Summer Party Wear for Girls – What are the options

Sometimes I wish kids too had runway fashion shows, but then they do happen across the world. In India, the childhood is preserved in the little one by not letting them focus on the girls dresses shown in fashion shows and more. However, parents all over the world desire to dress their little one in girls party wear for all the festive and special occasions and girls smart wear is what they prefer for the regular things.


My daughter Aarti might be young (she’s only 4) but she knows her choices in girls dresses that she wants to wear for the occasion as well. She’ll get her hands on girls party wear like girls frocks or tutu dresses for birthday parties, picnics and more. On the other hand, she’ll want to wear something breezy like girls skirts for summer days. In all girls dresses is quite an extensive term that covers a lot for the little princesses.

Being summer, we had already talked about what must a parent look out for in girls dresses. You can take a look at the blog here and talk about girls dresses options that parents have for the young ones, we’ll talk about those girls dresses in this blog.

1. Girls Frocks

Girls frocks are the commonest girls dresses in the industry today. As a kid, my mother used to dress me in frocks all the time. These girls dresses are just beyond any comparison because these girls dresses are available in such a wide variety that you can have a plenty of girls dresses for all the occasions possible. Every possible color and length, these girls dresses are probably the most favorite of every tiny one for sure.

Girls Frocks

Image Source: Lush Attitude Dress

2. Girls jumpsuits

In summer, girls dresses that are breathable, comfortable and absolutely bright. The girls jumpsuits are a perfect option that keeps your girls feeling pepped up and comfortable in a onesie that comes in different varieties. These girls dresses are available in wide-legged types, tube-tops, and much more. I personally love these girls dresses for my daughter and she loves them too.

Girls jumpsuits

Image Source: Its Tropical Jumpsuit

3. Girls tops/top set

Summer calls for floral girls tops, bright shades and cold shoulder cuts and much more. Well, when you go for tops alone, you might have to invest more to complete the girls dresses but at Forever Kidz, you also have sets that need no improvisation but just the accessories to complete and complement. Perfect girls dresses for the regular play0out sessions, your girl will rock the look for sure.


Image Source: Naughty Pretty Top

4. Girls tunics

Just like frocks, tunics for girls have been around for a while. These girls dresses are knee length (majorly) and look quite formal. In order to make these girls dresses chic and a perfect girls party wear, you can pick a print that works for your daughter as well as for the occasion.

girls tunic

Image Source: Polka Dream Tunic

5. Girls skirts/skirt set

Just like the tops, girls skirts are a girls casual wear option that can be bought individually or with the top that complements. What feeling would it be to play around in comfort of a skirt? Skirts are one of the great options little ones have as girls dresses.


Image Source: Lil Diva Skater Skirt Set

There is a gamut of girls dresses options available at Which girls dresses is your favorite?

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Girls Summer Dresses – What to look out for?

Summer is here. With the hot months being upon us, everyone has started to freak out because of the heat, the dehydration, and so many other problems. The only ones who are not cribbing about the heat are the little ones because they know that the summer vacations are almost there and finally time to have some fun in the sun. Talking about girls, parents are more worried because they are the delicate beings and choosing girls summer dresses is definitely a pain. I being a mother really wish we would have lived in the cooler parts of the world (only for the summers), but here we are.

I have a daughter who’s turning 5 this year. She has already started the planning as of what she’d be doing this summer. Hence, she has found a summer camp that would have games, teachings, sessions of girls summer dresses and more. She is started to think about the girls summer dresses that she’d want to have for the summer camp. After all, when they’ll teach about girls summer wear, my little one won’t be looking out of the box among the other girls wearing girls skirts, girls tops, girls jumpsuits, and other girls summer dresses options. So, I was wondering whether you’d want to know more about girls summer dresses and what options do you have for your little one.

If you just said yes, go on and find out the steps to find girls summer dresses and also the options that your daughter has for her in order to empower her.

Steps to find Girls Summer Dresses

1. Consider online shopping for girls summer dresses

When it comes to girls summer dresses like girls jumpsuits or tops, you should always go up to the online store with your need. The options of girls summer dresses available online is definitely worth your time and money. Forever Kidz brings forth a collection of girls summer dresses that are brought together from across the world.

2. The fabric of girls summer dresses is VERY important

Summers call for girls summer dresses that are made of fabrics like cotton and other summery fabric. Whether or not you go for the fancy options, the fabric is the most important aspect when it comes to keeping the little one comfortable on a hot summer day. You must make sure that your fabrics are – breathable, lightweight and moisture wicking. If any of the features is compromised, you would fall prey to discomfort. Make sure all the girls summer dresses are made of fabrics that are breathable and comfortable.

3. Go for the varied options in girls summer dresses

Well, we will be talking about girls summer dresses and the options you have in the next section of the blog, but in order to find the best girls summer dresses, you should have this aspect in here as well. Girls summer dresses include a lot of options that look bright and are comfortable to wear as well as lightweight to handle. So, keep the options going in girls summer dresses.

4. Don’t go for lengthy girls summer dresses

It is summer. Long and heavy girls summer dresses are a big no-no in the hot months. There are so many reasons for which girls summer dresses should not be a part of the wardrobe. Long girls summer dresses can be trippy and if your daughter is playing around wearing those can trip and fall. Heavy girls summer dresses are definitely not on the list. How is your little supposed to pic herself together and walk around wearing those?

Having looked at the steps to find the best girls summer dresses, now you can go ahead and take a look at the options in girls summer dresses below.

1. Girls skirts

If you know how hot it can get on a summer camp or even on a general summer day. Hence, the girls skirts are a great option when it comes to beating the heat in girls summer dresses. Skirts for girls come in a variety of lengths, fabrics, and flares. You can even choose girls to skirt sets that come with tops and skirts as a combination. You can opt for this girls summer dresses.

2. Girls tops

Girls tops are one of the best options that your little one can sport in the summer days. With a variety of sleeves, lengths, layers, fabrics, designs, and more, you can choose the one that’s best for your daughter. Choose the colors that are bright and beautiful as well as apt as the girls summer dresses.

3. Girls jumpsuits

Girls jumpsuits are one of a kind and a perfect one-piece as girls summer dresses that need nothing more just the accessories. With varied options available on the online store at affordable prices.

Which girls summer dresses do you prefer? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Planning to buy a Tutu Dress – All you should know

If you are a fashionable parent and desire to see your little daughter look absolutely adorable, you’d know that tutu dresses for girls are quite a popular option. Nothing is sweeter or more delicate than your daughter and seeing her feel special in the respective kids fashion dress for sure.

Which girl does not like to flaunt the princess dress kind of charm with the layered skirt? Which girl would not want to look like a doll in her charming dress that sways with her? So, if you are planning to pick a dress for her, you should be aware of everything about the fabric style that goes on your baby’s tender skin.

This article talks about the different aspects of tutu dress that you should know about. This would not be the mandatory option but it is always better to understand the styles so that the choices you make are never regretted.

The history

The most beautiful and versatile ballet & dance costume was originally introduced as the Romantic Ballet back in 1832. The perfect piece to catch attention, the respective style grabbed the limelight and has been there for there for both the little girls as well as the professional females who are into ballet dancing. However, as the time passed by, the style became more of a fashion statement with the focus on the younger generation. If you take a better look, you’d find that the length of the tutu skirt (that’s whats called tutu and when you talk about the entire outfit, it is called as the tutu dress).


The types

The basic tutu:

If you have a top with you, all you need is a basic tutu which is more like a waistband with about two to three layers of tulle fabric. Most of the time, they are monochrome in color and are meant for the most basic of occasions. Whether it is the play time with the friends or a regular wear, they just work for your young one.

The two-tone tutu:

The name itself makes the concept of two-tones tutu quite clear for you. Meant for a little more excitement and special occasions, you can pick something is not monochrome but has two color with one in the center layer and one on the others. You can just accessorize the look properly and voila..your little one is ready for the picnics and other gatherings. Rainbow tutus: Now that’s baby frocks for girls which make the tiny wearers, as well as the ones looking at them, feel colorful. This category of tutus has more than four (4) layers of tulle fabric with a different color. Moreover, you’d find a bright waist that is generally made of satin or bright fabric.

Tutu dresses:

Now when the need of an entire outfit was felt for the sunshine & daisies, tutu dresses were introduced. Foreverkidz has an entire array of girls party wear dresses that are flowy, charming and absolutely adorable. This saves your kid from the anxiety as there are no waistbands to ties or the fear of the skirt to fall off.

Now that you’ve got to know one style to the best, we will make sure you have a fair idea about the different styles in the coming blogs.

Kids modeling – what you need to know

Do you ever go “awww..” sitting in front of the television when a little kiddo comes on the screen and tries to woo you with all his talent? Now you would have started thinking about all the commercials that you come across while watching your favorite soap. Whether it is the girl from Godrej hair color advertisement saying, “mummy sirf 30 rupaiye” to the one who says, “push karo khush raho” in All Out Active refill one, the television screen is filled with the tiny tots who have made their way to the screen and started off with kids modeling.

What do you think about think about kids modeling?? It is understood that there are pros and cons of the same, have you ever thought about the same before?

So many of you make your kids participate in cutest kids competition on the social networking websites, which is again a part of being of the entire scenario. So, why not try something like this??

Coming down to the thought that you’re interested in motivating your sunshine for kids modeling, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. They are mentioned below to give you a heads up about the same.

1. Know about it all

monkey and lion

The first and the foremost step for you being responsible towards your child would be to know-it-all about how things work in the industry. Starting from the photographs posted on the social networking websites, the trail goes all the way to stardom. However, there are various stops in the middle which needs to be carefully handled as they serve as the turning point for your little one. So, before doing anything, the R&D (research and development) is quite necessary.

2. Choose the right place to start with

girl gif

An agency where you start with is the place that will decipher whether your young one will shine or not. It is the agency that decides the entire journey of transforming the bundle of joy into a known personality who is loved by everyone. Be very careful of where you kid starts because if you fall for the scam or the wrong agency, it can pose many threats of the same.

3. Dress in appropriate clothes for the audition

Girl Frock

It all starts with an audition that decides how charming and adorable your munchkins are. Hence, dressing in the right kids fashion dresses is very important. Whether you do online shopping for kids or spend time hunting the right style, what matters it should look good on your baby. Choose the best dress for the pageant or auditions and the results will surely be in your favor. Whether you choose simple solid shirts for boys and baby frocks for girls or something else, stick to bright colors that bring out the charm.

4. Don’t let the studies get hampered

Annimie girl crying

You know it that nothing is or will be more important than the studies. Hence, setting realistic standards should be your aim when it comes to photo shoots and the other things that have been lined up for your child. Studies are the utmost important thing and it should be not hampered on the way to making your baby’s career or getting him/her to be famous.

5. Don’t overlook your child’s anxious behavior


When you are putting so much on the tender shoulders, you should also be aware that anxiety would follow. You should know how to manage the anxiety in your kids and make sure that nothing comes in between their childhood and happiness. Make sure that whatever is being done, your kids love what he/she is stepping into. Without their consent, nothing would be as good as you think. What do you think about kid’s modeling? Do let us know your feedback in the comments below.

Dressing Tips for the Mini Fashion Mavens

Kids nowadays have more fashion options when compared to the conventional styles. During my childhood, I remember, going to one single shop and purchasing the same style of dresses for every birthday. However, now there are many options as the online shopping for kids have been made easier with just a click of a button. Now my munchkin, Harshita, looks, even more, cuter than she was with new attires.

Earlier, I just used dress her in cotton frocks so that she is comfortable. I felt it is more important for kids than anything else.  That’s when my friend Bandini, who is a fashion blogger suggested few dressing tips for her.  The tips worked like magic, and now Harshita looks so adorable that my relatives never leave her down. I’m going to discuss the same with you in this blog. Read on to find out.

1. Choose an attire with soft fabric

Cinderella Dress

Many outfits nowadays are made with soft fabrics like cotton and satin that keeps the children comfortable. I always wanted to try the princess dress for girls on Harshita, but most of them came with heavy materials which could hurt her. So, I avoided them. That’s when Bandini suggested, which had cozy gowns at reasonable prices. Below is an image of the attire that I bought for my girl. It’s called as the Cinderella Wedding dress.

The beautiful attire has puffed hands with a dupion silk which gives a great fall and finish. The soft cotton inner provides the ultimate luxury to the kid.  The silver belt with a bow completes the attire.

2.  Choose the right accessories

Girls Accessories

The girls accessories do not only mean matching earrings or necklaces. Trendy accessories like matching ballerinas, headbands, flower crown and hair clips look more cuter than heavy jewelry.

3. Makeover is necessary


The makeover doesn’t mean that you have to take her to the parlor and get the facials done. Simple things like a high cute ponytail can do wonders. You can also use a little amount of baby powder on the face. Take your makeup brush and give gentle strokes to spread the powder evenly. Apply little of herbal kajal as well. This can enhance her looks.

4. Avoid Over sized items

child’s Accessories

Over sized items some times can be uncomfortable. They also hide the child’s innocence. Instead opt for mini or the right sized items.

5. Opt for more bright colors rather than dark ones

Girls Bright Colour Girls Tunic

Kids glow on bright colors like pink, purple, light blue, red and much more. Dark colors gives a matured look. Why kill the natural innocence by bold colors?? Instead opt for bright shades.

Above are some of the tips that you could use dressing up your munchkins. Hope you find them useful.

Adorable Fairy Dresses for the Cute Angels

Little Girls dressed as angels can immediately bring a smile to your face. They already are so adorable and when they are dressed as fairies, they simply steal your heart away. Fairy dresses definitely deserve a place to be stocked in your princess’s wardrobes. Choosing the right dress for her can add to her charm. Check out some beautiful Dresses for your daughter that can make her look like a sparkling jewel.

The all white fairy dress

This beautiful dress is perfect for little twirlers as this frilly frock is ready to work wonders for the big day. It contains layers of white frill with a golden belt in the middle. With an even concentration on look and comfort, this attire is a blend of sheen and soft material that keeps you baby comfortable throughout the day.

All White Fairy Dress | Foreverkidz

Style Tip: Match the attire with white clips and a cute pair of ballerinas.

The flary rosette dress

Pink is the favorite color of all cute girls around. This flary rosette dress gives your girl the perfect charm to grace the occasion. This attire has layers of pink petals and an overlay that adds to the puffiness of the frock. It has a lovely rosette in the neck to complete the look of the frock.

Flary Rosette Dress | Foreverkidz

Style tip: A flower clip and matching ballerinas can make dreams of fairy-tale style a sweet reality

The floral fantasy party gown

Get obsessed with this fairy tale frilly frock which is for the giggling little girl. This frilly frock has a satin body and a fluffy bottom, that makes it soft. A cute pink bow in the middle of the frock completes the look.

Frilly Fairy Frock | Foreverkidz

Style Tip: Use pink accessories like clips, ballerinas, and bands to make it perfect for twirling, whirling and posing.

The above stylish dresses are designed to give the style cum comfort to your kids. Get in touch with one of these from online shopping stores like