How to be there for your kids?

parent teaching their kids

Being a parent isn’t an easy task. Especially in today’s time when you have to balance responsibilities towards your work as well as family, things get tricky. There’s work, homemaking, schooling and so much more that keeps you super busy. However, no matter how busy you get, your attention towards your little ones should not be hampered because if that happens, you’ll have to bear the consequences which are not good.

To be there for your kids means that no matter what’s going on in your life, when your child is talking to you, you listen and pay full attention. This being just an instance, there are many other times and ways when you have to be there for the little ones.

1. Be attentive to their words – even their silence

Mommy feeding food to little girl

Kids are very gentle when it comes to understanding things that happen around them. However, they might get affected too easily but will not be able to show the same. You have to be attentive to their anxiety issues, their words as well as their silence. With different kids reacting differently, some may just get violent, some would say foul words whereas; others would confine themselves to the room. You have to make them speak up and pay attention to any weird behavior about your young one.

2. Spend time with them – quality time

Father with kids

Every parent-child needs to spend some quality time with each other in order to have a fruitful relationship. You might have quoted me saying this in my earlier blogs as well because it plays an important role in the child’s upbringing. Buying girls tunic dresses for your daughter, playing on the PS4 with your son, doing online shopping for kids with them and other fun activities will bring both the sides closer to each other.

3. Encourage them to be confident in their choices

Girl learning cycling with parents

Encouragement to be a confident person is one of the main roles you (as a parent) play in your child’s life. What better can you do for your child than giving him/her a life that is full of confidence and they are independent enough to take their own decisions and uphold you in your older age? When you invest in them at the right time, you will see your children making up to you.

Be the parent and enjoy parenthood by being the that your child needs you to be with these steps and you will not regret later.

Author: Foreverkidz

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