Kids fashion: The right way of Ethnic dressing

From dinners to family weddings, finding the right pick for the kids is quite a task for parent. Parties and vogue are two aspects that go hand-in-hand. It is not only applies for the adults, but for the kids as well. Shopping for little lads is a fun task and online shopping for kids has turned out to be a tremendous gift for busy parent. Ethnic wears are one of the most classic option for the traditional events. However, there are certain aspects that you need to consider while getting your kids ready.

Kids Ethnic Wear

Are you looking to dress your child in the traditional way for any of the upcoming events? The post brings forth the some of the tips for ethnic dressing for the parents to consider. Check them out

1. Be selective with the colors

Kids Lehenga Choli

While the western outfits like tutu dresses for girls and dungarees for the guys allow you to explore the possibility, the ethnic outfit calls for correct color pick. The clothing styles such as kids Lehenga Choli and sherwani are usually brightly colored.

So, striking the right combination is the key. The color wheel shown below can give you a rough idea of the combinations that serve for all occasion and event. For instance, the red paired with green and yellow with violet are some of the ideal mixtures. The happy and brilliant colors during night events and pastel shades during a day time function is perfect. Ensure that color of the outfit compliments the skin tone of the child.

2. Be mindful of the fabric

color wheel

People tend to ignore the fabric of the ethnic wears. Make sure that you make such a mistake. Check the material of the clothing as well as the inner lining of the attire. This is not just important in case of the party dresses for girls, but for the boys as well. There are some materials that feel soft, but are harsh when worn. So, make the kids wear the outfit before the actual event and let them decide if they are comfortable in it or not.

3. Check the hairstyle

Kids hair style

The hairstyle plays a very vital role when it comes to ethnic wears. No spikes and slicked back hair for the boys with sherwani. Keep the hairstyle elegant and sophisticated. The side parts and flat top is the ideal option to stylize the traditional look of the young lad. While for the girls, the options are ample. Mostly, people prefer untied long hair for the little princess, but it may be uncomfortable for them. The ethnic wear are already difficult for them to handle, so, go for the styles that can keep them cozy during the event. The rick rack braids, high pony tails or even buns are ideal options for such occasions. Tie up the hair properly with hairpins and headbands.

4. Accessories well

Kids Accessories

Accessories can add cuteness to the look of the kids. Moreover, the best thing about kids fashion is that you can make them anything and everything. Their innocence will adorn the ensemble. Pair a floral headband or even a tiara with your princess’ attire. A sleek bangle and a lightweight earring will do the magic. Even in the case of accessories, you need to be careful about the material of the same. The guys can don a brooch along with a wristwatch with their outfit. Along with this, the footwear should not be very westernized. The mojaris and juttis are ideal for the guys. While the footwear for the girls should match their attire.

5. Let the kids be kids

Boys Ethnic Wear

It’s true that fashion quotient has become a deciding fabric and the confidence-builder. However, the innocence and comfort factor of the child should not be hampered in the name of fashion. So, make sure that the clothing is lightweight and cozy. It should not be very bulky and heavy. No matter the event, the kids will jump around and skid on their knees, so, the shopping should be done keeping these things in mind. Moreover, accessories should not lead to itchiness and other such issues. Do not make your daughter wear high heels. It may be stylish, but may have adverse consequences.

Do not follow the trend blindly. Keep these tips in mind and let the child build his/her own personality.

From Awe-some to Awe-dorable…by Foreverkidz!

Girl Kid

Like every beautiful dream and turning them into passion…my story began with dressing my Gurl! Dressing kids is a form of expression…adding grace to their innocence…bringing poise and panache. Dress to impress from the age so small is in the current trends. Forever Kidz Truly lives to reach this statement. Be it a perfect gentleman like outfits or lady like dresses for the Littlies in your lives leaves no chapters unfinished in their Fashion Story.

We believe that Life is too small to be dressing up in boring regular clothes. It surely is to be enjoyed with fun dressing with enough style and elegance. Party tailored outfits or casual funky clothing, Tutu Dresses or Part Gowns Gentle man suspender sets or funky tee with denim, we believe in style our lil leaders in no time.

Fulfilling each child’s fashion story…A Treasured trove of Fashion. Love of designer yet affordable clothing, curating a product that delights you. Quest for fashion inspiration stops at

Lets get Awe-dorable and redefine the look of childhood.

The Joy of Parenthood

I still remember the very first day when we brought Sahana home. Our life was full of happiness and new responsibilities now. The excitement of becoming a mommy for the first time was high. Coming from a conservative family, I have always faced gender issues. So, I was very sure in giving my daughter all the happiness that she deserved as a child. Luckily I married Karthik, who believes in gender equality. Though it was an arranged marriage, we have always been mad for each other. After two years of marriage life, Sahana was our first bundle of joy. Both of us were excited about parenting.

Now, we had to upgrade our belongings from a kid’s perspective. We moved to a bigger flat. The flat had a separate room for kids which attracted us mainly. We just had to paint it according to our desire. Sahana is fond of Chota Bheem and Chutki. Though she was just four months old at that time, still she would become so happy in watching them on the Tv. The expression on her face was priceless. So, we decided to paint the walls with the Chota Bheem theme.

Kids Room

After the walls, it was the wardrobes. We made sure that they were in contrasting colors. They had to be filled with cute attires as well. So, Karthik and I started surfing online websites for more options, that’s when we landed on store had an ample number of options for kids and even infants. We couldn’t wait to see Sahana as a grown up munchkin. The Infant store had a huge assortment but, we weren’t sure of the quality. Hopefully, the fabric details were specified in the description below. I made sure that I shop for girls accessories as well to match the outfits (Obviously mum and mini style has to be the same, right?). I didn’t know that even online shopping for kids would have so many options.


Now, we are all set to watch our munchkin grow in her new room. She kept us entertained with her nonstop fun activities. Daily she would assign us different tasks which made us learn new things that was literally humorous. And, If you are going to be a first time mommy, then I’m sure that you will have to face the below lovely things.

1. No more tv serials and sports channels because POGO and Cartoon Network is here to entertain all of us.


2. The house is never a house with messy toys around.

messy kids room with toys

3. Whatever you paint for me on the walls, they are incomplete without my crayon sketching

little girl crayon sketching on wall

4. You have run around the house and lose your weight to feed me

Little girl

5. The tablet is only for watching “Old McDonalds Had a Farm.”

Old McDonalds Had a Farm

6. I get moody only when you talk on the phone.

little boy

7. You have to wash my clothes and clean my diapers at least 10 times a day(I’m a hygienic baby).

Tom and Jerry

8. You cannot sleep the whole night because I slept all the noon.

Mummy and little kid

Hope you all liked reading the journey of my munchkin. Share yours as well in the comments section below.

5 Best fashion ideas to dress up your Kid this Wedding season

Wedding and fashion are inseparable! Don’t we all know that? When you are busy making the arrangements for the different occasions in the single wedding, that’s what the craze of a wedding is. The zest that you show in buying your own beautifully gorgeous dress, the same efforts go in picking party dresses for girls and boys as well.

You have to choose the on a variety terms including the age, season, party type, and a lot more. Your young fashionistas need something that would look absolutely stunning by looks and feel even more comfortable throughout while having fun in the wedding.

We’ve compiled a list of ideas that would help you dress up your kids this wedding season.

Keep it simple yet fashionable

Girls Ethnic Wear

Getting them tacky clothing options would be a bad idea because wedding shopping for kids can take your excitement to a whole new level. Just remember that online shopping for kids have made it quite easy for you pick simple and fashionable options for your munchkins. The idea behind having such options is that it would let them be them without causing hindrance in their enjoyment.

Say no to dull colors

Kids Clothing

Colors are one source that peps up the spirit to a great extent and if you choose the right ones for the wedding occasion, your kids are in for a glamorous as well as happy feeling. You can pick from the pastel pinks, greens, yellow, purples and a lot more. Just make sure you avoid the darker tones to make them feel heavy and uncomfortable (especially in summer months).

From traditional to modern – choose any

Girls Lehenga Choli

You might want your kids to blend in with the others having ethnic traditional outfits like Kids lehnga choli or suit whereas; there’ll be those who would want to dress their kids in boy’s suits or girls tutu dresses. You can pick your idea in assistance to what your kid wants to wear and let them shine.

Accessorizing is absolutely mandatory

Whether it is a tiara for your girl or a bow tie for your sunshine, choosing the right accessories will complete their fashion statement. The role of kids accessories in clothing is to provide the oomph factor and bring the best out of the personality while in a gathering. So, if you are in for making your kind the showstopper of the evening choose the footwear, scarves, jewelry, ties, and other accessories well.

Focus on the fabrics and designs

girls clothing

Do not make it an uncomfortable situation for your kids where they’re busy carrying a load of their clothes rather than having fun. Hence, the fabric is your important focus and so is the lightweight designs that’ll allow them to feel free. Choose carefully and bring the best of them to the forefront.

Do you have any suggestions in dressing kids? Do let us know in the comments below.

Wedding shopping for kids: Tips and precautions

 Every mother will relate to the fact that dressing the kids for the various occasions, especially wedding, is fun. At the same time, the wedding season and other events of this sort brings in a lot of work. Finding the right outfit for the kids may appear simple, but it is as tricky as shopping for the elders. Fiddling around on the internet and checking out the fashion magazines for finding the perfect attire for the kids is a common practice. The star kids and child actors in bright and beautiful attire is surely intriguing. But do there are certain other things the you need to consider while shopping for the kids?

Kids in Ethnic Wear

Before you head out with the magazine tear outs, gear yourself up with these tips and shop, nothing, but the best for your handsome hunks and lil’ princess.

1. Mix and match the color and the design

Indian weddings is all about playing around with colors. Do not get carried away by the trend and the demand of the event. Be very selective, in terms of color options and designs. The child can even set a style statement in subtle and sophisticated attire. You need not go over the top to give them an edgy look. The first thing you need to consider is the personality of the child. The color opted should match and compliment the skin tone. Match the shades of the accessories properly with the attire. For instance, in case of kids ethnic wear, you can coordinate the lehenga or suit with contrasting chunni. The same goes true with the clothing of boys. You can pair the solid colored kurta or sherwani with the printed chunni.

2. Consider the fabric

This is one factor that is avoided while buying party wear for kids. The style is the only consideration in this case. It is not just the looks at matters. The ceremonies of wedding are long affair and the child will have to wear those clothes for a very long period of time. So, make sure that you check the fabric of the clothes. Not only the outer fabric, but the material of the inner lining of the clothes is equally important. Try the clothes on the child before you finalize them and ask whether it’s comfortable or not.

3. Get it tailored

It is a common notion that the kids should wear loose clothes as it will keep them cozy. However, very baggy clothes is inconvenient and may restrict the motion of the kids. You need to take special care for the length of the clothes. It should not be very long to get stuck in the footwear while walking. Get the attire tailored before the day. Make the kids wear them and do a costume rehearsal. The attire should not be very tight at the same time. Strike the right size and it will only add to the style and comfort.

4. Consider the comfort of the child

This is the very first thing that you need to consider. Whether you go for the ethnic wear or for the westerns, it should keep a wearer cozy all day long. While the traditional lehengas are ideal for the main event of the wedding, you can keep it simple for the other ceremonies. Girls tunic dresses and tutu dresses are ideal for such occasion. Similarly, for boys the suit should be lightweight and airy for Summers. For the other events of wedding, you can go for the shirts and t-shirts for boys.

5. Avoid bright shades

Avoid using gaudy colors. The elegance and simplicity is the next big thing of the current time. However, if you wanna give a eye-catchy touch to the look of your child, then, coordinate the classy shades with the bright ones. The contrasting combination is the ideal way of get them ready for the event.

Were these points helpful? Share your comments below.

Twinstagram Trendsetters

Back in 2014, Michael and Daniel Flora, the twinstagram brothers became a big sensational talk of the town.  These munchkins are the twins from London who love to dress up in matching outfits. Their mother, Jane encourages them by taking pictures of the adorable boys. She also set up an Instagram account for posting the pictures which have more than 33,470 followers. She commented for one of the newspapers that the brothers love to dress in matching outfits.

However, the boys are still famous for their posts on social media. To give you a glimpse of them the below blog comprises of their famous clicks. Scan on to find out.

1. The cool dudes

Michael and Daniel Flora

The munchkins donned a simple buttoned up boys shirt paired with white pants. They have accessorized the outfits with cool shades. They look stylish and confident in front of the camera. Who would believe that online shopping for kids would have so many options.

2. Brothers in style

Michael and Daniel Flora

This is the most loved one by all. The twins are wearing a white/yellow colored shirt with yellow pants. The mufflers have added a new look to the attire that looks cool on them. Additionally, white moccasins have been used to complete the outfit.

3. The formal kings

Michael and Daniel Flora

They choose to be formal this time. A neat suit with tucked in shirt which has been paired with black shoes and aviators. I’m really surprised with the attitude that these kids bring for photography. I mean just look at their poses. They have a bright future in modeling I guess.

4. The denim dazzlers

Michael and Daniel Flora

These guys just proved that denims are fashionable for kids as well. A stylish light colored denim shirt with darker jeans that looks extraordinary on them. They didn’t forget their glasses here as well.

5. Mirror image

Michael and Daniel Flora

The is the desired wedding attires there normally. Looks like the boys are already ready for their brides.

Above are some of the photos that has rocked the Instagram. Hope you guys enjoyed reading them.

Dressing Tips for the Mini Fashion Mavens

Kids nowadays have more fashion options when compared to the conventional styles. During my childhood, I remember, going to one single shop and purchasing the same style of dresses for every birthday. However, now there are many options as the online shopping for kids have been made easier with just a click of a button. Now my munchkin, Harshita, looks, even more, cuter than she was with new attires.

Earlier, I just used dress her in cotton frocks so that she is comfortable. I felt it is more important for kids than anything else.  That’s when my friend Bandini, who is a fashion blogger suggested few dressing tips for her.  The tips worked like magic, and now Harshita looks so adorable that my relatives never leave her down. I’m going to discuss the same with you in this blog. Read on to find out.

1. Choose an attire with soft fabric

Cinderella Dress

Many outfits nowadays are made with soft fabrics like cotton and satin that keeps the children comfortable. I always wanted to try the princess dress for girls on Harshita, but most of them came with heavy materials which could hurt her. So, I avoided them. That’s when Bandini suggested, which had cozy gowns at reasonable prices. Below is an image of the attire that I bought for my girl. It’s called as the Cinderella Wedding dress.

The beautiful attire has puffed hands with a dupion silk which gives a great fall and finish. The soft cotton inner provides the ultimate luxury to the kid.  The silver belt with a bow completes the attire.

2.  Choose the right accessories

Girls Accessories

The girls accessories do not only mean matching earrings or necklaces. Trendy accessories like matching ballerinas, headbands, flower crown and hair clips look more cuter than heavy jewelry.

3. Makeover is necessary


The makeover doesn’t mean that you have to take her to the parlor and get the facials done. Simple things like a high cute ponytail can do wonders. You can also use a little amount of baby powder on the face. Take your makeup brush and give gentle strokes to spread the powder evenly. Apply little of herbal kajal as well. This can enhance her looks.

4. Avoid Over sized items

child’s Accessories

Over sized items some times can be uncomfortable. They also hide the child’s innocence. Instead opt for mini or the right sized items.

5. Opt for more bright colors rather than dark ones

Girls Bright Colour Girls Tunic

Kids glow on bright colors like pink, purple, light blue, red and much more. Dark colors gives a matured look. Why kill the natural innocence by bold colors?? Instead opt for bright shades.

Above are some of the tips that you could use dressing up your munchkins. Hope you find them useful.