Traveling with your munchkins? – Winter tips to take care of

Mummy and daughter in car

I did it!!


I finally traveled with my 2-year-old Aarti to Banaras and came back a few days ago. I have traveled with her many times but haven’t been out of the station because of various reasons, but she deserved this trip with me and only me. I had to challenge myself to handle her all by myself and make her visit various tourist spots while interacting with her and making sure that she’s in good health. Most importantly the idea was to be there for her, spend time together and celebrate the festivities together.

I was too doubtful about my decision being our first trip with daddy left at home, I still managed to keep calm and make through this journey. And, it was a fabulous time with her. Winter has started to settle down with the evenings being cooler and so do the mornings. Though it is not very cold, it would be and if you are planning a winter vacation with your kids, you can always look up to this place. Hence, I made a few mistakes and learned from them & finally I am going to pen down the tips that you should be taking care of when you travel with your munchkins.

1. Plan ahead

Plan ahead Gif

You must have made those spontaneous travel plans with family & friends in your time, but when you have a kid – think and plan ahead of the time. You obviously don’t want to land up at your destination and find no rooms available or the attractions aren’t available or more. Hence, look out for everything and plan things in advance accordingly.

2. Be flexible and have a backup plan

Be flexible and have a backup plan gif

What would you do if your weather turns nasty or you fall ill? Would you change your plans for that? Being flexible and having a backup plan would always come in handy for you. For example, I came across a couple who bought boys shirts and t-shirts for their twins and found that the size was bigger than they thought. I was carrying needle and thread and gave it to them so that she could alter the clothes in order to go out. They had come for a day and had no backup plan for the clothes. Likewise, I went to a temple on a day (without thinking) when there was a huge crowd and I had to come back without getting inside because it was difficult for me to handle Aarti and get in. So, be flexible.

3. Take suitable clothing

girl in winter clothing gif

The example of the couple actually fits here and this aspect certainly counts because you don’t want your child to fall ill. Have the lot of winter wear like jackets and sweaters, socks, gloves and more to go through the chilly weather. Apart from this, have girls tunic dresses, tutu dresses, boys party wear, and everything that you think can be of use. After all, you want to teach your kid to dress well and look good. Do this and their personality will shape up accordingly.

4. Carry a medicine box


First aid boxes have always been a must-have for trips whether it is a family trip or with friends. However, when you are off on a trip with your little one, you never know what antibiotic you’ll need. The basic medicines like for fever, vomiting, band-aids and more should be there with you as a handy option. Your kid or probably anyone around can fall needy for the same.

And here you have it, the essentials and the tips that you need while traveling with your kid. Although it can be tough you will be making memories that will last you a lifetime!

Author: Foreverkidz

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