Make Navratri special with Kids Ethnic Wear

India is a land of festivals. With a day of celebration after every few weeks, the festivities don’t seem to come to an end. You should know all about the kid’s party guide for the festive season and you can find it right here. With a confluence of varied religious and traits, the time to come together and enjoy is plenty. Fashion naturally is a part of such traditions and talking about fashion, the parents have the entire festive season coming up. Well, to start with, Navratri is right there and just like the adults, the kids can also pick the best of kids ethnic wear and be happy about it.

Navrati Special | Kids Ethnic Wear | Foreverkidz

If you want to know more about the Navratri special shopping guide that gave access to the best kids ethnic wear, you go ahead and read the blog that we wrote last year.

This blog talks about the various measures that you should keep in mind in order to pick the best of kids ethnic wear dresses before the festive season starts.

1. Keep the pep in mind while looking for kids ethnic wear

Sterling Magenta Inspiration Lehenga for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Stunning Orange And Pink Tradition

When you think festivity, you cannot go boring and monotonous with kids fashion dresses. You think kids ethnic wear, you have to make sure the options are peppy and gorgeous. The peppiness comes in complimentary in the kid’s ethnic dresses because if that wasn’t a part of the same, they would be no different than the adult’s clothing articles. Hence, look for peppiness in mind while picking kids ethnic wear.

2. Comfort is the key to kids ethnic wear

Festive Dazzle Kids Saree for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Festive Dazzle Kids Saree

You might have parties planned for the Navratri season for the little girls. And, when you talk about parties, there’ll be dancing, good food, games and so much more. So, in order to spend so much time throughout the evening doing all this, your little ones need comfort. Make sure you invest in comfort with Girls ethnic wear. There’s nothing more than comfort when it comes to kids ethnic wear.

3. Pick from the best kids ethnic wear styles

Pom Pom Glow Suit Set for Girls | Foreverkidz

Image Source: Pom Pom Glow Suit Set

There are numerous kids ethnic wear styles available at Forever Kidz that you can choose from. Pick the best of kids ethnic wear styles for Navratri special occasion. From the girl’s lehenga choli sets to the Anarkali suits, dhoti kurta and so much more is there. Just be sure of which kids ethnic wear style you choose and make your kids like the styles too.

Fashion for kids is a changing element and adjusts to suit needs of climate too. Monsoon collections come with cutoffs and easy dry fabrics. Summers demand the need for cotton, linen, muslin, and other airy wear. Woolen and inner wear are just not warm clothes but fashion statements. This is the time when winter is setting in but the days are hot. Hence, the kid’s ethnic wear you choose should be in accordance with the same. Happy Navratri!!

Aspects that parents should consider while buying Ethnic Wear for Kids

When the parents get down to shopping for their little ones, they invest in a lot of time and patience because the feeling of shopping for themselves is way too different than for the tiny tots. They look out for numerous aspects that can actually change how your kids feel in those kids fashion dresses. Well, there are a lot of aspects or things that are a must when it comes to the kids clothing. When the mothers look at the baby’s clothes and they go “awww”; eventually they forget some important aspects that must be considered before choosing it for your little princess or prince. Well, with the festive season right around the corner, the sales and discounts on ethnic wear for kids have started to show up. And, that’s exactly where parents want to grab the best of kids ethnic wear style for their little ones.

Kids Ethnic Wear for Kids

Whether you’re looking for girls ethnic wear for Diwali or ethnic wear for kids for the upcoming Diwali celebrations, you, as effective parents should keep in mind certain things. Well, if you want to know about the aspects that you should consider in ethnic wear for kids, this is the right place for you.

1. Size of the ethnic wear for kids

Stunning Orange and Pink Tradition

Image Source: Stunning Orange and Pink Tradition

This is one of the most intricate aspects that sounds tiny right now but has a huge importance on the kid’s body. The styles in ethnic wear for kids are haphazardly sized and there’s no similarity between the adult’s sizing and the kids fashion dresses sizing. Ranged according to the age group, kids ethnic wear styles are a little tacky (sometimes) because of the difference between sizes in the same age group. Hence, be careful of what size you pick in ethnic wear for kids because it directly impacts his/her comfort.

2. The weight of the ethnic wear for kids

girls saree

Image Source: Festive Dazzle Kids Saree

This is the next big thing that can create a big problem for your little one and his/her happiness. The fabrics used in the ethnic wear for kids can be heavy or lightweight. You have to see which girls ethnic wear style would your little one be able to carry throughout the festivities. Whether you choose a lehenga choli set or fashionably lightweight Anarkali suit, just be sure that you pick the most lightweight ethnic wear for kids in order to keep her feeling comfortable. Talking about boys ethnic wear, they are generally made with lightweight fabrics but the girls ethnic wear has a lot of work like embellishments, stonework, mirror work and more which makes them heavy.

3. The cleaning of the ethnic wear for kids

Festive Suave Set

Image Source: Festive Suave Set

Let us assume that you have already chosen the ethnic wear for kids and the festivities have already come to an end. The next thing you have is a lot of laundries to do. So, if you’re looking forward to washing and cleaning the ethnic wear for kids, you mothers have quite a big task up there. Most of the fabrics are unique and are supposed to be washed separately with utmost concern. There are numerous washing options available and most of the companies/brands make sure that the washing instructions are mentioned on a tiny tag on the ethnic wear for kids. You must make sure to follow the instructions to keep the article durable and charming.

So, do you have any more suggestions to give to the other parents about the ethnic wear for kids or Online shopping for kids? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Make your child look the best with the best Kids Party Wear

When it comes to parties, kids are the ones that are super excited for the same. Out of all the other things that make them excited, it is the kids party wear that makes them super excited too. Kid’s parties include so many occasions like birthday parties, Christmas parties, school gatherings, funfairs, Halloween parties, weddings and so on. Now, they can actually have all the fun that they need with the different kinds of kids party wear available for the little ones. Thus, parents and particularly effective mothers look for kids party wear both girls party wear and boys party wear that they would love to wear and are comfortable in.

kids party wear

If you take a look at the kid’s parties, you should know that these are themed affairs these days. Talking about themes, you would be able to find superheroes, pirates, fairies, angels, Hollywood stars, cartoon characters, and others. The kids party wear are available in the fashion industry are so in demand because of the comfort and the looks that they have. What kind of kids party wear are available in the industry that your little ones can wear to the different parties? Let’s find the different kids party wear available at Forever Kidz that you should be investing in.

1. The relaxed and casual parties

Dress Me Up Set

Image Source: Dress Me Up Set (with suspenders bowtie)

Yes, your kids will have a lot of casual parties including birthdays and picnics. You would want to dress them in kids party wear that is equally comfortable and casual for the occasion. The girls jumpsuits, girls frocks, boys shirts and t-shirts, and a lot more options are available for the casual parties. So, casual parties need casual kids party wear dresses.

2. The themed parties


Image Source: PomPom Party Dress

Well, when you talk about themed parties, as we mentioned above there can be numerous themes like Cinderella, Angel, Nemo and so many others. In that case, kids party wear like girls gowns for girls party wear, tutu dresses and a few other options are available when you are being the parents that your little one deserves.

3. The Indian festivity parties

kurta with pants

Image Source: Festive Suave Set

The Indian festivity parties are the parties which include Diwali, weddings, family get-together, and other functions. Each of these deserves kids party wear that is glamorous, shimmery, bedazzled, and so much more. So, why not go for kids ethnic wear that includes kids party wear dresses like lehenga choli set, girls Anarkali set, sarees for girls and more.

Next time your kids are invited to a party or you are inviting other kids for your kids’ birthday party or other celebration parties, make sure you pick a beautiful kids party wear according to the theme. Themed parties are much more enjoyable for the kids than other parties.

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What are the most fashionable Girls Ethnic Wear for Festive Occasions?

It is finally the festive season that’s gearing up. As parents, dressing their little ones is probably the most important of the tasks that they have for themselves. Festive occasions are special for them, because apart from getting a chance to get out of their books, getting to try new and beautiful girls ethnic wear is what they love the most. Being the parents, you would want to buy the different kinds of kids ethnic wear for them but often get confused with loads of options available in the market. Sometimes with the vast range of eye-popping choices in girls ethnic wear that is available online, our decision-making abilities can sometimes be paralyzed.

girls ethnic wear

Hence, in order to ease your job of choosing the most fashionable girls ethnic wear for this festive occasion, you can go ahead and follow the guide here. Well, once done, you can pay attention to the different girls ethnic wear styles that you can choose from to dress your princess this festive season.

1. Girls Anarkali Suits

Pink Anarkali Fashion Suit

Pink Anarkali Fashion Suit

The collection of girls Anarkali suits seem to have been conjured up from fairy tales because no matter what your little one’s personality is they magically make them look so good. The respective kids ethnic wear style is meant for all the different heights and body shapes if your child is ready to pep up the occasion with the gorgeous colors, drapes, and accessories with the girls ethnic wear. Finally, it is not only women who get to pick Anarkalis for themselves, the little ones have got the girls ethnic wear for themselves too.

2. Embroidered kurtas with pants/salwar

kurta with pants

Festive Suave Set

Nothing can beat the chic look that an embroidered kurta can create for your munchkin. Whether you pick a solid colored set with fewer detailing or sequins on the kurta and dupatta or something that makes her personality go larger than life, you can have depended on the occasion and how your little one would like girls ethnic wear to be. Depending on the occasion, you could also go in for sequins or other embellishments on the ethnic wear for kids with the right accessories. Make sure you pick the right kids hair accessories to match the set with and footwear too.

3. Ethnic skirts for girls

girls lehenga

The Perfect Bling Lehenga

If you’re bored of the same old kids ethnic wear, you can tweak things a little and try something like skirts for girls. Apart from being languid and feminine, it is the elegance that the skirt with blouses adds to the personality. You would be able to choose from designs and embellishments like mirror work, patchwork, cutwork, etc., in the girls ethnic wear. Just keep the glitter and shimmer limited to either the accessories or the clothes for low-key events or you can take the glamour to a whole new level with bling-bling everything (make sure you don’t overdo the personality).

4. Girls Lehenga Choli Set

Girls Lehenga choli

Orange Dazzle Fusion Lehenga

Girls lehenga choli set is one type of girls ethnic wear that is a hit with women and girls like…forever. With the multitudes of designs, color combinations and styles available, this kids ethnic wear has a fluid, feminine grace about it and is a staple girls ethnic wear for a lot of occasions.

5. Girls sarees

girls saree

Girls Saree

Sarees might sound too over-the-top for some of the parents, but when you think of these girls ethnic wear specifically crafted for the little ones, you’d be amazed to see the styles and designs. From Georgette printed sarees to the slightly embroidered ones, these girls ethnic wear is something that has started to catch up in today’s time.

The know-all kids party wear guide for this festive season

As we have almost come in the month of September, the festive season is upon us waiting for us to enjoy every holiday that comes forth. See, are you getting all pumped up? Well if you are getting all hyped about the festive season, what would the little ones do about it? Kids love festivals and the celebrations when there are family get-togethers, lots of good food to eat and obviously new and stunning kids party wear for every occasion.

kids party wear guide for this festive season

Parents want their kids to look just the best in their kids party wear during the festive season. Whether it is Dussehra, Diwali or Christmas, every parent strives to be the best and to do the best for their little ones in terms of kids party wear. They go ahead and choose kids ethnic wear with the dupattas, dhotis and what not just to set the mood of the festival. Being an Indian parent myself, kids party wear is something that is an integral part of every celebration. The first thing that runs across the mind as soon as the festive season starts is – What is my baby girl going to wear as her kids party wear? Or, if you have a boy, you’d think the same.

We hear you, parents. With trends that are here to flatter every little one, it is difficult to decide which kids party wear dress is better. After all, you might want your munchkin to wear kids ethnic wear on some of the holidays while a few would call for kids party wear that is western in looks. So, here is a guide for you to decipher what kind of kids party wear would be great for your little ones this festive season.

1. Think kids party wear – think colors

girls salwar suit with duptta

Image Source: Festive Suave Set

Just before you think of anything else in the kids party wear, make sure you think of colors first and foremost. Why would colors come first here, you might think? Well, talking about fabrics, styles and other features is what we’ve been talking about ever since. Festive season calls for beautiful shades that would paint the world multi-colored. From the beautiful pastels, neon girls salwar suit you can pick something that is slightly dark that calls for the starting of winter. Every color has its own charm and you can pick anything for your kids party wear.

2. Kids party wear should be absolutely comfortable

girls lehenga choli

Image Source: Stunning Orange and Pink Tradition

If the kids party wear doesn’t comfort your little one, how is he/she supposed to enjoy the festival in the first place? Even if the discomfort is minimum, the kids party wear won’t be able to provide comfort for a longer duration. Hence, check the fabric composition quite carefully while online shopping for kids because it is the fabric of the kids party wear like girls lehenga choli that will provide comfort to the little ones.

3. The styles of the kids party wear

boys party wear

Image Source: Style High Set

Coming down to the most important aspect according to the parents – “what should we buy as our kids party wear?”, the styles of the kids party wear matter a lot. When it comes to the kids party wear, there are so many different styles available for the little ones. Mostly segregated as kids smart wear such as boys party wear and girls party wear. They are further divided into styles like boys  suits and sets, boys shirts, tutu dresses, girls lehenga choli set, kurta pajama set, princess frocks and many others.

4. Get those accessories to work with the kids party wear

girls accessories

Image Source: Pearly Rose Tiara and Bracelet

No outfit is complete without the matching kids accessories. So, you can pick the beautiful bangles to go well with the kids ethnic wear, tiaras, footwear, sunglasses, hats, headbands, ties and other accessories to well with the kids party wear.

The mantra to pick the best kids party wear is to “NOT to PANIC” and start working before the D-Day. This way you would be able to pick the best without stressing too much.

Rakshabandhan: A bond of love between brother and sister

Finally, Raksha Bandhan or what we call raakhi is finally here. More popularly known as the day of the siblings, there’s a lot of love and emotional bonding that the festival celebrates. Celebrated throughout India and also in countries like Nepal, the term “Rakshabandhan” means “to tie a knot of protection”. Adorable as it sounds, the sisters tie a colorful band or raakhi on the wrist of her brother (not only blood relations but cousins also).

Raksha Bandhan

What is the origin of Rakshabandhan?

If you are wondering where it all began, the festival goes back to the time of Mahabharata. It is believed that when Krishna had accidentally cut his hand, Draupadi tore-off a portion from her saree and put it around the wound for healing it. On the other hand, when she was undergoing the torment in the hands of the Kauravas, Krishna used the same portion of saree to turn it into a saree to save her dignity. It is believed that Krishna fulfilled his promise to protect Draupadi (sister). Since then, the festival has been celebrated across the country. In the ancient age, the brothers would visit their sisters in her in-law’s house where she has been married off to get the raakhi tied and exchange gifts with her as well.

The festival is all about the love, bonding, care and protective feeling that the siblings share and the festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm in today’s time. From the adults celebrating the festival, it is the little ones who look adorable wearing beautiful girls ethnic wear and the brothers wearing boys party wear doing all the customs involved in the festival.

How to make Rakshabandhan special for your little kids?

The very purpose of celebrating Rakshabandhan lies in cherishing the special bond between the brother and the sister. But when it comes to helping your little ones celebrate the day with full enthusiasm and zest, you can do a lot of things that would brighten up their day.

Kids Ethnic Wear

Image Source: Stunning Orange and Pink Tradition

  • Buy beautiful and colorful kids ethnic wear

The very first thing that you as an effective mother or father would want to do is to shop the best kids ethnic wear for them. Your princess can do really well with the girls lehenga choli set or Anarkali suit for girls and boys kurta pajama set or anything else that would be comfortable. You can choose from the numerous options that are available while online shopping for kids.

  • Pick a suitable gift (for both)

Yes, when you talk about gifts for Rakshabandhan, you would generally think that gifts on the festival are for girls. On the contrary, you would want to pick a gift for your little boy as well. Sisters (adults) these days would love the idea of exchanging the gifts with their brothers. As a parent of little ones, you could do that for your young ones.

  • Make the day special

Take your kids out and let them enjoy a day with each other playing, eating their favorite food and anything that they would want to do. You can plan the entire day with them and they’d be glad to enjoy the day.

In the broader sense, the festival of Rakshabandhan signifies a lot more than just a celebration. Make the day memorable for your little ones.

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