Make your child look the best with the best Kids Party Wear

When it comes to parties, kids are the ones that are super excited for the same. Out of all the other things that make them excited, it is the kids party wear that makes them super excited too. Kid’s parties include so many occasions like birthday parties, Christmas parties, school gatherings, funfairs, Halloween parties, weddings and so on. Now, they can actually have all the fun that they need with the different kinds of kids party wear available for the little ones. Thus, parents and particularly effective mothers look for kids party wear both girls party wear and boys party wear that they would love to wear and are comfortable in.

kids party wear

If you take a look at the kid’s parties, you should know that these are themed affairs these days. Talking about themes, you would be able to find superheroes, pirates, fairies, angels, Hollywood stars, cartoon characters, and others. The kids party wear are available in the fashion industry are so in demand because of the comfort and the looks that they have. What kind of kids party wear are available in the industry that your little ones can wear to the different parties? Let’s find the different kids party wear available at Forever Kidz that you should be investing in.

1. The relaxed and casual parties

Dress Me Up Set

Image Source: Dress Me Up Set (with suspenders bowtie)

Yes, your kids will have a lot of casual parties including birthdays and picnics. You would want to dress them in kids party wear that is equally comfortable and casual for the occasion. The girls jumpsuits, girls frocks, boys shirts and t-shirts, and a lot more options are available for the casual parties. So, casual parties need casual kids party wear dresses.

2. The themed parties


Image Source: PomPom Party Dress

Well, when you talk about themed parties, as we mentioned above there can be numerous themes like Cinderella, Angel, Nemo and so many others. In that case, kids party wear like girls gowns for girls party wear, tutu dresses and a few other options are available when you are being the parents that your little one deserves.

3. The Indian festivity parties

kurta with pants

Image Source: Festive Suave Set

The Indian festivity parties are the parties which include Diwali, weddings, family get-together, and other functions. Each of these deserves kids party wear that is glamorous, shimmery, bedazzled, and so much more. So, why not go for kids ethnic wear that includes kids party wear dresses like lehenga choli set, girls Anarkali set, sarees for girls and more.

Next time your kids are invited to a party or you are inviting other kids for your kids’ birthday party or other celebration parties, make sure you pick a beautiful kids party wear according to the theme. Themed parties are much more enjoyable for the kids than other parties.

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How to find the best party dresses for boys?

Does your boy stand in front of the mirror and try to look dapper in his own way? Well, if he does, you should know that your boy would be the fashionable personality when he grows up. All you got to do is make sure he gets the right party dresses for boys when he needs them the most. Going to social gatherings, meeting his friends and many other occasions and having the right party dresses for boys on these occasions have their advantages. With the heightened media popularity and the global trends coming affordably, the party dresses for boys are not boring anymore and have made it easier for the parents to choose the best ones for their little ones.

boys party wear

On the contrary, having the party dresses for boys is one thing but finding the party dresses for boys is just another. Looking for party dresses for boys in specific is not what is quite a charming task for the parents. They always settle for the basics or classics that are available in the industry including the boys shirts and t-shirts, suits or sets with trousers or jeans. So, if you are looking for party dresses for boys, this is exactly where you be and reading just the points that you should know in order to buy party dresses for boys.

1. Settle for a place to buy the party dresses for boys

The very first thing that all the rescue missions need is the place to buy the party dresses for boys from. With a new website adding to the list every day, parents need to be very careful because all websites aren’t the types that would be suitable for you. So, choose the online store that has a wide variety of party dresses for boys. So, choosing the place to buy party dresses for boys is quite a thing that you should invest time looking into.

2. Which occasion do you want the party dresses for boys for?

Yes, you cannot let your boy wear any party dresses for boys for any of the occasions that he has. For example, you cannot let your son wear something that is shimmery to an annual day celebration or a boys smart wear at a wedding. You have to choose the right party dresses for boys for the right occasions if you want to be the effective mother and build his personality for good. Hence, choose the party dresses for boys with care in accordance with the occasion.

3. Keep in mind the fabrics of the party dresses for boys in accordance with the weather conditions

Yes, kids catch flu and other problems quite easily. It is not only about these health problems but the party dresses for boys which are not coordinated with the season can be very troublesome also. The skin rashes, red marks, constant urge to itch can be very problematic that would give your boy in his party dresses for boys a tough time. You know what I am trying to say right? Make sure you choose the right fabrics for the party dresses for boys.

Do you have any other aspects that should be kept in mind while picking the party dresses for boys? Do let us know in the comments below.

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All about Boys Party Wear

It is finally that time of the year when the party season is almost here and the preparations have begun. You might be all set with your clothes and accessories, but have you thought something about the boys party wear? With a variety of boys party dresses available for the little boys, you cannot call boys party wear boring. There are even those who have a mindset saying that boys should always wear blue color and the other pastels are only meant for the girls? That’s not true because boys party wear can have any kind of style and any color that they like to wear.

However, there are things that every parent must know about their boys party wear dresses and that’s exactly what we’ve got here. This blog will detail you everything about the boys party wear that you should know and pay attention to when you want to hit that buy button.

1. What counts in boys party wear?

Anything that does not count to be the ordinary is boys party wear. You have a lot of options to choose from in boys party wear when you sit down in front of the laptop or smartphone and log in to your account at The number of styles, colors, sizes, and designs at the kids online store in boys party wear are innumerable. Online shopping for kids allows you to choose from boys shirts and t-shirts, jeans, trousers, dungarees, sets and other boys dresses online. You can choose from the plethora of prints and designs in boys party wear that are laid out to make your Sonshine look stunning.

2. How to choose boys party wear?

There are a few steps to choose the best and the most desired boys party wear. Have a look at them below.

  • Never miss the size

You should know all about kids clothing sizes in the first place. Having known that, you should never miss buying the correct size in boys party wear. Earlier this month, my mother-in-law bought a girls frock for my daughter and a set for the little man. While the boys party came in perfect, my daughter’s frock was quite big and the shoulders were drooling the time she wore it. My mother-in-law said that we can keep it and she’d wear it when it fits her right. Well, that’s okay, but what about her dress for that respective occasion? So, don’t take the sizes lightly.

  • Keep in mind the weather conditions


This is summer but winters too have parties for which you should make sure that your boys party wear is in check. Summers call for lightweight and breathable boys party wear whereas; the cold season deserves warm boys party wear options. Just make sure you pick them correctly according to the weather and seasonal conditions.

3. How to accessorize the boys party wear?

Following are some of the boys party wear accessories that you should look out for when you want to complete the personality.

  • Bow ties/ties: what would a gentleman be without a bow tie or a slim tie? While some sets of boys party wear come along with these accessories, the other times, you can buy these to complete his dashing personality.
  • Stunning footwear: a pair of shoe is all he needs to walk in style with his boys party wear. Let him have one and he’ll be the center of attraction.

So, are you now satisfied with the knowledge about boys party wear? If you seek any other information about boys party wear, do let us know and we’ll help you out.

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Why are Boys Party Wear so Boring?

Earlier this month, I went with my son for boys party wear shopping. You know how effective moms have to be because they stand by the little ones at all times. He had a birthday party planned later this year and was cribbing that “I don’t want to wear anything that’s there in the closet and wants something new boys party wear”. So headed shopping.

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Trust me, buying boys party wear is a TASK. Everything that we came across and was party dresses for boys was absolutely old-school and BORING. Without buying, we had to come back home and think over the fact that why do we invest all the creativity in girls party wear and their regular dresses and forget that boys party wear too are there. Then we sat down to find him boys party wear online. The benefits of online shopping for kids are numerous and that was my last resort to find the best boys party dress for him before the D-Day comes in.

This blog talks about the reasons why boys party wear are considered to be boring while they are actually not.

1. Parents think that there are not many options

Oh yes. This has been the first and the biggest reason along with the others. Since I was a kid, all I have heard from my parents whenever we went shopping for my brother was – “What are we going out for? There aren’t any party dresses for boys options. You would end up buying the same boys t-shirt and shirt with jeans or pants.” However, I would like this moment and break the myth to you right away. Now, you get to lay your hands on all kinds of party wear dresses for boys when you go ahead and search online. The options of boys party wear are in plenty when it comes to boys dresses online.

2. Because girls wear seems more bright and beautiful

When it comes to comparing, girls wear seems more beautiful at any point in time. When you enter a store where kids party wear are hanged side by side for both the genders, you always get fascinated by the girl’s side rather than the boys party wear section. It is but obvious that the girl’s collection is all about sparkles, pastel colors, embellishment and more than the boys party wear. Your smile becomes an inverted smile the moment you take a turn from the girl’s section towards the boys party dresses. That’s why boys clothes or so called boys party wear are boring.

3. Stereotype attitude

This is something sensitive but the truth for sure. You cannot imagine a boy being all jazzy and embellished with party dresses for boys. You have always considered boys party wear to be subtle and masculine rather than letting them check out the options. This is not generally talked about but for sure has been a part of the reasons why boys party wear options are boring.

Having known the reasons, now I’d like to take you on a pep ride where Forever Kidz offers some of the most chic and fashionable boys party wear clothing options when it comes to party dresses for boys. They prove that you should keep your kids fashionable. Whether it is winters or summers clothing, just believe that your little ones can look adorable. Comment below what you think about boys party wear below and why you think Boys Party Wear are so Boring?

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Who says Boys should wear blue?

Well, it all started a long time ago. However, it is one truth that cannot be denied and you’d find the division between girls fashion dresses in pink while the color was kept for the little boys. The situation is so that you would find the same happening not only in the brick and mortar shops but also while online shopping for kids.

Though the history isn’t clear of what or who exactly said it or did it, that’s not going to carry on if parents start picking the gender-neutral colors for boys fashion wear. Now, you might just say – What else options do the boys have apart from the blue brigade?

Well, the options are countless when it comes to dressing your baby boy in fashionable colors. Some of the boys party wear options are mentioned below.

1. Suspender pants


Definitely not blue, the rust color of the Rust Magic Pants with Suspenders is eye appealing and very handsome by the wear. The off-edge design makes your boy look absolutely stunning. Pair it up with a brown t-shirt and your little one is ready to rock any social gathering with you.

2. Polo neck Striped Fashion Tee


Who doesn’t like to keep it a little semi-casual with Polo shirts? Well, they are actually t-shirts but are termed as shirts. Also available in numerous colors (including blue) and prints, the Striped Fashion Tee is a casual wear that your sunshine can sport in the evenings during his playtime with his friends. The cotton fabric lets him feel comfortable as well.

3. The PINK set


Who said anything about pink being only for girls? Girls tutu dresses might be in pink to look extra gorgeous, but the Younger Boys Set available at Forever Kidz is definitely the set your munchkin deserves to have. The pastel pink trouser with a matching tie and pocket square, the white shirt certainly brightens up his day. It is the dapper way to state your fashion quotient.

4. Little Short set


Black is a universal color. You might want to keep that strictly for the adults because for kids, pastel colors are more often picked. But, did anyone restrict you from picking black? Nope!! So, the Lil Star Set which has a masculine pair of shorts with a half sleeves shirt, tie, and pocket square is meant just for the hep look. You can team it up with sneakers and sunglasses to beat the heat.

5. Camouflage print set

Camouflage print set

Camo print is not only the stud-type design in the adult’s fashion industry. The younger generation too is getting the hang of it. The Army Fashion Set has a camo print jersey with a hoody and a pair of lounge pants. Your son can go in for some hip-hop classes with these for sure.

Hence, blue is not the only color for boys. Dive in to find the numerous other colors that your little one can sport.

Do give us your feedback on the same in the comments section below.

What does every Kid need from the parents?

In an era of advertisements and promotions directed at kids, from toys to Disneyland, many parents wonder what kids need most.

Do you sometimes sit down and think what your little one wants from you the most? We asked a couple of parents who are dealing with kids of different age groups and they had some common and distinct needs that they’ve observed in their children.

Talking about the needs that are found in every kid, parents should be focused on fulfilling the same with utmost priority.

1. Security

The very first thing that every little one needs is “Security”. Since they are young and learning the norms of life, if they are provided a sense of security in his/her growing years, the baby will turn out be a strong individual. Security of being provided with the basic survival needs like food, shelter, clothing protection and most importantly love.

2. Stability

Stability is what a family who lives together in peace. When a family lives together in a stable household, the child’s mental state is stable in the growing years. You know how the kids are who live with one of their parents. They are broken from within and face a lot of struggle in their lives. Kids and families should also be part of larger units to give them a sense of belonging and cultural continuity.

3. Consistency

Parents need to remain the way they are. Consistency is when the parents don’t change their behavior or their values for their kids. When you are something else at one point whereas; something completely different the next moment is not what should happen with the little ones. Think about their needs while their upbringing rather than your own convenience.

4. Emotional Support

Another must-have that you should pay keen attention to is the emotional support. When your little one will see you fighting, thrashing someone or they’ll get scolded from you, their emotional state will tremble. Your actions, words, behavior, and everything that you do is being seen by your kid. Make sure you prove to be a good parent.

5. Love

Though love was mentioned in the basic needs for sure, then, this needs a special recommendation for sure. Love is all the kids need when everything else fails. Why is that you buy boys party wear or girls frocks when they deserve it? Scolding sometimes is necessary to keep the balance intact, but at the end of the day – it is the love that keeps your little one going.

6. Education

Just to be a strong individual who understands the difference between right and wrong, education is the key need. Whether it the lessons that life teaches them or your teachings which go on with them throughout, education is a must-have.

Which need is the most important one? Do let us know in the comments below.