How to measure children’s clothes

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy” – Oscar Wilde.” 

Yes, this is well said in this quote.

Shopping make everyone very happy. And, we know that shopping for kids has always been a very tough job for parents,because somehow it’s difficult to know what kids actually want and satisfy their entire selection criterion.While shopping measurement of the clothes has been always a big issue.

But, there is no hard rule on sizing for children because nowadays retailers are putting a general size tag which basically means that you have to rely on the weight conversion of the age sizes.

Little Hipster Set

So, here comes a good question to think about- Which is a better guide for your children while shopping- Age or Weight?  Basically, using just one of them will not make a good size guide. When you are buying dresses then you should rely on both not just one. And, the best way to properly measure your child is following the measurement guidance of the shop or online store you are buying from.

 How to get the right measurement- 

1. Measure the shoulder width

2. Measure the dress length

3. Measure the chest

4. Measure the waist

5. Measure from the highest part of the hollow in the throat to the bottom of the dress.

6. Measure the height, weight and other dimensions.

7. The idea that clothing sizes would be based on a standardized range of measurements.

8. Also labels will specify the symbol size, height and weight designation for that particular size.  Even if we when visit some stores, there we can see the tags that they appears on the kids clothes with height and weight designations, regarding of the child’s age.

 You can also measure or to determine the correct size of your child’s dress:

1. You can hang the dress on a hanger and then measure the length from the outside shoulder straight down to the hem.

2.You can also lay the dress down on a flat surface and then measure across the chest and waist.

Author: Foreverkidz

We at Foreverkidz believe in standing out instead of fitting in. We provide a collection of trendy and refreshing kidswear which gives your child an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. The inventory includes girls wear, boys wear, ethnic wear, infant clothing and accessories.

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