Empower your Kids with these steps

Mommy with kids

“Empower children’s lives and they’ll be able to change the world” ~Timothy Pina

As parents, we all want to raise kids who are confident, smart and have the potential to change the world and make it a better place. When you raise such kids, you know that the world is going to be a better place. Seeing that your kid growing the way you’ve always wanted to be is definitely a pleasure to see but somewhere deep down you have the fear that he/she might not need you anymore.

Mommy with kids


Image Source:theempoweredmom.com

But, as a good parent, empowering your kids is your responsibility and it has its own benefits to your family, society and on a bigger platform to the world.

So, what do you do to empower your kids? Take a tour of the practical tips mentioned below.

1. Give them a choice

By giving them a choice from a very young age makes them a strong person in the future. Starting to understand which girls party wear to choose and when to stop talking and listen to the others are some of the examples where they can make their own choices. Choice and voice go together. Allowing your child choice gives them a voice in what directly relates to them and their daily life.

2. Let them have a voice – make sure you listen

Every kid has something to say. All you have to do is listen. Go ahead and ask them how their day was at school or after they come back from playing. When they start talking, make sure you leave what you’re doing and listen to them carefully. This way they’ll understand the importance of listening while somebody else is talking.

3. Give them responsibilities

Ask them to serve water to the guests or settle their school bag for the next day themselves or give them any responsibility that would keep them occupied. Teach them to open the fridge and make sandwiches for themselves so that they don’t have to starve. Eventually, they’ll be able to survive without you by making food for themselves. Responsibilities will shape up their personality step by step. Hence, you are making him/her a better person. My three year old knows how chapatis are made and she even tries, but I give her other responsibilities like choosing between tutu dress or jeans top for now.

4. Teach them respect

Respect is something that has become more like the endangered characteristic trait and most probably it go extinct in a few decades. If you do not teach your kids to respect others from a very young age, you don’t even know how the world will treat him/her later. When you teach them how to respect now – both himself/herself as well as the others, you will make them have an upper hand in almost everything they do. Respecting others will diminish the chances of them being persuaded into any wrongdoings or have better prospects in relationships, both personal and professional.

5. Let them take risks

When you kid falls down once, don’t abstain them going out and play again because you fear that they’ll fall again. Let them take the risk of running, playing and falling down too. This will cut down on the fear of doing something. And, when your child is not scared to do anything, he/she turns out to be a stronger person in personality. It will also build in self-confidence in them when you show confidence in what they are doing or want to do.

6. Let them make decisions and face the consequences

Yes, this definitely sounds to be too hard for the kids, but you have to let them make their decisions sometimes. Having done that, it depends on them to face the consequences or enjoy the advantages of deciding what they decided. The kids cannot master the decision making skill in a go, but that takes time.

The kids of today will be the future of the country. What you instill in them now will directly affect how the world will be. Will be a better place to live in or not?

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