Make your child look the best with the best Kids Party Wear

When it comes to parties, kids are the ones that are super excited for the same. Out of all the other things that make them excited, it is the kids party wear that makes them super excited too. Kid’s parties include so many occasions like birthday parties, Christmas parties, school gatherings, funfairs, Halloween parties, weddings and so on. Now, they can actually have all the fun that they need with the different kinds of kids party wear available for the little ones. Thus, parents and particularly effective mothers look for kids party wear both girls party wear and boys party wear that they would love to wear and are comfortable in.

kids party wear

If you take a look at the kid’s parties, you should know that these are themed affairs these days. Talking about themes, you would be able to find superheroes, pirates, fairies, angels, Hollywood stars, cartoon characters, and others. The kids party wear are available in the fashion industry are so in demand because of the comfort and the looks that they have. What kind of kids party wear are available in the industry that your little ones can wear to the different parties? Let’s find the different kids party wear available at Forever Kidz that you should be investing in.

1. The relaxed and casual parties

Dress Me Up Set

Image Source: Dress Me Up Set (with suspenders bowtie)

Yes, your kids will have a lot of casual parties including birthdays and picnics. You would want to dress them in kids party wear that is equally comfortable and casual for the occasion. The girls jumpsuits, girls frocks, boys shirts and t-shirts, and a lot more options are available for the casual parties. So, casual parties need casual kids party wear dresses.

2. The themed parties


Image Source: PomPom Party Dress

Well, when you talk about themed parties, as we mentioned above there can be numerous themes like Cinderella, Angel, Nemo and so many others. In that case, kids party wear like girls gowns for girls party wear, tutu dresses and a few other options are available when you are being the parents that your little one deserves.

3. The Indian festivity parties

kurta with pants

Image Source: Festive Suave Set

The Indian festivity parties are the parties which include Diwali, weddings, family get-together, and other functions. Each of these deserves kids party wear that is glamorous, shimmery, bedazzled, and so much more. So, why not go for kids ethnic wear that includes kids party wear dresses like lehenga choli set, girls Anarkali set, sarees for girls and more.

Next time your kids are invited to a party or you are inviting other kids for your kids’ birthday party or other celebration parties, make sure you pick a beautiful kids party wear according to the theme. Themed parties are much more enjoyable for the kids than other parties.

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Summers and Girls Wear – Your Know-Hows

Can you let your daughter’s charm be hampered because of summers when there’s a party next week by picking wrong girls wear? Most parents would either pick the simplest of girls tunic dresses thinking about comfort in the warm weather, while others would deck their girls with heavily embellished tutu dresses that would definitely make to be the best girls party wear but that girls wear is surely not the comforting one. You need to pick a middle path by being the effective mother who knows how to pick girls wear that is both stylish for the party and comfort according to the hot months.

Choosing girls wear can be very tricky and choosing girls party wear that is apt summer wear for girls as well, can be even trickier. So, if you are looking for girls party wear for this summer season, you should be well equipped with the know-how of the girls wear.

1. Include bright colors in girls wear

Summers are all about the brightest of shades like yellow, pink, violet, beige, green and so many others. You can definitely include these colors in the girls wear that you’re looking for. Not only for the girls party wear that you are finding for your daughter, every summer wear for girls can have these pastel and bright colors. Bright colors in girls wear truly capture a youthful spirit and lightweight material that allows for comfort during the shift in climate. Hence, it would be equally comfortable and apt girls wear for the summer months.

2. Look out for the options in girls wear

When it comes to girls party wear, there are innumerable options to look out for. If you are looking for girls wear for summers, you can check it out here. Summer is all about the styles that can comfort you to the best. These girls wear should breathe well, be comfortable, look good and keep the charm right there where it should be. So, buying the girls wear options isn’t that a tricky task if you know what your daughter needs and which girls wear suits her.

3. Make sure the size is right in girls wear but doesn’t stick close to the body

We have always talked about why buying the right size for your girls wear is necessary. Now only girls party wear but also boys shirts and t-shirts as well as other outfit options. Make sure the size you buy in the summer wear for girls is appropriate for her body but also keep in mind that the girls wear shouldn’t stick close to her. Summer and fabric sticking close can be very troublesome and you know it quite well. So, make sure you buy the right size of girls wear for your little one.

4. Pick the right accessories with the girls wear

From the head accessories to the footwear, every girls wear needs appropriate accessories that would complete the personality for the summer party. You can choose from the hundreds of options in tiaras, clips, ballerinas, boots, and other accessories to make her look like a beautiful princess. So, having known the know-how, you can now pick the best girls wear for the upcoming party.

4 ultimate fabrics for girls party wear

Parties & galas are occasions where you got to have dresses that not only reflect your aura and charm, they should be high on glamour and style. Whether it is you or your little princess, none of you should compromise with what you will be wearing for the respective occasion – especially your daughter.

Girls Party Wear

What is the first thing that you check out when it comes to your girls party wear? Is it the design or the occasion? Or is it the fabrics that would cover your girl’s tender skin?

It certainly should be the fabric that needs to be chosen first. We have 4 ultimate fabrics that you should incorporate in your kids fashion dresses to keep them feeling comfortable.


You might wear chiffon sarees and understand how comfortable the fabric is on the skin. You need just that for you little girls soft skin as well. With the super lightweight, the fabric is soft and slightly see-through. Hence, making the same as a comfortable option.


A close cousin of chiffon, Georgette is another see through fabric that is slightly heavy and thick in comparison to chiffon. When it comes to donning a gown or even a traditional kurtis with heavy embroidery, Georgette makes a better choice than the super lightweight chiffon.


Who doesn’t like silk? Everyone does! Silk is a fabric that keeps the body temperature in control. In warm weather, it keeps you cool whereas; in the winters, it keeps you warm. The richness and the luxurious appeal are some of the reasons why it’s so well-known for special occasions and weddings.


Cotton is probably the most affordable and versatile fabric that brands use in kids wear. Often treated for making the same lightweight and comfortable on the skin, the fabric makes to be the most popular and loved among all the others mentioned above and also in those which are available in the industry.

You can incorporate the same in your kids clothing and make them feel good. Online shopping for kids has opened so many options for you to choose from.

5 Best fashion ideas to dress up your Kid this Wedding season

Wedding and fashion are inseparable! Don’t we all know that? When you are busy making the arrangements for the different occasions in the single wedding, that’s what the craze of a wedding is. The zest that you show in buying your own beautifully gorgeous dress, the same efforts go in picking party dresses for girls and boys as well.




You have to choose the on a variety terms including the age, season, party type, and a lot more. Your young fashionistas need something that would look absolutely stunning by looks and feel even more comfortable throughout while having fun in the wedding.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas that would help you dress up your kids this wedding season.

Keep it simple yet fashionable

Girls Ethnic Wear

Getting them tacky clothing options would be a bad idea because wedding shopping for kids can take your excitement to a whole new level. Just remember that online shopping for kids have made it quite easy for you pick simple and fashionable options for your munchkins. The idea behind having such options is that it would let them be them without causing hindrance in their enjoyment.

Say no to dull colors

Kids Clothing

Colors are one source that peps up the spirit to a great extent and if you choose the right ones for the wedding occasion, your kids are in for a glamorous as well as happy feeling. You can pick from the pastel pinks, greens, yellow, purples and a lot more. Just make sure you avoid the darker tones to make them feel heavy and uncomfortable (especially in summer months).

From traditional to modern – choose any

Girls Lehenga Choli

You might want your kids to blend in with the others having ethnic traditional outfits like Kids lehnga choli or suit whereas; there’ll be those who would want to dress their kids in boy’s suits or girls tutu dresses. You can pick your idea in assistance to what your kid wants to wear and let them shine.

Accessorizing is absolutely mandatory




Whether it is a tiara for your girl or a bow tie for your sunshine, choosing the right accessories will complete their fashion statement. The role of kids accessories in clothing is to provide the oomph factor and bring the best out of the personality while in a gathering. So, if you are in for making your kind the showstopper of the evening choose the footwear, scarves, jewelry, ties, and other accessories well.

Focus on the fabrics and designs

girls clothing

Do not make it an uncomfortable situation for your kids where they’re busy carrying a load of their clothes rather than having fun. Hence, the fabric is your important focus and so is the lightweight designs that’ll allow them to feel free. Choose carefully and bring the best of them to the forefront.

Do you have any suggestions in dressing kids? Do let us know in the comments below.

Give a Cozy, yet Stylish Look to your Girl

Navy Peplum Snug Set | Foreverkidz

Getting your little lady ready for any occasion during winter is a tricky job. Every mom wants to give the best and attention grabbing look to her daughter. At the same time, you just can’t compromise on the warmth of the child. The guiding principle to dress your baby is to add layers. However, instead of investing in bulky jackets and uncomfortable layers, it is better to skimp on the warm outfits. Online shopping for kids can help you keep your child up-to-date according to the current trend. The Navy Peplum Snug Set is one such option that can give an edgy and trendy look to the little princess.

The peplum dress can adorn the innocence of every girl. While the fluffy shrug over the peplum dress can keeps the wearer warm and cozy. The entire ensemble is a statement whichever way you look at it. This is one of the most versatile party wear for girls. Accessorize the outfit with a headband or with trendy hats, the lady will surely turn each and every head around. Pair the attire with a pair of knee-high boots and people will go head over heel for her.

Check out the online stores for kids clothing and make your daughter the show stopper for the evening.

Let your girl blossom this winter

Pink Melon Knitted Set | Foreverkidz

Fashion is an inevitable aspect of this season and online shopping for kids has given a great rise in kids fashion industry. No compromises can be made in terms of comfort, when it comes to winter wear. Products bought through online stores assures high quality for your innocent kids.

This Beautiful Pink Melon Knitted Set is a perfect party dress for your doll for any occasion whether it’s a birthday party, weddings or reception functions. This dress will give your girl a complete head turning look. The mid length skirt and top set are for all those who want their daughters to look most stylish and different.

The fabric is probably the first thing you check when shopping for party dresses for your girl. This woolen knitted dress is soft and lightweight making it easy for your child to handle it. The organic cotton and woolen fabric lasts long, are easily washable and will feel completely safe against the soft and delicate skin of your daughter. The bright pink melon color will make your doll look like a blooming flower.

In this initial winters this round necked full sleeves woolen top is perfect to wear. It has a beautiful colorful flowery knot at the center with a design. The straight, not so short yet stylish skirt gives a classy look to your little lady at the party and keeps her cozy and comfortable all day long. This knitted sets are one of the most versatile party dresses for girls that you will find in the market. The high quality and reasonable price will make your little love the attention grabber.

Online shopping for kids has made it easy for the parents to get their child ready for every event and occasion. So, go online and get the best for your little lady.