Top 5 parenting issues with their solution

parenting issues

If you are a parent, you would understand this very well. Being a parent, you know what parenthood feels like. Sometimes you’ll be overjoyed to have a little baby but then the next moment you’ll be frustrated because you’re not able to handle all the tantrums that the baby throws.

This blog is for all the parents who are going through the pain of parenting issues and also for those who are planning a baby in the near times. These 5 parenting issues will give you a heads up or how you should be handling them.

1. Sudden tantrums

You know that all of a sudden your kid will start getting cranky after every few hours, cries no matter what happens, and refuses to listen to you is the most irritating problem. You practically lose your peace of mind in this case. Fix: DO NOT listen to the baby. Moreover, you should keep your calm and tell your kid that you would only listen to him/her when they stop crying. They might even get something good if they behave themselves. If you lose your calm, you would set a wrong example that you are being affected by what they’re doing. So, don’t react.

2. Disobedience

Disobedience happens when your little one tries to make his/her point there. When they want to show their importance to you is what leads to disobedience. Often getting no as an answer to whatever you ask them to do is a key feature of this issue. Fix: DO NOT try to correct him/her at that very moment. However, do not tolerate the way the child is behaving at that very moment. After being heard to their side of the story, you have to teach them what’s right and wrong. When you see them getting more obedient, gift them kids fashion dresses of their choice or something that would make them happy.

3. Sibling rivalry

Are you going nuts over your two or more kids fighting over something or the other? This is one of the biggest challenges for a parent when they have two or more kids. The constant fights, verbal quarrels and more can be very troublesome. Fix: DO NOT judge them as in who’s right and who’s wrong. Ask them to stay away from each other after they’ve had a fight and let them think about what they’ve done. You can even tell them that if they don’t stop doing this, you would not take them along with you anywhere and won’t buy them kids lehenga choli or skirts or even shirts and jeans.

4. Lying

Lying is something that eventually happens when they are hiding things from you or they generally do it unintentionally. Fix: Punishing or scolding is not the resort because this is a form of negative reinforcement that shapes up the kid’s personality in the wrong way giving them anxiety. Be patient and let them know that you won’t hurt them if they told you the truth. When this relationship is strong enough, your little one will stop lying to you.

5. Bad eating habits

In today’s time, getting your child to eat everything that’s on the plate is a task. With all the junk food available on the market, they resist eating healthy food that you make for them. Fix: DO NOT force them to eat anything but improvising your delicacies in order to make them tasty. Explain them the importance of good food and also tell them that if they eat that food, you would take them out on a treat once in a while.

Do you have some other problems to share? Do let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Author: Foreverkidz

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