Birthday traditions all over the world

Birthdays around the world

How do you celebrate your baby’s birthday?? Do you bring a big fat cake, invite family & friends, buy a baby boy birthday dress (or a girl’s dress), and celebrate in the most lavish way? The basic idea is to be there for your baby and capture the moments when your little one is growing up.

However, have you ever thought about the birthday traditions that happen all over the world? There’s a lot more than cutting cakes and dancing to the music and getting gifts.

Why not take a look at birthday traditions that take place worldwide.

1. Africa

Birthdays in Africa

Birthday parties aren’t the trend when it comes to African traditions. The kids on reaching a certain age are honored with “Initiation Ceremony” where they are taught about the laws, beliefs, customs and the traditions of their tribe. It is, for example, how we teach our kids some things that are of utmost importance.

2. Argentina


No matter how they celebrate their kid’s birthday, the girls in specific on their 15th birthday get to have a dance with her father and friends. Not any kind of dance is allowed, but it has to be waltz as the tradition says. On that day, they get to have girls party wear to look the most beautiful.

3. Brazil

Birthdays in Brazil

Now the customs of Brazil are quite interesting for both boys and girls celebrating their birthday. On their birthdays, their earlobes are pulled for the number of years they’re completing. It is significant that they’re alive. Moreover, it is also the day when their first slice of cake goes to the person they love the most. And, waltz with the father is also celebrated here like in Argentina.

4. China

Birthdays in China

Apart from getting a gift for the birthday, babies in China have to pay respect to their parents in order to get that gift. Moreover, friends & family members are invited to lunch where everyone haves noodles to wish a long life to the birthday girl or boy.

5. Canada

Birthdays in Canada

In Canada alone there are a couple of traditions depending on which part are you living in. Where in Atlantic Canada the birthday baby’s nose is greased for good, it is the Quebec, a punch on their face (not literally) is mandatory for the count of years that they’ve been alive as well as for good luck.

6. Denmark


This probably is the best way to let everyone know that it’s your kiddo’s birthday. A flag is flown outside the window of the birthday baby in order to tell everyone that it’s their birthday. Moreover, the gifts are placed around the bed while the baby sleeps and not wide awake.

7. England

Birthday in England

Last in the number, in England, while preparing the birthday cake, things are mixed into it to make it symbolic of their life. For example, a coin in the cake indicates that the baby will be a rich person and more. Likewise, birthday bumps are also a symbolic way of celebrating the occasion in England.

You too can enjoy the joy of parenthood by celebrating your little one’s birthday in any way that you like. Do let us know which tradition you found to be the most interesting one in the comments below.

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