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How to motivate your Girl to look fashionable?

Girls smart wear

Do you think looking fashionable is essential for kids? Is it one of the effective mother’s traits that makes their kids so fashionable? Talking specifically about girls smart wear, there’s a lot of hype among the elders. Talking by the example, I myself have never been the chicest and fashionable sorts because I liked to

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Fashion costumes that kids love to get into

Fashion costumes for kids

Who doesn’t like to be fashionable? Whether it is the adults or the little kiddos, everyone deserves to have some things that are just meant for pleasure rather than anything else. Kids fashion dresses are many, but some of the trends that kids love are few. Children love fancy costumes and they have all the

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Top 7 Halloween Costumes for kids


India is going global. What?? You must be thinking what does this actually mean?? And, does it even fit in kids fashion wear blog? Well, I would just say that with Foreverkidz, kids fashion is going global and so are the trends. Halloween is one festival that might just be celebrated with all the enthusiasm,

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6 Fancy dress looks that your kid should have

We all know what fancy dress means to kids. I remember my time when our school hosted this competition every year and so many students came up with the unique ideas that would get them to be the winner. The whole idea of holding or organizing fancy dress competition is not only to build up

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