The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Mother’s Day falls on the 13th of May this year.

Mother's Day

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Have you thought about what you’re to give your mommy darling? The best mother’s day gift for a mom from her babies would definitely be the unconditional love and anything that comes straight from the heart. If you are looking forward to easy-to-make ideas or simple gift ideas that’ll brighten up your mom’s day, this is the right place for you to be.

This blog lays down some of the easiest DIY techniques that would melt your effective mother’s heart because her little one has put in a LOT of effort and time in making it to up her on her day. Go ahead and find out the gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

1. Handprint cards

The very first and the easiest on the list is the Hand-made cards with fingerprints or footprints made in a way that it brings a smile your mommy’s face this Mother’s Day. Being an elder (brother, sister or daddy), you can help your child make flowers with fingers, feet, fist and more. For example, the ones mentioned below are an easy way to do it with paints.


Making bookmarks have always been the fanciest things to do and if you mom loves to read books, this could be the best gift. What you can do here is – cut out different-shaped lengths like a rectangle, cylindrical, and more. Once done, leave some space on the top to tie a tiny ribbon whereas; on the rest of it, you can paste small photos of your family. Moreover, you can replace the photos with dried and pressed flowers as well. If you like to be more creative, you can cut out shapes like the beetle, ladybird, butterfly and more and paste it on the top-end of the bookmark. Hence, do like mentioned above.

3. A handmade drawing

A picture says a thousand words. Quite rightly said by someone, you can encourage your little one to draw a painting or a sketch or just a pencil outline for his/her mother. He or she can draw anything that they relate to their mother. It can be an angel, fairy godmother, pillar, cook, playtime or anything at all. What matters is that the feeling should come out. You, on the other hand, can frame it and wrap it so that the kiddo can give to her/his mother.

4. Family photo collage

Last, but definitely not the least on the list can be a photo collage of the memories that the kid can think of. From the time he/she was born till today, all the photographs can be clubbed together and a beautiful collage can be made as a perfect gift for the mothers. You can help him/her cut out the shapes or paste them into a random format and that’s how collages are made.

Well, that’s about the kids giving gifts to their mothers on Mother’s Day. What about mothers giving them in return? Mothers can make good use of online shopping for kids and pick a beautiful tutu dress for girls or boys shirts and t-shirts for the young man. There is a gamut of options for them to choose from at

Happy Mother’s Day you all proud mommies!!

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Empower your Kids with these steps

“Empower children’s lives and they’ll be able to change the world” ~Timothy Pina

As parents, we all want to raise kids who are confident, smart and have the potential to change the world and make it a better place. When you raise such kids, you know that the world is going to be a better place. Seeing that your kid growing the way you’ve always wanted to be is definitely a pleasure to see but somewhere deep down you have the fear that he/she might not need you anymore.

Mommy with kids



But, as a good parent, empowering your kids is your responsibility and it has its own benefits to your family, society and on a bigger platform to the world.

So, what do you do to empower your kids? Take a tour of the practical tips mentioned below.

1. Give them a choice

By giving them a choice from a very young age makes them a strong person in the future. Starting to understand which girls party wear to choose and when to stop talking and listen to the others are some of the examples where they can make their own choices. Choice and voice go together. Allowing your child choice gives them a voice in what directly relates to them and their daily life.

2. Let them have a voice – make sure you listen

Every kid has something to say. All you have to do is listen. Go ahead and ask them how their day was at school or after they come back from playing. When they start talking, make sure you leave what you’re doing and listen to them carefully. This way they’ll understand the importance of listening while somebody else is talking.

3. Give them responsibilities

Ask them to serve water to the guests or settle their school bag for the next day themselves or give them any responsibility that would keep them occupied. Teach them to open the fridge and make sandwiches for themselves so that they don’t have to starve. Eventually, they’ll be able to survive without you by making food for themselves. Responsibilities will shape up their personality step by step. Hence, you are making him/her a better person. My three year old knows how chapatis are made and she even tries, but I give her other responsibilities like choosing between tutu dress or jeans top for now.

4. Teach them respect

Respect is something that has become more like the endangered characteristic trait and most probably it go extinct in a few decades. If you do not teach your kids to respect others from a very young age, you don’t even know how the world will treat him/her later. When you teach them how to respect now – both himself/herself as well as the others, you will make them have an upper hand in almost everything they do. Respecting others will diminish the chances of them being persuaded into any wrongdoings or have better prospects in relationships, both personal and professional.

5. Let them take risks

When you kid falls down once, don’t abstain them going out and play again because you fear that they’ll fall again. Let them take the risk of running, playing and falling down too. This will cut down on the fear of doing something. And, when your child is not scared to do anything, he/she turns out to be a stronger person in personality. It will also build in self-confidence in them when you show confidence in what they are doing or want to do.

6. Let them make decisions and face the consequences

Yes, this definitely sounds to be too hard for the kids, but you have to let them make their decisions sometimes. Having done that, it depends on them to face the consequences or enjoy the advantages of deciding what they decided. The kids cannot master the decision making skill in a go, but that takes time.

The kids of today will be the future of the country. What you instill in them now will directly affect how the world will be. Will be a better place to live in or not?

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Is your kid facing depression? – What to do?

Depression. This is that disease which can a lot of damage to a person young or adult, big or small. Talking about kids, teenage is the time when the disease affects the most. What do you do to minimize the effects of depression? Well, there are many ways to handle depression and that’s what this article talks about.

This article details you about the ways that can handle depression in your kids.

1. Talk to them

The very first thing to do when you find out that your little one is undergoing some sort of problem. It is important to talk to your kids and empathize with them. Do not try to pinch or dig into what’s their mental status, but build a bond that they open up to you without trying too hard. Talking is the key to getting down to the basic problem and hence, the solution could be founded.

2. Empathize with them

There are chances that you haven’t been through depression before and it is completely normal. If you have experience of the same, you’d know how to handle, but if you haven’t then don’t sympathize but try to empathize with them. Putting yourself in your kid’s shoe would give them better hope. Work on understanding your teen’s feelings and it will help you to better understand them.

3. Don’t try to fix things

This is a basic human tendency that when parents find out that their kids are going through something, they want to give probable solutions to ease out their pain. Your teen is at a pivotal stage in their life and they need to learn the necessary skills for problem-solving. One way they can learn that is solving some of the problems leading to their depression.

4. Do things that they like

When you cannot give solutions to their problem, you feel frustrated. That’s okay. What you can do to make them feel better – do things that they like. Take them out their favorite spots, buy them kids party wear, watch movies with them and do things that they love to do. This would lighten their mood and give them temporary happiness.

5. Monitor their symptoms

Monitoring their symptoms is a helpful way to understand whether your child is in depression or not. From seeing how they eat, sleep, behave to how much they sleep, loss of interest, a difference in energy level, difficulty in concentrating, feelings of irritation, self-reported feelings of depression and more can be some of them that would give you a heads up on what’s your kid’s mental state.

6. Educate yourself

You should read about depression and the ways that you can help. This is the biggest way that you can help your child. You educate yourself and he/she would find comfort in you. You are starting the education process by reading this post. Keep reading other blog posts and articles about depression and teenagers. This would help.

Understanding and empathizing is the biggest thing you can do to help. Be headstrong with the little one.

Are you an effective mom? – Check out these secret habits

Aren’t all the moms the Super-Moms for their kids? While some of the Supermoms better than the others. Why? Because they are highly effective when it comes to getting things done for their kids the old-fashioned way and serve it as the most efficient way possible. A mother can do everything and anything at all when it comes to their little ones and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this blog.

This blog lays down to the secret habits of supermoms who do things slightly differently for their little ones.

1. Gets up early or sleeps late – not both

A healthy woman is the one who’s happy and when a woman is happy, the entire family is happy. When a mother understands that the baby is sleeping and also the fact that it is the best time to finish a big chunk of work, this makes her a supermom. Hence, in order to give ample amount of attention to the baby and to herself, the work needs to get done.

2. The to-do list is completed – differently

Every mom feels that they have a mountain of work when there are kids to be handled, professional work, everyday chores and more. But, they do tackle everything their own way. Everyone has a to-do list which is like never-ending, but the supermoms do it – differently. Rather than listing the things that need to be accomplished and working their way completely through each task, they look at their schedule and note that they can spend an hour with house chores, an hour with work chores, and an hour with miscellaneous tasks before they need to pick up the kids. This is the way that they’re able to get to the finish line and still stay focused.

3. She understands the urgency to finish the work on time

A research states that “putting off a task, even for a few minutes, actually increases the likelihood that you will continue to put off that task in the future”. Have you ever done it? I have. Whether it is responding to a mail or find a lost bill, you can postpone doing everything. Any task that can be completed immediately, should be. Get in the habit of tackling a task as soon as it hits your hand and it will make sure that you have the habit of not ignoring doing certain things.

4. She spends enough time with the kids

We all love to spend time with our little ones, don’t we? However, there are those who delay things in the first part and then run towards getting the work done. As a result, this doesn’t leave any time for the kids. A supermom loves to spend time with the baby, get beautiful ethnic wear for kids, takes them traveling, play with them, teach them things and be a good mother.

You all are absolutely stunning mothers (new and old). You don’t have to change yourself to prove your worth. Just make some alterations (if you need to) to make yourself better and to focus on little one as well as yourself.

Do you have all these habits? If you have anything that sets you apart from the other mothers, do let us know in the comments section.

Steps to raise confident, Curious and Creative kids

Don’t we all want our kids to be creative and very confident when they grow up as an individual? Well, if you really want to make them confident, you have to make them curious in their childhood too. If the kid isn’t getting curious about things, how will he/she be able to solve his/her own problems when he grows up or how will be able to excel in school? Excelling in school, not the most important thing, but becoming a strong individual is.

So, how does one that? How do you raise your kids to be confident, curious and creative?

Following are the reasons.

1. Encouraging curiosity

If your kid asks you questions – like a lot of questions (which give you a headache sometimes), it is a good sign. Being curious about things and getting their answers makes sure that the concept will stay in their head forever. If you force them to learn something, it might just stay, but the span wouldn’t be very long. Hence, make sure you encourage them to be curious and ask questions about everything and anything possible.

2. Communication is a must

If your kid is not interacting properly, you need to pay attention to the same. Let him/her communicate with the expressions, words, and actions but focus on the communication. Nothing is right or wrong, what matters is that he/she keep their opinion in front. When this kind of communication happens, you will able to further their curiosity as well as increase their confidence. Children become more observant and perceptive about their environment. Besides, it helps the parents to understand what all the kids are really interested in.

3. Broad-minded environment

If your family environment is negative and very restrictive in nature, your child will not be able to grow up properly. The nurture that a child needs will lack somewhere or the other. Hence, it is essential to have a family environment that is jovial, broad-minded and free.

4. Appreciation

Yes!! One of the most important aspects of a positive growth is appreciation. When your kid looks pretty in kids tutu frocks or dapper in boys shirt and jeans when he/she does something by themselves for the first time, when they put a valid point in front accept it and respect it. More than that, appreciate it. This is what builds a strong, confident and creative individual.

5. It is okay to make mistakes

Let the mistakes happen. They are proofs that your kid is trying to get to the solution. Make sure you encourage him/her to make mistakes while trying because when that happens, the results taste sweeter for sure.

Would you want your kids to be creative, curious and confident? Adopt these steps.

How to stop sibling fights?

Being a child psychologist and a mother, there are a lot of requests that come to me regarding their little ones. The majority of the requests are about the resolving the sibling fights. Well, that’s an absolutely okay situation for two or more siblings to fight and play together, but sometimes these fights take ugly turns which is not a good thing. I have been getting these requests so I thought of putting down the possible solutions that can work in your favor of stopping the sibling fights.

Find the steps that can help you intervene in the fight and get over with it.

1. Just stay calm Not

on Earth has ever calmed anyone else down by raising their own voice. Raising your voice on the little ones would not help you at any point. In fact, they might take you as a role model and start imitating you the next time they fight. Be stern but calm while asking them to stay away from each other at that particular moment.

2. Don’t take sides

You have to be impartial. Being biased towards one of them will make the other one hate you and the fact that you took the other kiddo’s side. At any cost, you should be unbiased towards both your kids.

3. Encourage respect

Your house rule should be – everyone teaches the each other with respect, kindness, and humility. You should not allow screaming, fighting, thrashing and other activities in the house. The motto is to build peace and harmony between the younger ones. Let them play together with the rule that if they fight again, they’ll be grounded an will have no access to any games or any luxury like the birthday dresses for boys (on their respective birthdays) or anything else.

4. Teach them negotiation

Negotiation skills are what you have to teach them with the other things you make them learn. Tell them that they have to manage conflicts by themselves and if they are unable to do it, the results will be the same for all of them. Your job is to teach them. So if they aren’t too upset, move right in and model conflict resolution.

5. Don’t be judgmental while resolving issues

When your kids fight, there are times when they hurt each other and there are cuts, bruises on the body. Your focus should be on applying medicine on the wounds rather than passing judgments on who’s right and who’s wrong. Let the child who’s hurt take out his/her anger because he’s/she’s hurt and is wounded. But that shouldn’t let you go out of the boundaries.

6. Promote calmness

Once you’ve sorted out the fight and your kids are not anxious anymore, with no hard feelings, you should give them treats to be the good kids. Whether you take them out or buy them kids fashion dresses, positive reinforcement is necessary.

How do you calm down your little ones? Do let us know in the comments below.