healing it. On the other hand, when she was undergoing the torment in the hands of the Kauravas, Krishna used the same portion of saree to turn it into a saree to save her dignity. It is believed that Krishna fulfilled his promise to protect Draupadi (sister). Since then, the festival has been celebrated across the country. In the ancient age, the brothers would visit their sisters in her in-law’s house where she has been married off to get the raakhi tied and exchange gifts with her as well.

The festival is all about the love, bonding, care and protective feeling that the siblings share and the festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm in today’s time. From the adults celebrating the festival, it is the little ones who look adorable wearing beautiful girls ethnic wear and the brothers wearing boys party wear doing all the customs involved in the festival.

How to make Rakshabandhan special for your little kids?

The very purpose of celebrating Rakshabandhan lies in cherishing the special bond between the brother and the sister. But when it comes to helping your little ones celebrate the day with full enthusiasm and zest, you can do a lot of things that would brighten up their day.

Kids Ethnic Wear

Image Source: Stunning Orange and Pink Tradition

  • Buy beautiful and colorful kids ethnic wear

The very first thing that you as an effective mother or father would want to do is to shop the best kids ethnic wear for them. Your princess can do really well with the girls lehenga choli set or Anarkali suit for girls and boys kurta pajama set or anything else that would be comfortable. You can choose from the numerous options that are available while online shopping for kids.

  • Pick a suitable gift (for both)

Yes, when you talk about gifts for Rakshabandhan, you would generally think that gifts on the festival are for girls. On the contrary, you would want to pick a gift for your little boy as well. Sisters (adults) these days would love the idea of exchanging the gifts with their brothers. As a parent of little ones, you could do that for your young ones.

  • Make the day special

Take your kids out and let them enjoy a day with each other playing, eating their favorite food and anything that they would want to do. You can plan the entire day with them and they’d be glad to enjoy the day.

In the broader sense, the festival of Rakshabandhan signifies a lot more than just a celebration. Make the day memorable for your little ones.

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Mum and Mini Style!

“God could not be present everywhere, so he created mothers” – This is a famous saying which we see across the social medias. In the same way, “ Angels could not be present everywhere, so God created daughters.” Lucky is the woman, whose first child is a girl. The little munchkins make our lives sweeter. So, when they make our lives colorful what can you do to make their childhood more memorable? The below blog comprises of duo combinations where they are seen dressing the same way and have a fun photo shoot too. Scan on to check out their style.

1. The Peach combo


The adorable duo is seen in peach colors. The mini one dons a tutu dress, while mom is seen in a mermaid type dress that looks beautiful on her. Both of them steal our hearts effortlessly. Imagine the fun that they would have had during the photo shoot.

2. The Pinkistan


The duo is seen wearing a pink dress which is covered by a zebra jacket. The mommy is seen carrying her bunny in a basket, which looks cute to the core. Both of them look so adorable that they instantly bring a smile on our faces.

3.  The Desi girls

The Desi girls

The Desi girls in the below image look stylish in their ethnic dresses. The magenta and the orange shade combination delivers a bright and elegant look. The mother is seen teaching her daughter how to dry her nail polish. The munchkin is sure to become a big fashionista in the future.

4. The selfie queens


The selfie queens can be seen in a charming tutu dress that looks cute on both of them. Mommy is beautiful capturing her flashes and that moment is clicked by the intelligent photographer to create a candid picture. The big smile on the chubby little face clarifies that she is just like her mommy in terms of selfies.

5.  The cozy team


Its summers and its perfect time to pull out the cozy T-shirts and pants. The cool mom and her munchkin are wearing a Minnie mouse t-shirt, paired with black pants. The matching headbands complete their attire. The comfortable outfit keeps them breezy and relaxed.

I’m sure that the above images would have bought an idea to try them out on yourselves. Online shopping for kids has been made easy with a click of buttons. Grab any party wear for girls and try purchasing a same colored dress online for yourself as well. Try them out and do not fail to post your pictures, so that we too can have a look at your beautiful pictures.

Make your Kid a Star like Abram Khan

Abram Khan, the cutie pie of the Bollywood chamber is the youngest son of King Khan. He has won the hearts of many people in and around the B-Town. Currently, this tiny tot didn’t miss the opportunity to steal the show at the IPL match with his father where the duo was caught sporting the same matching tattoos. The cute kid has always been the star of the show due to his charming smile and smart outfits that he dons.

Today, we will be discussing attire styles that Abram Khan usually dons.  He once wore a white cotton buttoned up shirt and blue denim for the song shoot of his father’s movie(“Happy New Year”). Well, this outfit might not seem difficult to try, however, the light colors can give a casual appeal for the summers. Cotton can keep your kid calm and relaxed. One of our munchkin models for Foreverkidz had tried this style but in a different way.

             Picture10boys clothing

If you take a look at this superhero of ours, then you will notice him wearing a neon colored cotton blended pants with a white fitted cotton t-shirt. The white tee has a blue inner tape on its collar. The swag style is perfect for all the naughty kids out there.


In the second image, he is seen wearing a dungaree set for the Fan audio launch. Grab this appeal with the Cute Star Dungaree set.


In the third image, he is wearing a gray waistcoat with a white shirt tucked in black pants. You will find a similar outfit that one of our cutie pie is wearing and posing his best for the photo shoot.

This can be a true staple for any casual day wear. You can try this style for your fashionistas. A styling tip for this attire can be pair of sunglasses with matching white shoes. Let your prince sport this outfit for the casual outings and parties and watch him instantly gaining the center of attraction crown.

Online shopping for kids is now just a click away. There are a plenty of boys dresses online that you can try for your munchkins. Grab the collections from Foreverkidz.com at affordable prices.

This is the Story of My Boy!

My Prince, Arnav, who is always known for his naughtiness, came up to me one day saying that he needs to dress his best to impress his classmate Riya. My husband and I started laughing very hard, but, still, we asked him that what was the need to do so. He said, “ I have to dress well for my birthday  so that Riya can sit with me in  class.” Well, We couldn’t say no to our munchkin’s cute request. So, we decided that we will shop online this time as it has more options when compared to the other modes of shopping.

We scrolled through a lot of websites and finally landed on Foreverkidz which had a plethora of designs. Arnav was so excited that he wanted all of them. So, we ended up buying a bunch of clothes for him. Below are some of the styles that we chose for him and maybe you should too for your kid. Scan on to find out.

1. The Gentleman in style


The first outfit that we couldn’t ignore. The bunny in this picture is seen wearing a sophisticated three-piece suit that includes a coat, pant, and the vest set. This cotton style is easy to carry for all seasons.   We bought this set and styled it with bow tie and colorful sneakers that instantly made him the star of the show. Additionally, We also used a pair of coolers to complete the look.

2. The cool brat set

boys clothing

The next thing that we bought was the cool brat set. It consists of a t-shirt with a waistcoat paired with denims.

This boy’s t-shirt style is made up of jercy cotton to make the child feel comfortable for the season. We used a pair of mocassins to stylize the outfit.

3. The Little Neon Heart breaker

The third outfit that made my son excited was the little white shirt paired with the neon color pants. The funky combination of neon and white was extra ordinarily cool.

boys clothing

This neon colored pant set is the perfect swag style for all the tiny tots out there. It is made up of a light jercy cotton t-shirt and blended cotton fabric pants that are thin and light to feel comfortable.

The thing that we loved about this chic set is the white tee, which has a collar with blue inner tape. We never knew that online shopping for kids would have so many options.

Above, are some of the casual wear that I bought for my rabbit. We are sure to come back again for the festive season lined up for the year.

Dress up your boy for the Sports Meet

 Since the summers are almost up, hence it can be the perfect time for many schools to arrange the sports meet. With sports like races or marshaling, the kids will be busy practicing for the day. When they will be toiling hard for the medals, a little effort from your side can also help them. For example, take dresses, the dress code can be plain white or uniforms for the senior classes, but for tiny tots, it’s generally kept as colored. Below are some ideas that you can use for dressing up your kid for the event.

boys clothing

1. Prefer cottons

The summer days can be scorching hot. To keep them comfortable throughout the event dress up your kids in light fabrics like cotton boys shirts or t-shirts. Cotton is known for its absorbing capacity. They allow the skin to breathe by absorbing the sweat. For bottom options, you can try shorts or pants in breathable fabrics.

2. Comfort is certainly the key here

The foot plays an important role while running or doing any activity. Make sure that you obtain the properly sized shoes for your prince so that he doesn’t feel the itchiness or pain on his foot. Prefer enclosed shoes as the kids will be on feet all day, the grass and sand can cause infections or germs. Opt for proper cotton socks to prior to wearing shoes.

3. Accessories

Finally, you can add some sports accessories to complete the look. Opt for caps or wristbands that match with the outfit to complete the look.   Some other key pieces that you can carry with you for him can be  Water bottle. Energy drinks to gain an instant energy when the body glucose is drained out. A short towel to wipe out the sweat. Fruits to munch on in between breaks.

The above-mentioned are some of the tips that you can try for your kids. Online shopping for kids can help you to choose the required attire for the day. Checkout Foreverkidz.in to ensure that you present your prince in the best light.

Colors in Kids Clothing

Have you ever tried to buy your kids fashion dresses according to specific colors? You would have done that, but have you ever tried thinking that why only red for parties or yellow for picnics? You wouldn’t have done this. The reason behind selecting different colors for various occasions is because every color is unique and represents a unique quality.

Pretty in Peplum Dress (Red)

This blog talks about the various colors available kids clothing online.

1. Pink: Often referred as to girl’s colors, pink is known for cheerfulness and calming effect. Girls princess dress or t-shirts with light pink color can be used for children who show signs of aggression.

2. Red: Referred to as passionate, red is known to excite and energize the young mind. It energizes kids and brings the boring, monotonous day to life. You can try boys shirts and t-shirts and girls tutu dress in red in order to add fashion to the color.

3. Yellow: Yellow has always been related to brightness and sunshine. Shades of yellow signify different things like light yellow is for improved concentration while bright yellow motivates memory retention. However, dark yellows can be negative for the young fellows.

4. Green: Green is the color for earthiness and soothing effect. Hence, it is one of the healthiest colors for the growing kids. Scientifically, it improves cognition as well as comprehension in terms of studies. Choose a lot of green in food as well as clothing for both girls and boys.

5. Blue: Shades of blue conveys a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding. On the other hand, it reduces anxiety and aggression in the kids. Blue is loved by all; whether it girls party dresses or boys party dresses.

These are the basic colors that should be incorporated in the wardrobe of kids from all age groups. You can find a plethora of colors mentioned above as well as more in the inventory of foreverkidz.in. So what is your child going to wear today?