Series that Defined our Childhood Beautifully

Do you remember the times when we would visit the local Navaratri fair and buy pencils that had the Shakalaka Boom Boom head on its end? If yes, then you must have had the best childhood days. I remember myself grabbing one of those pencils from the shops at the market. The next day I would take it to the school and flaunt it in front of my friends. Those golden days can never be brought back. Similar to Shakalaka Boom Boom, there were many other series that defined our childhood beautifully. This blog enlists seven such series that makes us nostalgic.

1. Karishma ka Karishma

Karishma ka Karishma

Inspired by the American comedy series called as the Small Wonder, the story revolves around a scientist, Vikram, who creates a lifelike robot called as Karishma. She saves the day by solving the family ‘s problems by her sharp mind and robotic powers. No one other than Vikram’s family knows that Karishma is a robot. The problems that arise because of the secrets and how they solve them with the comedy clashes is the rest of the story here.

2. Hatim


The story is all about a handsome prince names as Hatim and a beautiful princess called as Jasmine. Hatim sets on an adventurous journey to solve the seven proverbs to save the good land, Sunena(The princess of Durgapur) and her brother. The Emperor gives him a magic sword that can save him from difficulties while Hobo, Jasmine’s assistant accompanies him on the adventurous journey.

The costumes, location and the sets add to the beauty of the series especially Jasmine’s attires. I searched for the same on the kid’s party wear section for my munchkin as she had to enact as a mermaid for a fancy dress competition. The outfit came out really well which made my princess look like an angel.

3. Son pari


Bunty, a scientist’s assistant cages a dove to use for an experiment. Both of them intend to cage the dove after knowing that it’s the Son Pari. They plan to use it for their evil wishes. Fruity set the dove free without knowing that the bird is actually Son Pari (Golden Fairy), who visits the earth with the permission of Pari Ma. Soon, Fruity and Son Pari become friends after knowing the truth behind the dove episode. Later, Son Pari understands that Fruity’s life is in danger for which she makes Tooty, a fairy who is a look-alike of fruity.

4. Shaktimaan


A mystical sect of saints known as “Suryanshis” chose a man to raise him up with super powers who can fight against the corruptions in the society. They chose a man and teach him the ways to energize the 7 chakras of the body through Kundalini Yoga. On process, he also gets mystical and supernatural powers that let five natural elements of life, fire, earth, water, wind, and sky stimulated in his body. He takes a pledge to finish corruption and injustice in society. Knowing the good deeds done by him, a reporter, Geeta Vishwas, who frequently publishes the news about the same names his Shaktiman to define his character. Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri works as a photographer in the same office to maintain his secret identity as Shaktimaan.

5. Khichdi


Khichdi follows the story of a Gujarati family called Parekhs, who resides in an old mansion. The funny bunch of people take a decision to split as nuclear families so they decide to sell their ancestral property. In the due course, the head of their family(Baabuji) does not agree. He tells them to walk out on their own without the money. So, all of them stay together and wait for a magic to happen. The series also includes a lot of comedy clips where the family is left to solve the problem in the most illogical way. “Bade log, Bade log” is one of the most famous dialogues of the entire series.

6. Captain Vyom


Captain Vyom (Milind Soman), a super soldier, is assigned by World Government and Vishwapramukh – the world President (Tom Alter) to capture the escapees. He is unaware of the fact that his parents are alive. Instead, he considers himself to be an orphan. He was raised in a monastery in Ladakh and has acquired superpowers by training in Yoga. The story revolves around Captain Vyom who takes it to the future – 2123, where humans conquer the entire solar system. Above are some of the series that I loved watching. If you have similar suggestions then, please leave them in the comments section below.

Author: Foreverkidz

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