How to Protect your Child from the Heat of Summer?

So, the time has come to bid goodbye to the chills of winter. Spring has already arrived and in no time it, the sun will be in it’s best. The season is a welcome treat for the kids as they are no more required to stay at home. Ditching the layers and playing around in the shorts and tees is something that every child loves to do. However, the scorching  heat and warmth of loo bring in a lot of problems. It especially gives a hard to the parents.


Listed below are some of the tips to keep your kids safe from the hot and dry wind of summer. Check them out.

  • Keep them covered

You just can’t keep them covered from head to toe like you used to do during winter. However, make sure that you cover the sensitive part of their body like the head and chest. Remember to cover the head of the child before going out in the sun.

  • Keep them hydrated

Inculcate the habit of drink lots of water in your child during this season. Remind them to drink water before leaving the house. Take care of their diet regime. Make them eat more and more fruits and green vegetable. Banana shakes, mango juice and things of this sort are a must-have during the dry and humid weather.

  • Check the fabric of clothes

Girls Clothing

Be very careful in selecting the fabric of the outfit that the child is about to wear. Cotton is the ideal option for the sensitive skin of kids. Check the fabric of the inner lining of the attire. It should be soft and efficient enough to wick away the sweat. Summer is accompanied with a lot of parties and wedding invitations. The party wear for kids should be lightweight. Cotton shirts and tees for boys and tutu dresses for girls are some of the comfortable options.

Along with this, you need to keep a watch on them. Don’t allow them to play in the sun. Keep them away from unhealthy foods and beverages. Take a bit of precaution and allow them to enjoy the sunny season.

Author: Foreverkidz

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