Give your Boy a Dressy Warmth, this Winter

Star pop padded winter jacket | Foreverkidz

The fall is not just concerned with snowfalls and winter adventures, it is accompanied by a lot of invitation for weddings, receptions, and parties. So, why limit the wardrobe of your kids to the subtle styles of hoodies and pullover, when you can get them a chic look? Gone those days when winter wear for kids was all about warmth. Now, fashion in an inevitable aspect during this season.

The Star Pop Padded Winter Jacket is one option that can give a perfect party look to your handsome hunk. Whether it’s Christmas or New Year party, or any sort of wedding or reception invitation, the red jacket with contrasting starry prints is the ideal party wear for boys during winter. The piece is not only stylish, but functional as well. The blend of cotton and spandex is cozy and provides appropriate stretch. Moreover, the padded finishing is warm and protect the child during the cool winter days.

You can find a number of boys dresses online. The flashy graphic of the jacket is anything, but ordinary and can help you make a wise selection, both in terms of style and functionality. So, pair the funky piece with denim jeans or formal pants and give a classy look to your boy.

Something About Kids Clothing That Parents Should Know

Dreamy Charming Party Frock | Foreverkidz
A graceful dreamy dress with a frill collar.

Whether you are the first-time parents or the experienced ones; it is very important to understand a few things about every parent should know about kids fashion dresses. Parents today go for outfits that look appealing to the eye and make the children look characters of the fairy tale. It is important to be aware and consider some things when you want to dress up your kids; after all, they are still children.

Let us look at the various aspects that need to be looked after when you plan to buy girls party wear or even boys party wear.

  • Comfort

Comfort comes on the top of the list because the clothes that provide comfort to the sensitive skin of the little kids are loved by them more. For example, when you buy a princess dress or tutu dresses for girls without checking the fabric composition; it might be the most beautiful dress but your daughter would not be able to wear for a longer span due to the itchy feeling or some other reason. Different seasons and weathers demand for different fabric composition in order to keep it comfortable and soft on the skin. Kids will be kids and will probably play even in different environments and as such are prone to become sweaty. If you find comfortable clothes that have perfect blend of microfiber, then go ahead, but don’t expect your kids to still look as nice as they were when they first wore the clothes.

  • Safety

Safety aspect might not be very clear in your head because we hardly related the clothes with accidents. You must make sure that you dress your kids in appropriate clothes. For example, girls tunic dresses in winters or boys party wear to small get together is what I am talking about. Wearing something that has layers to the bonfire can prove fatal. There are many more incidents that can happen. Hence, it is very important to buy dresses in accordance to the occasion and situation.

  • Fit

In today’s time, it is very important for you to club the comfort and fit in equal proportion. Fit does not mean that you buy body hugging clothes for your kids; it basically refers to the clothes that are shopped according to the body type of the kids. They should not be very tight or extremely loose on their physique. Keep this aspect in mind to balance between comfort and fit.

  • Style

Last but not the least, it is very important to keep it stylish nowadays. When your child goes out to play with their friends, it is very essential to keep up the things as they are among them. It is also important because when your child sees other kids wearing pretty clothes; it will be an adverse effect on their minds.

These were some of the aspects that every parent should take care of while online shopping for kids. Foreverkidz has a huge inventory that has luxurious fabrics and styles for both girls and boys at affordable prices.

All About Kids Clothing Sizes

Do you find it difficult to size your child and buy clothes for them? Kids come in all sizes and it gets a little tacky when you don’t find the appropriate size for your little one. The actual size of the baby (or a growing toddler) can only be figured out either by age or by the height and weight. For those wanting to buy that perfect clothing present for a growing baby, picking the perfect fit is essential for a successful gift. This blog talks about the various groups of kids and their size for making it easier to buy kids fashion dresses.

Classic Seersucker Suspender Set | Foreverkidz
Dress your infant and toddler boy up in charming spring style with our handsome 3 piece set from Forever Kidz collection.


What you must have seen everywhere is that mothers refer to the number of months when they go shopping for their kids. Even in the branded store, you’ll find the age in terms of months printed for the infants. For example, 0-3 months or 12-18 months and more can be seen at most of the places. However, the different manufacturing companies have different size options. Hence, it is always better to try. Online shopping for kids comes in handy here because easy return policies and size charts make it easier to choose.


Toddlers are referred to kids who are in the learning process to crawl. This age group in terms of sizes abroad is generally labeled as 2T, 3T and 4T and more are based on a child’s weight and height. However, in India, they are also categorized in the infant’s category and the sizes are labeled as months or years.

Boys and Girls:

When the kids start walking; they generally are aware about what they like and what not. However, the size surely matters at this stage. Hence, brick and mortar shops label them as a 5, 6, 7 or 8 and more. You must have seen people buying one size bigger than the normal but that is not correct. In order to keep the girls tutu dresses or boys shirts and t-shirts for a longer span people buy bigger clothes. This loses the presence of the clothing plus your kid’s fashion statement.

These are the kid’s categories on which the sizes are segregated. However, at, the clothes are easier to buy according to the age group and the easy return policies make the whole buying experience trustworthy. You can always exchange for the better size if you find anything wrong.

Check out the catalog at Foreverkidz and get the best of girls party wear and boys party wear dresses at affordable prices.

Online Shopping For Boys Party Wear

The online world has made shopping safe and quite easier. Along with the advantages of discounts and versatility, online shopping also presents ample opportunities for picking up the right style as per your needs. When it comes to buy something for your little master, you will get trendy options including Bow Tie Shirt, Waistcoat Set, Vintage Check Set, Floral Spring Shirt and so on. All these styles when paired up properly make your little boy the star of evening.

Style High Set | Foreverkidz

Let’s give them a look-

Coat Set- Dressing up your son in a coat set will actually make him the star of evening. All you need to do is accessorize it with the right pair of shoes.

Vintage Check Set- Vintage Check set takes fashion to the old days. The set has check trousers with suspenders, a navy blue shirt and a 3 colored stripes bow tie.

Lil Lad Set- Offer your little boy a sophisticated yet stylish look with this Lil Lad Set which is a 3 piece set. This dress makes a perfect pick for get together, family functions and casual occasions.

If you wish to explore more styles, browse which is a one stop destination for purchasing exclusive range of formal dresses in different colors, pattern and style. The best part about shopping here is that you get everything within your price range. Shop the stylish assortment of boys party wear at foreverkidz.