4 ways to help kids manage anxiety

Mommy managing kids anxiety

We all have anxiety. You, me and everyone else as well. You should also know that kids too have anxiety issues. Their anxiety is quite common among adolescents and children. We, as adults, don’t realize that even kids face all these troubles but when they do, you are the one who’s supposed to hold on tight and strive to make them feel better.

How do you do that?

Let’s find out the ways to do the same.

1. Encourage to face situations and not run from them

For kids, facing a situation is a very difficult thing and running away from them is way easier. Don’t we do the same? Likewise, kids are quite vulnerable when they’re facing tough times and try to avoid the situations. However, you are supposed to be the tower of refuge for them. Be there for them, encourage them to tell you everything (no matter how bad the situation is), just listen them out and look for a solution. DO NOT make discourage them or criticize them.

2. Let them do what they love to do

My daughter is about 15 and she loves to cook food. She’s always been the one who would indulge in cooking when she’d feel low and she still does the same. Now, I give her a slightly complex food (according to her age) to cook when I know that she’s stressed. She would focus on doing that and make herself comfortable and then discuss the situation with me. Likewise, if your kid loves to shop, why not introduce online shopping for kids to them and let them go through the inventory and add what they like to the cart. Then you can buy one or two of them to make them feel happy. There are many other things that they can indulge in.

3. Build up positive thinking

Little ones live and learn by looking at you. You are their role model and what you’ll do, they’ll do. You have to build in the good things and thoughts in them by doing things that are a sign of that. When they’ll see you avoiding stress and the stressful situations, they too will do the same. You face your fears by looking for the possible solutions and talking about them, they too will look for the same.

4. Good reinforcement is always appreciated

You think your kid has done something good? Why not give them a treat for the same? With the festive season around, you dress them the right way with kids ethnic dresses (gift them and they’ll be very happy). You can even take them out for a treat and get them good food with a day out with you having long talks and fun together. Kids love to do something like this and they will be less anxious about what’s happening around or even with their studies.

What do you do when your kid is facing anxiety issues? Do let us know in the comments below.

Author: Foreverkidz

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