Planning to buy a Tutu Dress – All you should know

Girls Tutu Dress

If you are a fashionable parent and desire to see your little daughter look absolutely adorable, you’d know that tutu dresses for girls are quite a popular option. Nothing is sweeter or more delicate than your daughter and seeing her feel special in the respective kids fashion dress for sure.

Which girl does not like to flaunt the princess dress kind of charm with the layered skirt? Which girl would not want to look like a doll in her charming dress that sways with her? So, if you are planning to pick a dress for her, you should be aware of everything about the fabric style that goes on your baby’s tender skin.

This article talks about the different aspects of tutu dress that you should know about. This would not be the mandatory option but it is always better to understand the styles so that the choices you make are never regretted.

The history

The most beautiful and versatile ballet & dance costume was originally introduced as the Romantic Ballet back in 1832. The perfect piece to catch attention, the respective style grabbed the limelight and has been there for there for both the little girls as well as the professional females who are into ballet dancing. However, as the time passed by, the style became more of a fashion statement with the focus on the younger generation. If you take a better look, you’d find that the length of the tutu skirt (that’s whats called tutu and when you talk about the entire outfit, it is called as the tutu dress).


The types

The basic tutu:

If you have a top with you, all you need is a basic tutu which is more like a waistband with about two to three layers of tulle fabric. Most of the time, they are monochrome in color and are meant for the most basic of occasions. Whether it is the play time with the friends or a regular wear, they just work for your young one.

The two-tone tutu:

The name itself makes the concept of two-tones tutu quite clear for you. Meant for a little more excitement and special occasions, you can pick something is not monochrome but has two color with one in the center layer and one on the others. You can just accessorize the look properly and voila..your little one is ready for the picnics and other gatherings. Rainbow tutus: Now that’s baby frocks for girls which make the tiny wearers, as well as the ones looking at them, feel colorful. This category of tutus has more than four (4) layers of tulle fabric with a different color. Moreover, you’d find a bright waist that is generally made of satin or bright fabric.

Tutu dresses:

Now when the need of an entire outfit was felt for the sunshine & daisies, tutu dresses were introduced. Foreverkidz has an entire array of girls party wear dresses that are flowy, charming and absolutely adorable. This saves your kid from the anxiety as there are no waistbands to ties or the fear of the skirt to fall off.

Now that you’ve got to know one style to the best, we will make sure you have a fair idea about the different styles in the coming blogs.

Author: Foreverkidz

We at Foreverkidz believe in standing out instead of fitting in. We provide a collection of trendy and refreshing kidswear which gives your child an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. The inventory includes girls wear, boys wear, ethnic wear, infant clothing and accessories.

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