Twinstagram Trendsetters

Back in 2014, Michael and Daniel Flora, the twinstagram brothers became a big sensational talk of the town.  These munchkins are the twins from London who love to dress up in matching outfits. Their mother, Jane encourages them by taking pictures of the adorable boys. She also set up an Instagram account for posting the pictures which have more than 33,470 followers. She commented for one of the newspapers that the brothers love to dress in matching outfits.

However, the boys are still famous for their posts on social media. To give you a glimpse of them the below blog comprises of their famous clicks. Scan on to find out.

1. The cool dudes

Michael and Daniel Flora

The munchkins donned a simple buttoned up boys shirt paired with white pants. They have accessorized the outfits with cool shades. They look stylish and confident in front of the camera. Who would believe that online shopping for kids would have so many options.

2. Brothers in style

Michael and Daniel Flora

This is the most loved one by all. The twins are wearing a white/yellow colored shirt with yellow pants. The mufflers have added a new look to the attire that looks cool on them. Additionally, white moccasins have been used to complete the outfit.

3. The formal kings

Michael and Daniel Flora

They choose to be formal this time. A neat suit with tucked in shirt which has been paired with black shoes and aviators. I’m really surprised with the attitude that these kids bring for photography. I mean just look at their poses. They have a bright future in modeling I guess.

4. The denim dazzlers

Michael and Daniel Flora

These guys just proved that denims are fashionable for kids as well. A stylish light colored denim shirt with darker jeans that looks extraordinary on them. They didn’t forget their glasses here as well.

5. Mirror image

Michael and Daniel Flora

The is the desired wedding attires there normally. Looks like the boys are already ready for their brides.

Above are some of the photos that has rocked the Instagram. Hope you guys enjoyed reading them.

The Star-Kids who are Ruling the Instagram

Remember, the movies of Bollywood back in the nineties? Long back, when it was time to get married my mother asked me,” So, what’s your next plans, when are you getting married?” I replied “The day when I find a person who resembles exactly like Rohan (Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai). She said, “Oh my filmy daughter, when are you going to get serious.”  LOL! Those were good old days. However, time has changed now. The kids now are fans of Ranveer, Ranbir, and Fawad. Well, coming back to our heroes, most of them are happily married and proud parents now. Their kids are so adorable that we just don’t feel like flipping to the next page on social media. If you haven’t seen them yet, then this blog will run your through some of the cute and adorable photos of Bollywood munchkins who are ruling the Instagram with their cuteness.

1. Sharukh Khan – Abram Khan


Shahrukh khan, the King of Bollywood, has won our hearts with his amazing hits till now. It is now time for his son to steal the show. The handsome actor has three children now and the youngest one is Abram Khan. He was recently spotted in a striped Boys Shirt which added to his cuteness. His father is busy giving him a teeny weeny massage by rubbing his ears.

2. Shilpa Shetty – Viaan Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty - Viaan Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty, the Dhadkan star, has won our hearts with her charm and elegance. She got married to Raj Kundra, the British businessman in the year 2009. The actress is now the mother of an adorable munchkin, named Viaan. In an Instagram, they are seen posing happily with beautiful swans in the water. It looks like the duo loves posing for photographs.

3. Shahid Kapoor – Misha kapoor


Shahid Kapoor has been the chocolate boy since Ishq Vishq. Soon, the young man has turned into an adorable father of a cutie pie named as Misha. Misha’s pictures were kept secret for some time, but later Shahid made his fan’s happy by releasing them. In the above image, he is seen having a fun pool time with his missy. It won’t be wrong to state that she’s the recent internet sensation.

4. Kareena Kapoor – Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi

Kareena Kapoor - Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi

Poo ( as she was called in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum) is happily married to Saif Ali Khan, the tenth Nawab of Pataudi. They have a cute bunny now named as Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. He has already started winning the hearts by doing rounds in the social media. Look how cute he looks posing with her mother.

5. Hrithik Roshan – Hreehan and Hridhan Roshan


The “Kaho Na Pyaar hai” fame got married to Sussanne khan in December. They are blessed with two charming prince’s and they look as handsome as their father. In the post below, he has mentioned that it took hours to convince his boys for the suits and photo shoot. Don’t they look charming? After seeing this one, I had decided to get a similar suit for my kid and a photoshoot as well. With Online shopping for kids made easier, I found one in Foreverkidz. However, the photo shoot is scheduled for the next week. Hoping to get some candid pictures clicked.

Hope you enjoyed reading it! Share the picture of your favorite star kid in the comment below.

Choose Kids Clothing For Seasonal Change

It gets very hard to manage the expenses when you’ve planned to shop for kids fashion dresses online. However, if planned and researched properly, appropriate seasonal clothes can be purchased with a lot of savings as well. This article is about the tips that can help you in selecting the right clothes for kids that are versatile and make you and your little one happy in any season.

Boarding School Dress | Foreverkidz
A tunic school style.

• Looks plus Comfort

When we talk about kids apparel- be it kids party wear or casual dressing, there are numerous aspects that need to be fulfilled including comfort and style being the priority. Comfort being the most important of them all, style is more about the personality and creating the right impression on the people around. Climate changes are being inevitable go for mixing and matching that keeps them warm and stylish these winter months. Make sure you buy something that is of the correct size and not something which your child can wear another 5 years.

• Create style quotient with layers

When the idea is not to repeat the same clothes again and again, go for layering of clothes and mix matching. Choose clothes designed with layering techniques are the best way to create a flexible and fashionable look. Online shopping for kids is a great way to explore the possibilities in fashion as well as seasonal clothes or combinations like girls tutu dress with high neck and more. Coats, leggings, and more for girls while boys shirt and t-shirts also have numerous accessories that keep them warm. Apart from making a style statement this popular fashion technique keeps your kids in season suitable clothing throughout the year and helps you extend the wardrobe as long as it is possible.

• Go step to step

To make it both fashionable and functional for your kids, make sure you start with smaller options such as girls fairy dress with a lightweight sweater that does not overpower the elegance of the dress yet keep her warm and likewise there are many other options such as with girls frocks, you can make her wear warm leggings in order to keep it stylish and comfortable. So, look for layers that contain two t-shirts or simple shirts, one jacket or coat, accessories like hats and gloves etc. Then begin with a base layer and include the other layers based on the season you are going to head into. In case certain layering techniques have shown good results for you then they will equally work well for your child.

• Search extensively for various styles

Make sure you search well for the desired style that includes numerous cuts, colors, fabrics, quality and more. So, search for various styles in children’s clothes depending on these elements and don’t compromise with quality especially if you want comfort too.

These helpful tips will keep you stress-free and your kids looking fashionable and stylish this winter season. Look out for the trendiest, comfortable, affordable and global styles at

Some Tips To Remember While Shopping For Boys

When it comes to shopping for boys, every mother has a thought that, what should we buy? There are such few options for boys available in the market.  But you need to understand that styles might be less in number but teaming them up, accessorizing them and wearing it on different occasions makes them as good as new.

Coming straight to the point, let’s see what things you need to remember while shopping for boy’s party wear.

Go online: Today everything is available online and not to forget the benefits of online shopping for kids and others too. At the online store, you’ll find numerous options under one roof just a click away. It saves you from the hassle of wasting time at different retailer stores.

Determine the genre of party: It is very important to understand the kind of party your boy is going to attend. Deciding the quirks of the party will help you streamline the kind of attire that falls into the category of kid’s party wear. For example, a formal suit pant is perfect for occasions like weddings. So do the homework and then choose the dress.

Ask his opinion: This tip is not intended for the toddlers obviously, but boys above the age of 2.5 starts giving their preferences in terms of what they like and what they certainly don’t. Keeping in mind the above point, give them options and ask what they would like to wear. This gives them a sense of belongingness and confidence. It will also help shape their choices for future.

Plan it all in advance: Yeah! You must be thinking that why am I talking about planning it in advance? The idea behind doing this is, that you get ample time to receive the dress, check it, and try it on your prince and in case of wrong size you can exchange it easily within time. I know there are times when functions are urgent and give no time but this is for the times when everything is pre-planned.

Choose the correct style: At Foreverkidz, the varied options of kids fashion dresses online gives you an opportunity to choose from the global trends and styles for your son. The styles available at the online store are:

  • Little man cute set
  • Charming vintage check set
  • Gentleman in style 3pc set
  • Mr. England set

There are more sets with accessories like bow ties, ties, suspenders and more to make him look like a gentleman wherever he may be.

After going through these tips, you wouldn’t feel the burden of shopping for your child as well as there won’t be any shortage of styles to dress him. So, you just have to lay back, relax and swap through the inventory of handsome styles, delightful colors all within your means.

Boys Party Dresses For Any Special Occasion

original1.542737.2 original1.554416.2.jpgShopping for boys clothes can sometimes be very tiring. At a very young age, they feel comfortable and happy in whatever style of clothes they wear. However, “They Grow up So Fast!!”. At that point of time they might find some clothes which do not suit their style, personality and irritate them. So, it becomes important, being a mother to choose the right and unique style of clothing for your boys.

Social gatherings comes with interactions among people, therefore you need to pick up a perfect party dress that makes your little kid comfortable yet stylish. Whether you are going to a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, there is a complete range of special boys party dresses like formal suit, dress- suit, shirts, satin vests, formal gloves, bow ties, cuff links and many other options available.

Online shopping has made opting for boys party dresses a whole lot simpler by providing convenience along with quality. While shopping on the web, you can find boys party dresses collection in a variety of color, style and patterns. These fabulous pieces of clothes are designed from a superior level of fabric quality, like Cotton and Polyester to accommodate maximum comfort and wrinkle free-wear.

Now there is no dearth of style options in boys suits. The varieties of dresses available for boys are Dress pants, Tuxedos, Dress Shirts, Sport coats, Blazers, etc. Not only these but you can select from formal pant sets that includes trouser and vest. Apart from it, there is a nice alternative of short sets, if you are planning to attend a formal function. Of course, you can’t attend any formal function without a tuxedo tie. Bow ties can be chosen in any color and paired up with vests.

Shirts- You have a perfect Tuxedo but it won’t look perfect without the perfect shirt. Tuxedo shirts are available online in variety of styles and colors. You can choose from black, blue, burgundy and rust colors that suits your little boy’s personality. Select among shirts with plain fronts, fly fronts and more ceremonial pleated fronts.

Satin Vests- Keep the drama off the look alive with satin vests that sports satin covered buttons. Both fullback and backless vests are offered. Colors can be matched with bow ties that includes silver, light pink, red, black, brown, light blue, ivory and so on.

While purchasing, you will have to examine to be sure that buying boys party dresses is worth the hard earned money they are spending. You need to take care whether the stitching and embellishment is strongly interwoven or not. While buying dresses online, take care of the above mentioned points to exceed in shopping without having to drive all over the town.