How to stop sibling fights?

Stop Sibling Fights

Being a child psychologist and a mother, there are a lot of requests that come to me regarding their little ones. The majority of the requests are about the resolving the sibling fights. Well, that’s an absolutely okay situation for two or more siblings to fight and play together, but sometimes these fights take ugly turns which is not a good thing. I have been getting these requests so I thought of putting down the possible solutions that can work in your favor of stopping the sibling fights.

Find the steps that can help you intervene in the fight and get over with it.

1. Just stay calm Not

on Earth has ever calmed anyone else down by raising their own voice. Raising your voice on the little ones would not help you at any point. In fact, they might take you as a role model and start imitating you the next time they fight. Be stern but calm while asking them to stay away from each other at that particular moment.

2. Don’t take sides

You have to be impartial. Being biased towards one of them will make the other one hate you and the fact that you took the other kiddo’s side. At any cost, you should be unbiased towards both your kids.

3. Encourage respect

Your house rule should be – everyone teaches the each other with respect, kindness, and humility. You should not allow screaming, fighting, thrashing and other activities in the house. The motto is to build peace and harmony between the younger ones. Let them play together with the rule that if they fight again, they’ll be grounded an will have no access to any games or any luxury like the birthday dresses for boys (on their respective birthdays) or anything else.

4. Teach them negotiation

Negotiation skills are what you have to teach them with the other things you make them learn. Tell them that they have to manage conflicts by themselves and if they are unable to do it, the results will be the same for all of them. Your job is to teach them. So if they aren’t too upset, move right in and model conflict resolution.

5. Don’t be judgmental while resolving issues

When your kids fight, there are times when they hurt each other and there are cuts, bruises on the body. Your focus should be on applying medicine on the wounds rather than passing judgments on who’s right and who’s wrong. Let the child who’s hurt take out his/her anger because he’s/she’s hurt and is wounded. But that shouldn’t let you go out of the boundaries.

6. Promote calmness

Once you’ve sorted out the fight and your kids are not anxious anymore, with no hard feelings, you should give them treats to be the good kids. Whether you take them out or buy them kids fashion dresses, positive reinforcement is necessary.

How do you calm down your little ones? Do let us know in the comments below.

Author: Foreverkidz

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