Things That Are A Must Have In The Wardrobe Of Kids This Monsoon

It’s really difficult to deal with monsoon. Especially, the families that have small kids are the one who suffer the most. You can’t stop the young ones from going to school or to the playgrounds. They will go out, get wet and dirty. Then, you are left with the job of cleaning the mess that they have created.

Rainbow Sundress

You just need to a bit of arrangements, before the damage is done. Here are some tips for you to get ready for such situations.

1. Raincoats

There are greater chances that the child won’t put the umbrella on that is kept in his or her bag. So, buy a trendy raincoat for them. It should have the print of their favorite cartoon character. The design should be intriguing, only then the kids will wear them. However, these prints on the umbrella can also attract them, but raincoats provides better protection.

2. Waterproof bags and shoes

Replace the leather shoes of your sons and daughters with the plastic ones. Even the bags should be waterproof. You might forget these small thing, owing to your busy schedule, but they are very important for the wet seasons.

3. Dress-up set for monsoon

This weather calls for a bit of change in the wardrobe of the child. You can’t just do away with the summer outfits. Buy some dark colored dresses, but the fabric should be lightweight, so that, it dries away easily. For girls, instead of the heavy frocks and dresses, get the tunics dresses, mini frocks, skirts and short pants. For boys, half pants and tees are ideal.

Rain and mud on the roads restricts you from going out these days. So, you can order all these items online. Visit the online sites for kids fashion and get all the monsoon related stuff for your child. Makes sure that you keep a spare cloth in the bag of the child. They can’t afford to spend the entire day in wet clothes.  Do a bit of arrangements in advance and let the kids enjoy the season to the fullest.

Author: Foreverkidz

We at Foreverkidz believe in standing out instead of fitting in. We provide a collection of trendy and refreshing kidswear which gives your child an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. The inventory includes girls wear, boys wear, ethnic wear, infant clothing and accessories.

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