How to motivate your Girl to look fashionable?

Do you think looking fashionable is essential for kids? Is it one of the effective mother’s traits that makes their kids so fashionable? Talking specifically about girls smart wear, there’s a lot of hype among the elders. Talking by the example, I myself have never been the chicest and fashionable sorts because I liked to carry the sober look without looking too decked up. However, the times have changed and so has the meaning of looking fashionable. Now, wearing beautiful girls smart wear and fashion dresses that level up your elegance is what’s considered fashionable.

Girls smart wear


My daughter is just like me. She doesn’t like being fancy at all. I have been trying to convince her, allure her and do everything that it takes, but the results are negligible. However, I often show her girls smart wear online which she finds amusing sometimes and hence, would want to have it but still not confident.

How I motivated her and how she now wants to buy different girls summer dresses and other girls smart wear options is exactly what I’ll be talking about in this blog.

1. Try to be the role model

Girls smart wear is something that brightens up with the little one’s charm. If your daughter isn’t happily wearing the girls summer dresses, she won’t be able to look fashionable to the best. One of the many ways to motivate her to take a closer look at the girls smart wear is looking fashionable yourself. Dress your best and feel beautiful so that she takes the queue from you and starts liking what she’s looking.

2. Expose her to the different girls smart wear options

Go ahead and bring her to Forever Kidz and let her explore the website that is all about girls smart wear. With innumerable options including tutu dress, girls party wear, fairy dresses and other girls smart wear options, she would certainly feel the pep inside and want to dress in those gorgeously charming dresses.

3. Give her the perks of looking good in girls smart wear

Looking good has its own perks. However, the perks are different for adults and kids. Talk to her about the beautiful colors, drapes, lengths and their favorite celebrity dresses and see if she wants something that resembles in her girls smart wear category. Well, if the stars are in your favor, she’ll definitely find something that she really adores and would want to wear that.

Just remember, looking fashionable doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time and with the help of girls smart wear, your little one will definitely be motivated.

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Kids Fashion Trends 2018

At Forever Kidz, we make sure that today’s kids are dressed in the best and the trendiest of clothes. After all, why should adults have all the fun??

From the star kids who are ruling Instagram these days to the trendsetters on the social media, the common kids are no way behind.

What are the children’s fashion trends on the horizon for 2018?

We understand that there are so many other fashion trends to keep a watch on, there are some children’s fashion trends which are here to stay. Among them is a return to classicism, traditional children’s clothes that are elegant and timeless.

Pink, Yellow and Floral prints are in for girls

Summers are already here and for girls, floral prints are something that they would want to wear any time of the year. Bold flowers or teeny-weeny ones, they can have anything this year – the entire year. Moreover, having floral with pink and yellow or other pastel shades. You can buy the right size for your little one as girls party wear or even for the regular fashion dresses.

Checks and set for the boys

Checks never go out of fashion for boys – young or adult. Think of the munchkins walking around wearing the formal or semi-formal check shirts. To take it to the next level, you can pick some sets for your son. Elbow patches on knitwear are also ‘in’ next season. Does your boy have checks or sets? Well, sets are available in numerous combinations. From shirt and pant to shirt/pant/shrug/accessory (tie, hat or anything like that). So, depending on what your little one likes and can handle, you can pick that.

You can shop the look for the coming season.


The Little Boy Check Fashion Set is an ideal way to make your munchkin look cooler in the summers. This cotton set has 2 pieces with a suit jacket and shorts.

Checkerboard Style Bowtie

This might just be a check bow tie, but this can be worn with a solid suit as boys party wear and make your kid look dapper in the same. The bold black and white check certainly stand out and would brighten up his personality.

Charming Ring Bearer Set

The Charming Ring Bearer Set has a faux silk shirt with check shorts made of cotton linen with suspenders. The combination looks really striking with a check bow tie that complements his personality on a summer picnic or a family get-together.


The Blooming Floral Playsuit is a perfect one-piece that your girl can just wear and move on or play around. The combination of pink and floral print looks plain gorgeous on her.


The Daffodil Yellow Dress is a girls frock that is the perfect show-stopper at any party. The huge satin bow in the back glamorizes the show of the frock dress.


Who can forget the ethnic wear for girls for sure? The Pink Flower Power Lehenga Choli is definitely in for the next wedding in your family.

There are many other options available at You can check it out and make your little ones look trendy.

Fashion costumes that kids love to get into

Who doesn’t like to be fashionable? Whether it is the adults or the little kiddos, everyone deserves to have some things that are just meant for pleasure rather than anything else. Kids fashion dresses are many, but some of the trends that kids love are few. Children love fancy costumes and they have all the right have some in their closet.

The thrill that they get when they slip into them, the shine in their eyes while telling their friends about it, the stud feeling they have when they get to flaunt the fashion appeal effortlessly and so much is clearly why we parent pick them certain articles. In order to be there for our little ones, we make sure that they get to enjoy fashion costumes some or the other times.

Have you seen your little one standing in front of the television and imitating their favorite superhero or cartoon character? With a towel that becomes their cape or a tutu dress that becomes their Cinderella gown, that’s all they need to have to be happy.

If your child is going to attend a costume party or loves to get ready and be a specific personality, then here are a few kids party wear ideas which you might want to consider so that you can buy something which your kid will love.

1. Superheros

The very first and the most popular among the loved costumes or dresses that kids cling onto are of the Superheros. Whether it the Batman, Superman or the Avengers and so on, the list of superheroes is very long. When you have an industry that provides what you’re looking for, you’ll find ample options available while online shopping for kids. You might see that because of the popularity of the little ones, your child might get too common because the other kids would also choose the same option. Teach them to be out of the crowd and be the individual that looks different.

2. Angels and mythical creatures

While the first one is more about boys, being the subtle and the most beautiful one like an angel is all about girls. Being the pixie like Tinker Bell or being an angel with a wand in the hand and girls fairy dresses this is an ideal choice for your little one. Let her be her when she sways her layered dress and spreads the magic with the gown. Isn’t this that we all want for our little angels?

3. Prince and princess

Whether your baby girl loves to be the Belle of Beauty & the Beast or the prince charming of a fairy tale, every little kid wants to be something or the other. Girls gowns or baby frocks online are some options that you have.

What’s your little one going to be? Do let us know in the comments below.

Top 7 Halloween Costumes for kids

India is going global. What?? You must be thinking what does this actually mean?? And, does it even fit in kids fashion wear blog? Well, I would just say that with Foreverkidz, kids fashion is going global and so are the trends. Halloween is one festival that might just be celebrated with all the enthusiasm, the festive fever can be seen all over the world including India.

Think about your kids celebrating and enjoying themselves as dolls, fairies, superman, batman and what not??

What do you want your kid to be this year when that Halloween party invite comes in?

Confused?? Take a look now.

1. Fairy or Tinker Bell


From the Peter Pan fame, Tinker Bell (Peter Pan’s friend) has always been loved by the little girls. With the butterfly-like wings and pixie-dust to make things brighter and happier, the mythical creature is the tiny creature. All you need is a pair of wings with options in baby frocks online and a floral tiara.

2. Minion


Ooh..banana…. Whether you want to be King Bob or Kevin from the Minions movie, think about the cuteness overloaded. With that yellow costume, a banana in the hand and big round glasses, he’ll be the center of attraction.

3. Wonder woman/ Superwoman

Aren’t all the kids crazy about comics and the superficial characters in them? While the boys go yay-yay about Batman and Superman, girls would be fascinated by Wonder woman and Superwoman. Make them the bold and beautiful younger versions of them and let them save the world.

4. Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

If you’ve seen the movie Alice in Wonderland, you cannot forget the Mad Hatter. The colorful character who’s always about the array of hats he has. With that mini blazer, the smile and the glittery eyes would do the magic.

5. Baby bat

Baby bat

With those tiny ears on the head and the carved out wings attached on both the sides and that smile to brighten up the party, what else would need??

6. Joker


When there’s Batman, Joker should not be far behind. With a boys shirt, pant and blazer, all your baby boy needs that makeup to get into the Joker spirit. Do you love joker’s character?? Well, everyone does.

7. Belle

girls party wear

Which little girl doesn’t want to be the “Beauty” from the “Beauty and the Beast”? Every young girl dreams to be like Belle and wear that girls party wear or fairy dress to spread the magic everywhere. Let them be and give them this moment to be one.

What’s your choice? Do let us know in the comments below.

6 Fancy dress looks that your kid should have

We all know what fancy dress means to kids. I remember my time when our school hosted this competition every year and so many students came up with the unique ideas that would get them to be the winner. The whole idea of holding or organizing fancy dress competition is not only to build up the confidence among the little ones but let them think out of the box when it comes to picking their kids fashion dresses.

No matter what you choose to be, the fun part is that you either rent the dress from a shop or get it made specifically in order to make sure that there’s no other piece anywhere else.

Thinking about being out-of-the-box, these fancy dress looks will certainly amaze you and give you a heads up for the next fancy dress competition.

1. Traffic signal

boy wearing traffic signal outfit

Sounds easy?? Well, it is and it is quite unusual too. All you need is black chart paper and red, green and yellow colored papers which can be cut out in the best way. Stick all the circular cut-outs of the colored papers and stick on the chart paper in a way that traffic signals are. Now, you can make your child wear any kids fashion dress in the color black on which he/she can wear the same. What would be better is that you have a lengthy chart paper with a cut-out in the center that can be hanged around your child’s neck. This way, it won’t come off and your kid will also stay comfortable.

2. Barbie Doll

girl in tutu dress

The younger girls have always been quite fascinated with Barbie dolls and how they dressed up. It was more like a girls beauty pageant Not only this, the different versions of the doll had taken the world by its craze. Whether it was the holiday barbie or the tea party version. You can choose to be Bella Swan or Rapunzel or any other sorts with the girls frocks or any baby girl dresses party wear which suits your sunshine.

With all the drapes, layers, charming colors and alluring appeal, your daughter will shine among the others.

3. State representative

kids in south indian outfit

You might have seen a lot of girls being Mother India with the tricolor sarees and all the makeup. What you can do to bring in some innovation is – you can choose a state and dress your little one according to that. Whether it is a “Punjabi kudi” (a girl from Punjab) or a tiny “Sardar ji” (a young man with a turban). Likewise, you can even try your boy to be a Tamilian with lungi and shirt and so much more. With all the ethnic dresses for them available online, you have all the options.

4. He-man


You might have heard a lot about the newer superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, and more, but have you heard of He-Man?? Probably you and I know who he was because he was the hero of our era. Though the muscular superhero wore not a lot of clothes, you can pick a whole dress for your munchkin with the muscles and accessories on the same.

5. Pumpkin

kid in pumpkin outfit

With Halloween around the corner, pumpkin or what we call as Jack-O’-Lantern would be a great idea for your kid. With chart paper cut-outs glued on cardboard and painted to be like a pumpkin, all you’d need is a pumpkin top or hat to top of the look. Green colored pants would be the ideal outfit that you boy/girl can wear to compliment the orange.

6. Tarzan or princess of Jungle

Kid in targen outfit

All you need is a skin colored boys t-shirt with chart paper cut-out as Tarzan’s skirt. For the jungle princess, you need to collect big leaves from the nearby plants (original or fake) and a body suit (brown color). You can fix them in a way that the kids look like they belong to the jungle and not the city.

Which character would you want your child to be??

The Star-Kids who are Ruling the Instagram

Remember, the movies of Bollywood back in the nineties? Long back, when it was time to get married my mother asked me,” So, what’s your next plans, when are you getting married?” I replied “The day when I find a person who resembles exactly like Rohan (Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai). She said, “Oh my filmy daughter, when are you going to get serious.”  LOL! Those were good old days. However, time has changed now. The kids now are fans of Ranveer, Ranbir, and Fawad. Well, coming back to our heroes, most of them are happily married and proud parents now. Their kids are so adorable that we just don’t feel like flipping to the next page on social media. If you haven’t seen them yet, then this blog will run your through some of the cute and adorable photos of Bollywood munchkins who are ruling the Instagram with their cuteness.

1. Sharukh Khan – Abram Khan


Shahrukh khan, the King of Bollywood, has won our hearts with his amazing hits till now. It is now time for his son to steal the show. The handsome actor has three children now and the youngest one is Abram Khan. He was recently spotted in a striped Boys Shirt which added to his cuteness. His father is busy giving him a teeny weeny massage by rubbing his ears.

2. Shilpa Shetty – Viaan Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty - Viaan Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty, the Dhadkan star, has won our hearts with her charm and elegance. She got married to Raj Kundra, the British businessman in the year 2009. The actress is now the mother of an adorable munchkin, named Viaan. In an Instagram, they are seen posing happily with beautiful swans in the water. It looks like the duo loves posing for photographs.

3. Shahid Kapoor – Misha kapoor


Shahid Kapoor has been the chocolate boy since Ishq Vishq. Soon, the young man has turned into an adorable father of a cutie pie named as Misha. Misha’s pictures were kept secret for some time, but later Shahid made his fan’s happy by releasing them. In the above image, he is seen having a fun pool time with his missy. It won’t be wrong to state that she’s the recent internet sensation.

4. Kareena Kapoor – Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi

Kareena Kapoor - Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi

Poo ( as she was called in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum) is happily married to Saif Ali Khan, the tenth Nawab of Pataudi. They have a cute bunny now named as Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. He has already started winning the hearts by doing rounds in the social media. Look how cute he looks posing with her mother.

5. Hrithik Roshan – Hreehan and Hridhan Roshan


The “Kaho Na Pyaar hai” fame got married to Sussanne khan in December. They are blessed with two charming prince’s and they look as handsome as their father. In the post below, he has mentioned that it took hours to convince his boys for the suits and photo shoot. Don’t they look charming? After seeing this one, I had decided to get a similar suit for my kid and a photoshoot as well. With Online shopping for kids made easier, I found one in Foreverkidz. However, the photo shoot is scheduled for the next week. Hoping to get some candid pictures clicked.

Hope you enjoyed reading it! Share the picture of your favorite star kid in the comment below.