Does your baby love you? – Signs to prove

Mommy and Kid

No, your baby won’t actually tell you that he/she loves you. At least not the one who’s only about a month old or about 2 years old. The kids above this age will somehow speak those three words to you whenever you tell them that you love them and they’d reply with the same. As you and your baby get to know each other, you’d understand whether your little one loves you or not with the words, actions, expressions and more.

For now, let’s assume that you really want to know what your child feels for you. This blog lays down the signs that would let you understand that your tiny tot loves you a LOT.

1. He knows – You are You

Within a few weeks, the baby understands and can make a difference between the caregiver and the others. Eventually, he’d want to be with you and in your arms being the happy baby. When you won’t be available around him, he’d look for you and occasionally cry to come back to you.

2. The expressions would become flirty

Almost a month later, the baby would know that you talk to her, make faces and spend a lot of time. In return, she would also do the same to you. He would make faces while you talk to her and giggle, the coy looking away, and more. These goofy games appear to be as important in cementing a baby’s attachment as your responses to her physical needs. At around 4 months, she’ll also be unable to take her eyes off of you.

3. The smile – even if it is short

Now, you would have heard that when at a young age if the baby smiles for a split second, it is something to do with gas or is an involuntary reflex. However, that’s not true. The smile of your little one is what happens when you are busy showing her kids fairy dresses or pampering her for being the good girl or even teaching her good things. This is a sign of the fact that the baby loves you and your company.

4. The latch-feeling for a toy

Let’s be true to ourselves that we all have had a stuffed toy as a kid which was the dearest part of our childhood. There would have been times when you couldn’t sleep without it and latched onto it when you felt insecure. Your baby will also do it. He/she would want to stay with it all the time but will trust you (only you) with it.

5. The stare

You might consider staring as a rude thing, but this is how love is shown. The baby would start to recognize your face, smell and the voice as she’s growing up. Later, in terms of stare, she would be trying to understand your face better in order to remember it. Hence, the next time you find your baby staring at you, just let her be. She’s getting to know you.

6. The arms are raised high – pick them up

No matter with whom your little one is, if you walk by, he would want to jump to you. How? He would raise his arms towards you and ask you to hold him no matter what you’re doing. This is another way to say that he wants to be with you and loves you a lot.

How does your little one cling to you? Do let us know in the comments below.

Author: Foreverkidz

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