Twinstagram Trendsetters

Back in 2014, Michael and Daniel Flora, the twinstagram brothers became a big sensational talk of the town.  These munchkins are the twins from London who love to dress up in matching outfits. Their mother, Jane encourages them by taking pictures of the adorable boys. She also set up an Instagram account for posting the pictures which have more than 33,470 followers. She commented for one of the newspapers that the brothers love to dress in matching outfits.

However, the boys are still famous for their posts on social media. To give you a glimpse of them the below blog comprises of their famous clicks. Scan on to find out.

1. The cool dudes

Michael and Daniel Flora

The munchkins donned a simple buttoned up boys shirt paired with white pants. They have accessorized the outfits with cool shades. They look stylish and confident in front of the camera. Who would believe that online shopping for kids would have so many options.

2. Brothers in style

Michael and Daniel Flora

This is the most loved one by all. The twins are wearing a white/yellow colored shirt with yellow pants. The mufflers have added a new look to the attire that looks cool on them. Additionally, white moccasins have been used to complete the outfit.

3. The formal kings

Michael and Daniel Flora

They choose to be formal this time. A neat suit with tucked in shirt which has been paired with black shoes and aviators. I’m really surprised with the attitude that these kids bring for photography. I mean just look at their poses. They have a bright future in modeling I guess.

4. The denim dazzlers

Michael and Daniel Flora

These guys just proved that denims are fashionable for kids as well. A stylish light colored denim shirt with darker jeans that looks extraordinary on them. They didn’t forget their glasses here as well.

5. Mirror image

Michael and Daniel Flora

The is the desired wedding attires there normally. Looks like the boys are already ready for their brides.

Above are some of the photos that has rocked the Instagram. Hope you guys enjoyed reading them.

Author: Foreverkidz

We at Foreverkidz believe in standing out instead of fitting in. We provide a collection of trendy and refreshing kidswear which gives your child an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. The inventory includes girls wear, boys wear, ethnic wear, infant clothing and accessories.

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