Is your kid facing depression? – What to do?

Kids in Depression

Depression. This is that disease which can a lot of damage to a person young or adult, big or small. Talking about kids, teenage is the time when the disease affects the most. What do you do to minimize the effects of depression? Well, there are many ways to handle depression and that’s what this article talks about.

This article details you about the ways that can handle depression in your kids.

1. Talk to them

The very first thing to do when you find out that your little one is undergoing some sort of problem. It is important to talk to your kids and empathize with them. Do not try to pinch or dig into what’s their mental status, but build a bond that they open up to you without trying too hard. Talking is the key to getting down to the basic problem and hence, the solution could be founded.

2. Empathize with them

There are chances that you haven’t been through depression before and it is completely normal. If you have experience of the same, you’d know how to handle, but if you haven’t then don’t sympathize but try to empathize with them. Putting yourself in your kid’s shoe would give them better hope. Work on understanding your teen’s feelings and it will help you to better understand them.

3. Don’t try to fix things

This is a basic human tendency that when parents find out that their kids are going through something, they want to give probable solutions to ease out their pain. Your teen is at a pivotal stage in their life and they need to learn the necessary skills for problem-solving. One way they can learn that is solving some of the problems leading to their depression.

4. Do things that they like

When you cannot give solutions to their problem, you feel frustrated. That’s okay. What you can do to make them feel better – do things that they like. Take them out their favorite spots, buy them kids party wear, watch movies with them and do things that they love to do. This would lighten their mood and give them temporary happiness.

5. Monitor their symptoms

Monitoring their symptoms is a helpful way to understand whether your child is in depression or not. From seeing how they eat, sleep, behave to how much they sleep, loss of interest, a difference in energy level, difficulty in concentrating, feelings of irritation, self-reported feelings of depression and more can be some of them that would give you a heads up on what’s your kid’s mental state.

6. Educate yourself

You should read about depression and the ways that you can help. This is the biggest way that you can help your child. You educate yourself and he/she would find comfort in you. You are starting the education process by reading this post. Keep reading other blog posts and articles about depression and teenagers. This would help.

Understanding and empathizing is the biggest thing you can do to help. Be headstrong with the little one.

Author: Foreverkidz

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