Top 7 Halloween Costumes for kids


India is going global. What?? You must be thinking what does this actually mean?? And, does it even fit in kids fashion wear blog? Well, I would just say that with Foreverkidz, kids fashion is going global and so are the trends. Halloween is one festival that might just be celebrated with all the enthusiasm, the festive fever can be seen all over the world including India.

Think about your kids celebrating and enjoying themselves as dolls, fairies, superman, batman and what not??

What do you want your kid to be this year when that Halloween party invite comes in?

Confused?? Take a look now.

1. Fairy or Tinker Bell


From the Peter Pan fame, Tinker Bell (Peter Pan’s friend) has always been loved by the little girls. With the butterfly-like wings and pixie-dust to make things brighter and happier, the mythical creature is the tiny creature. All you need is a pair of wings with options in baby frocks online and a floral tiara.

2. Minion


Ooh..banana…. Whether you want to be King Bob or Kevin from the Minions movie, think about the cuteness overloaded. With that yellow costume, a banana in the hand and big round glasses, he’ll be the center of attraction.

3. Wonder woman/ Superwoman

Aren’t all the kids crazy about comics and the superficial characters in them? While the boys go yay-yay about Batman and Superman, girls would be fascinated by Wonder woman and Superwoman. Make them the bold and beautiful younger versions of them and let them save the world.

4. Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

If you’ve seen the movie Alice in Wonderland, you cannot forget the Mad Hatter. The colorful character who’s always about the array of hats he has. With that mini blazer, the smile and the glittery eyes would do the magic.

5. Baby bat

Baby bat

With those tiny ears on the head and the carved out wings attached on both the sides and that smile to brighten up the party, what else would need??

6. Joker


When there’s Batman, Joker should not be far behind. With a boys shirt, pant and blazer, all your baby boy needs that makeup to get into the Joker spirit. Do you love joker’s character?? Well, everyone does.

7. Belle

girls party wear

Which little girl doesn’t want to be the “Beauty” from the “Beauty and the Beast”? Every young girl dreams to be like Belle and wear that girls party wear or fairy dress to spread the magic everywhere. Let them be and give them this moment to be one.

What’s your choice? Do let us know in the comments below.

Author: Foreverkidz

We at Foreverkidz believe in standing out instead of fitting in. We provide a collection of trendy and refreshing kidswear which gives your child an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. The inventory includes girls wear, boys wear, ethnic wear, infant clothing and accessories.

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